Cadillac Aims to Become a Global Brand in 10 Years: Exec

Cadillac Aims to Become a Global Brand in 10 Years: Exec

Though he won’t assume his new duties until January 1, 2014, Cadillac’s new marketing chief Uwe Ellinghaus believes it could take as much as 10 years to make Cadillac a global brand.

Ellinghaus, who was a former marketing executive for BMW, believes he can help shape Cadillac “to what it never was, a really global premium brand that is on eye level with all the other premium competitors.” The American automaker’s global sales are up 30 percent this year after falling two percent last year to around 196,000 vehicles.

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Ellinghaus believes building Cadillac into a global brand is a realistic mid- to long-term brand strategy and will take a couple of years in the U.S., five years in China and as much as a decade in other markets where the brand currently has little presence. For the immediate future however, Ellinghaus wants to focus on China and the U.S. to build brand momentum.

As for the European market, Ellinghaus believes Cadillac needs to have a stronger presence there, but its lack of diesel offerings is certainly hurting the brand. The 44-year-old executive doesn’t believe Cadillac needs to have large sales volume in Europe in order to be a credible global luxury brand.

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