Audi S1 Prototype Spied Testing in Germany

Audi S1 Prototype Spied Testing in Germany

Audi is readying an S1 performance variant of its compact A1 model, with a prototype recently spied testing in Germany.

Many automotive enthusiasts wondered why the A1 Quattro wasn’t simply badged as an S1 model but perhaps the German automaker wanted to do a limited model to increase sales. The A1 Quattro was limited to just 333 units and came with relatively wild exterior styling.

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That’s is why the S1 will make sense once it’s debuted. It’ll be a bit on the mild side compared to the A1 Quattro and will likely be powered by a variant of the automaker’s 2.0-liter TFSI engine with around 220 to 250 hp. Noticeably different on the front end are the headlights on the S1, sporting new DRL LEDs while the rear lights will also get a new design. Perhaps both are hinting of a refresh coming the A1’s way in the near future.

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