Chevrolet Malibu Fire Risk Prompts Recall

Chevrolet Malibu Fire Risk Prompts Recall

Chevrolet has issued two separate recalls for both the 2013 and 2014 Malibu, affecting about 60,000 vehicles in total in North America. 

The more dire of the two recalls affects the 2013 model, and poses a fire risk for vehicles equipped with eight-way power driver and passenger seats. The problem is a wiring harness that can wear over time by rubbing against the seat frame. In that event, the short circuit can cause unintended movement of the seat, flickering lights, sparking, melted wiring, and in some cases, a fire in an unattended vehicle.

No crashes or injuries have resulted from this issue, though GM does know of two fires that have started this way. About 14,930 model year 2013 Malibus are affected in the US.

The second recall concerns malfunctioning HVAC controls in the 2014 Malibu. A glitch in the HVAC control module will cause the car to revert back to the most recent HVAC settings, and will not allow them to be changed. This can be particularly dangerous in the winter time, when the windshield needs to be defrosted.

About 44,406 model year 2014 Malibus are affected by this recall.

GM will notify owners about both recalls, and a local dealership will inspect and resolve the issue, free of charge. For more info, contact Chevrolet at 800-950-CHEV.

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