2015 Mercedes C-Class Wagon Spotted Uncovered

2015 Mercedes C-Class Wagon Spotted Uncovered

With the lineup of Mercedes sedans growing thanks to the introduction of the new CLA, the upcoming C-Class has to be a bit more up-scale, practical and still gorgeous, goals that Mercedes seems to be meeting. 

You can bet that American buyers won’t see anything like this on the market, but for our international readers these spy photos are without a doubt the clearest shots we have yet of this wonderful looking wagon.

The C-Class Wagon not only looks sleek from its side profile but also sports a few new exterior details. Check out the rear bumper with integrated exhaust exits, something that helps improve the clean new design of the upcoming C-Class. Also clearly visible are the tail-lights which wrap around the car a bit. The C-Class will help establish the new Mercedes design language, so it’s little details like these which will carry forward into future Mercedes products.

Overall, the C-Class is expected to grow a bit and settle in as a larger alternative to the CLA. Check out all the spy photos below for a closer look at this wagon.

GALLERY: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Wagon

Mercedes C Kombi 1 copy.jpgMercedes C Kombi 2 copy.jpgMercedes C Kombi 3 copy.jpgMercedes C Kombi 4 copy.jpgMercedes C Kombi 5 copy.jpgMercedes C Kombi 6 copy.jpgMercedes C Kombi 7 copy.jpg

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  • Honest Abe

    The headline should read “Taillights of the 2015 Mercedes C-Class Wagon Spotted Uncovered”. Nothing to see here folks.