Autonomous Pod Car Service Heading to the UK by 2017

Autonomous Pod Car Service Heading to the UK by 2017

A self-driving pod car service is aiming to launch in the town of Milton Keynes in the U.K. by 2017.

The project has been backed by the British government with $2.4 million in funding (£1.5 million) and is being developed by a consortium that consists of Arup, Transport Systems Catapult, The Automotive Council and the Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

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Initially, the project will launch 20 driver-operated pod cars onto the Milton Keynes streets in 2015 as a trial run. The test also aims to get pedestrians familiar with the new form of traffic. Each pod car will be able to seat two and is designed to operate on designated pathways in the city center. They will have a top speed of 12 mph and will utilize sensors to avoid pedestrians and other vehicles.

The team is aiming for self-driving pods to be in service by mid-2017 with 100 fully autonomous vehicles being made available for public use.

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