Chevrolet Shows Off Custom Corvettes and Camaros at SEMA

Chevrolet Shows Off Custom Corvettes and Camaros at SEMA

Manufacturers love to get in on all the SEMA fun happening this week, which is why Chevrolet is is showing off just how creative it is with a number of customized performance cars that will be seen at the show.

Corvettes, Camaros and even a SS is on display, each having a unique theme while showing the vehicles aftermarket range.

There are three Corvettes on display – the first one being the Gran Turismo Concept. The Gran Turismo concept is a vehicle that highlights the upcoming Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo 6. Look closely and you’ll see not only a custom paint job, but a number of carbon fiber body parts, including a spoiler, hood, front splitter and rockers. The car also features a custom exhaust and racing seats.

Chevrolets second and third Corvettes at the show are contrasting east and west coast themed show cars. The Corvette convertible on display is the Atlantic Concept which is supposed to give the car a sophisticated private jet-esque theme. There are a few custom parts, but much of the car can be recreated by customers thanks to the Chevrolet Accessories department.

Similarly, the Corvette Pacific Concept, seen above, is more suited to a west coast racing culture and is equipped with the Z51 package. The car features a gorgeous Torch Red paint job, along with a carbon fiber hood and design on the roof. The car also features a set of black racing stripes, and wheels from the Chevrolet Accessories department.

Of course, its not only all about Corvettes at SEMA. Chevrolet is also bringing six sexy Camaros to the show, including the COPO Camaro and Z/28 race-focused models. The 2014 COPO Camaro will be limited again, but offer two engines to choose from.

While the COPO Camaro on display at SEMA isn’t street legal, the Z/28 is. The pinnacle in track-ready Camaros, the Z/28 features a 7.0L V8 engine which puts out 505 horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque. It’s also 300 lbs lighter than the Camaro ZL1, and laps the Nurburgring in 7:37.40.

Three additional Camaros were on display, showcasing the vast number of accessories available from the Chevrolet Accessories department. The manufacturer provided parts include both performance and visual upgrades to the muscle car. Finally, like clockwork, Chevy is showing a special edition package for the Camaro, called the Spring Special Edition. The vehicle on display at SEMA is the Camaro Convertible, which is a great way to showcase the cars impressive blue-accented interior and updated exterior style.

Finally, the Chevrolet SS makes its first appearance at SEMA, with the Jeff Gordon performance sedan concept. The SEMA show car was designed with input from no. 24 himself and features a custom exterior finish. While the car also features a few items from the Chevrolet Accessories catalog, it also uses a Borla performance exhaust system, which should win it some fans at SEMA.

Check out the whole gallery of Chevrolet Performance Cars below.

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