Coca-Cola Lends Green Tech to Ford Fusion Energi Seats

Coca-Cola Lends Green Tech to Ford Fusion Energi Seats

Ford and Coca-Cola are teaming up to show off the latest in recycling technology by implementing Coke’s ‘PlantBottle’ recycling process to produce interior materials for a Ford Fusion Energi. 

The recycling process, which uses plant-based renewable resources, was used to make the interior fabric surfaces that cover the seat cushions, seat backs, head restraints, door panel inserts and headliner in this Fusion Energi. This is the first time that Ford’s renewable resource recycling process has been used outside of plastic packaging.

Ford claims that if Coke’s PlantBottle derived materials were spread to the majority of its U.S. lineup, the brand could save four million pounds of petroleum-derived materials as well as the equivalent of 295,000 gallons of gasoline and 6,000 barrels of oil.

The Ford Fusion Energi with PlantBottle technology will be on display at the upcoming LA Auto Show.

GALLERY: Ford/Coca-Cola Fusion Energi


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  • Rocket

    Car guys rating the more refined, better driving vehicle second? What’s that about?

    The Jeep is the better value hands down. But if you spend more time on road than off, and value quality over quantity, the Touareg is absolutely the better vehicle. And highway fuel economy … simply amazing!

  • Juicy

    And what percentage of grang Cherokee drivers make off road routine?? Toureg Audi roots and is less expensive. Buy first year if new diesel… Think not

  • KS

    there is one thing you are missing – the cherokee engine is FIAT made – this means it it piece of junk..

  • Zach Marks

    Little things about the Jeep make it amazingly lovable to live with, like the fact that the key fob works line of sight nearly 1/2 a mile!!!
    Both cars are upscale grocery getters for 95% of their life, buy what you like for it makes no real difference in statement with 2 cars rated this closely together on paper.

  • Jeff Walsh

    The Jeep will cost half as much to maintain, had an older Touareg in my shop yesterday for a brake job. Parts are twice as much as a Jeep. Even oil changes are a fair bit more. Keep this in mind.

  • Guest365

    The grand Cherokees engine is actually produced by vm motati, not fiat. It has been sold in Europe for quite some time.

  • DN

    Fiat doesn’t make it as the engine is made by VM Motori and they have been making diesel engine since 1947, and were first to make a direct injection diesel engine back then. They actually make great engines and are also making engines for the new Maserati line. Fiat merely owns them. They also won numerous Wards 10 Best awards.

  • m wilson

    You fail to emphasize that the Jeep can truly go in tough off-road places because it has a low set of gears (hence the 400lb higher weight due to the transfer case). The Touareg did away with their low gears when they redesigned the Touareg a few years back. Shamefully, no one in this article pointed this out.

  • Pat McKune

    My Touareg has air suspension. You indicated that VW Treg does not… It is an option.

  • Pawww

    The Touareg used to offer air suspension but not anymore. It is not offered as an option in the US. Mine is 2013 TDI lux.

  • canon_mutant

    Has anyone here even tried any offroading with a Euro-diesel? I’ve got 4 corner air, 8 gears, a fantastic AWD system, locking center, hill climb and descent, and [now] performance tuned 308HP and more importantly 513 lb.ft. at 1500rpm [though 406 will get the job done] in my Cayenne and, with oversized Terra Grapplers on it, I’ll go anywhere a GC goes. And, I can put the 20s and high-perf tires back on it and eat the GCs lunch in every street category along with a ton of other vehicles. I came from a Touareg TDI which I absolutely loved and would still own if VWoA techs could just fix the damn thing. Now I am THRILLED Jeep has brought the diesel back with gears this time [wish more USA vehicles would!] and I wish it well but don’t assume these euro-diesels won’t go off road. I know from personal experience they will go a lot farther than your wits want you to! And, pairing all that tech with less weight, I’m averaging WAY more mpgs than these magazine testers seem to . . . I see 26-28mpg around town regularly now and 33-35mpg on the H/W.

  • Geoff

    I think it’s funny every one going on trying to choose the best and fighting for there choice….there both German cars so have a decent build quality …but if you like your car to feel like a boat on the road ….get the jeep ….lol

  • John Paul

    Touareg since 2011 has NO air suspension option, at all, for all trim lines. None.

  • John Paul

    If you value the off road prowess over the on road refinement, buy the Jeep.
    I personally don’t know ANYONE who owns a Grand Cherokee, who goes anywhere NEAR off road with it.
    The Touareg runs CIRCLES around the Jeep for road manners and handling. A superior drivers vehicle.

  • Michael

    Earlier this year in Aussie I test drove the top line Grand Cherokee as described in this test. I found the engine had turbo lag then all hell broke loose as it galloped off into the sunset, the steering was vague, the air suspension caused a unsettling lateral wobble and the interior plastic rattled. No thank you Mr Jeep. After test driving the Touareg, I bought a 4XMotion version with standard air suspension, low range transmission and lockable differentials. A most impressive and competent genuine 4×4. Yes it cost more but after test driving the two different vehicles, my money did the talking.

  • Ted Crocker

    I’ve achieved a best of 33 mpg on the highway in my 2011 Touareg LUX TDI. I average 24 mpg combined. This rig is a highway cruiser and a towing machine. I do have some ergonomic complaints with the VW, but the fit, finish and driving experience is superior to the Grand Cherokee’s. I test drove both vehicles, but I knew I wanted the Touareg within ten feet of its test drive. And this was after being convinced (on paper, at least) that I wanted a Grand Cherokee to replace my faithful and wonderful ’98 Dodge Grand Caravan ES AWD.

  • Pat McKune

    Mine is 2012 Blue Motion V6 TDI with air suspension (South Africa), and it is spectacular off road (the suspension)…