Crusin’ Caskets Let You Drive into the Afterlife with Style

Crusin’ Caskets Let You Drive into the Afterlife with Style

What do you get for the gearhead that’s going for his or her final drive? The folks at Cruzin’ Caskets offer some pretty wicked burial boxes that are sure to get more their share of looks on the other side.

The company, which not surprisingly is based in Southern California designs and constructs souped-up caskets that are styled like custom cars. They feature big rims, glittery paint and chrome accents. These one-of-a-kind boxes beat a simple pine container any day of the week.

Currently they’re taking orders for caskets styled like a Mercury lead-sled from the 1950s. Other (dead) body styles can be special ordered.

These custom caskets function like any standard model, with a hinged roof and fully upholstered interior. Their bodies are constructed of fiberglass and can be painted just about any color a customer desires.

On the outside Crusin’ Caskets are about 28 inches wide and a little more than 7 feet long, though in pictures they look huge.

Interestingly these macabre car-shaped coffins are even patented, so don’t go out and try to make your own.  If you’re curious it’s US 6370744 B1.

Considering a Crusin’ Casket for your last trip? Plan on spending about $5,500 for a base model. Unfortunately the company’s website doesn’t list any fuel-economy figures or crash-test scores.