2015 Honda Civic Type-R Revealed During Latest Shakedown Tests

2015 Honda Civic Type-R Revealed During Latest Shakedown Tests

Honda has taken its 2015 Civic Type-R to its in-house test track in Tochigi, Japan prior to showing the new hot hatch off at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

The 2015 Civic Type-R will be the Japanese automaker’s first model in Europe to have one of Honda’s all-new VTEC Turbo engines from Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology range. Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the Civic Type-R is expected to make at least 280 hp with eco-friendly emissions.

This is also the first time we’ve seen the car without camouflage, though that’s not to say the design won’t change from here.

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Though official times have not yet been announced, Honda claims that the new Civic Type-R will be the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring.

“The car and the characteristics of the car were fantastic,” said Honda’s WTCC driver Gabriele Tarquini, who recently put the Civic Type-R to the test on the Nurburgring. “I was really impressed by the power and the torque of the engine but also by the set-up they achieved… The car is very pointed on the front and very fast to change direction. This car is very close to my racing car and you can feel very well the DNA of Type R.”

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  • Phil

    honda, please bring this 5door type R to north america!!

  • Sherman Greene


  • Shiratori1

    BRING IT HERE! Also, make it available with an automatic transmission.

  • Mo

    Bring to North America! Honda is now a boring company, they need a revival!

  • Mo

    Bring to North America! Honda is now a boring company, they need a revival!

  • nelson

    please Honda..please deh!…

  • justin

    Kill yourself

  • Drew

    I will save my money for this in anticipation please release this car here honda

  • Honda needs turbo

    Bring it to Cali. HONDA you guys need this. We as customers are disappointed with the latest honda. Bring it to N American. With Ford and other company car faster then honda wtf is that. Honda is losing the sport part about honda.

  • danwat1234

    Yeah a CVT option with paddle shifters option wouldn’t hurt. Why not

  • Harry

    YES!! Bring it to the US!!! And not in limited production #’s like the Integra Type-R. Honda has not had anything like the Integra (or Integra-Type-R) in the US fror 13 years! There are no Honda cars today sold in the US that exhibit the sportiness and handling performance of the Type-R from 13 years ago. I have stopped buying Hondas for that reason alone. I test drove all the Civics and new Accords, and they all feel “ordinary”. Nothing special about them. THey are just one of the crowd now. I actually liked the acceleration, handling and braking much better on a base model 1013 Ford Focus that I rented, than my own 2006 Civic EX coupe. Honda cars are NOT fun to drive any more. Why can’t you understand that Honda? Bring a type-S and a Type-R in the US please!! If anything just put a sportier suspension in the existing model lines. They feel grandma cars compared to the Hondas of the 90’s. While American cars, Subarus and Toyotas are getting faster and sportier, Honda continues to provide a soft “family” oriented suspension in all the models. Why not make a couple of “special” sporty models with a more aggressive suspension, steering, braking and handling? And not just 1,000 per year. Make 5,000-6,000 per year or more. They will sell fast if priced right. I am seriously looking at the Subaru BRZ and Toyota FR-S now (and used BMW 1-series), because Honda does not offer anything comparable in handling and performance. We here in American (and Canada) have been feeling left out and abandoned by Honda. When are you going to realize that? Peformance enthousiasts have been leaving Honda. Your customers are family oriented people that want grocery getters, and that’s it. Why have you given up in the performance sector in North America?

    A very dissatisfied ex-Honda owner. I want the old Hondas back!

  • Hay

    Seriously, do you want a pink wheel too…

  • tre916

    Yes, this needs to come to the states, Honda has long been too reluctant to turbo charge their sport offerings, and because of that they have been left in the dust. After being a 3rd generation of a “Honda or bust” family, I recently went with an American car no less because I felt that the spirit of the Si and Type R of the past had left the company, this could bring it back.

    I agree with most of your statement, but I had an 06 Civic SI that was a blast to drive, MUCH better than the base models, but the gas mileage sucked, i bought a 2013 Focus ST about 6 months ago because it is much quicker and gets better mileage while not requiring premium gas.

  • Reggie

    Yes i will agree with Harry, the cars being built now are VERY boring. Honda should have their engineers drive the past models along with their current models and see for them self what they are missing “FUN”. All my cars have been Honda and will be looking at another brand when buying next. Owned

    2 Civics
    2001 Integra Type R (blast to drive, lost due to thieves)

    2011 Civic Si (not even close to the Type R)

  • inthezoneaxc

    looks like a prius with a body kit.

    power numbers sound nice though…

  • inthezoneaxc


  • tomdata

    This car better be at least $5K cheaper than a base WRX or there is no reason to buy it. Either that or price it just under WRX and offer a no questions asked 100K mile warranty.

    Even better…. Give us a 250+ torque turbo diesel civic that gets 50+ mpg and has typeRish suspension, brakes, etc. with a paddle shift six speed auto trans similar to the VW DSG. Also offer a dirt cheap (under $16K) base version of the diesel (same hp/torque) with manual everything… windows, locks, steering, trans, etc and let us put our own suspension/interior mods in it. The appeal of civics in the 90’s was you buy one cheap (new or used) and mod it how you wanted without breaking the bank.

    Why get into the gasoline/turbo game late? Subaru owns that market and you cannot compete with AWD. Get into the future trend of turbo diesel high mpg cars instead.

  • Shahrulazwad Ismail

    all new VTEC engine. what have been improved?

  • scarcry

    automatic transmissions on Type-Rs ..hell NO!

  • scarcry

    that comment made me throw up in me mouth. you don’t deserve to drive a Type-R mate

  • scarcry

    I’m reading lots of comments of ppl wanting the Type-R to be released in the US. in all fairness I hope that Honda will continue to use Japan and Europe as their main markets since the US already gets to have so much stuff way sooner then us Europeans or,in some cases,we don’t get to have some stuff at all.

  • off topic but… why isn’t there HD video of this instead of photos? what is this? 1990? off to google for some videos and exhaust note sounds..

  • jeffreytrip

    type r will never get sold in US….geeze…you might as well buy a scion frs or subaru brz…its seems honda only markets the us for econo cars instead of sport cars.