AutoGuide 2014 Utility Vehicle of the Year Award

AutoGuide 2014 Utility Vehicle of the Year Award

It’s been a big year for crossovers and SUVs

Last year AutoGuide crowned the Scion FR-S with our inaugural Car of the Year award. In the coming weeks we will be announcing our 2014 Car of the Year winner, but in the meantime it is time to introduce a new award; the Utility Vehicle of the Year.

With utility vehicles starting to outpace sedans as the most popular models on the road, we’ve seen a lot of really great ones debut over the past year. This new award encompasses all high riding five door vehicles from the Buick Encore to the Infiniti QX80. That means there are a lot of contenders and we have spent countless hours evaluating dozens of entries over the past twelve months to whittle the field down to three finalists.

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Before we get to the finalists, we would like to give a few honorable mentions to vehicles like our long term tester the Mazda CX-5, plus this year saw the launch of the new Toyota RAV4. Both are solid new compact crossover offerings, but neither made it as a finalist.

2014-Range-Rover-Sport-Close.JPGNext, an honorable mention has to goes to the Swiss Army Knife of SUVs; the Range Rover Sport. We love this SUV and there may be no other vehicle on the market that can match its on-road agility as well as its off-road prowess. But starting at over 60k, and escalating rapidly from there, it’s not really relevant to the vast majority of folks.

  • derp

    Being best all around also includes price, in which case the forester beats the pants off the MDX. Looks like another biased article…

  • Phil

    the best new utility ‘of the year’ means the best NEW in, best improved, It’s the amount of improvements done to the MDX that makes it so it offers affordable luxury, improved driving dynamics, and improved fuel efficiency. the improvements made to the car are greater than that of the new forester. doesn’t make it a bad car, far from it, but its the sum of the improvements that made to the MDX earned the titled. That, to me, is fair. …the same way the hyundai elantra won the best new car of the year in 2012, its not that the elantra was better than all competiting ‘best new’ vehicles, its that it was the most drastically improved.

  • Shiratori1

    Well deserved. If I needed a seven passenger, AWD SUV, I would buy the MDX in a heartbeat.

  • Chad

    In the looks dept, the Grand Cherokee beats the pants off of both of them.

  • Ryan


  • Robby G

    I’d definitely pick the Grand Cherokee. Especially with that new diesel!

  • Simon

    yes, agree