Ferrari 458 One-Off Honors Niki Lauda

Ferrari 458 One-Off Honors Niki Lauda

Ferrari has unveiled a one-off 458 Italia inspired by the Formula 1 race car driven by Niki Lauda in the 1970s.

The Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda was commissioned by an unnamed collector and built by Ferrari’s Tailor Made division. It features a two-tone red and white exterior while the gold wheels are a luxurious touch to the exotic. Running down the center of the roof is a decal of the Italian flag, giving it a race-inspired look.

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On the inside, subtle enhancements have been made to ensure this isn’t your ordinary 458 Italia. Red stitching can be found on the dash while the colors of the Italian flag adorn both bucket seats and the center console. The 4.5-liter V8 powerplant has been left untouched, meaning 562 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque is accessible to the lucky owner. Ferrari did not announce how much the custom 458 Italia cost.

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  • JupiterDog

    That Rogue is one nice ride!

  • Jenny

    Wow. I have to say, I had totally forgotten about the Rogue, but this comparo is making me take a second look. Thanks guys!

  • master-hammer

    Have a 2013 CR-v and can’t wait for the end of lease. Harsh, loud ride, flimsy feel, sparse interior with cheap hard plastic. Next car will be Nissan Sentra Luxury edition. Beautiful car.

  • The Rogue

    Just got a Rogue and I am very happy. I had a 2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited, and the Rogue is a great upgrade. Main positives, 360 camera is great, raised rear seats,Divide and hide cargo area can take many shapes with the two movable sections, nice smooth ride, blind spot warning and lane departure warning as well as frontal collision warning, and Moving Object Detection. Nice clean design and the leather interior of the SL rivals a Lexus, very comfortable. Excellent Bluetooth operation. A very large moon roof, and superb vision out the front. Not that many miles to properly judge gas mileage. Taking a trip to SC next week, from Pittsburgh, will see.

    A couple cons, Dunlop tires biggest,rated very poorly on line Low mileage rating and only average traction.. Gas cap release inconvenient position along with a few other switch buttons. Tailgate fit not up to par.

  • snake

    I think it would be best to check out the new Mazda’s. They make one of the highest quality cars, with some of the best fuel mileage. Just my .10

  • John

    Yeah, that hyundai wasn’t doing you any favors. Im definitely a honda guy, but the crv definitely needs to step it up

  • derrick disgruntled

    The only kicker is………..resale……………Honda, hands down.

  • Bharat

    How reliable is Nissan CVT?

  • Tamara

    I have always wanted a NISSAN, now that (after many years) I’m in the market, I ended up falling in love with the Honda CRV. Now looking at this, I might go back to my first love of the Rogue. I am looking for #1 -Fuel Economy, #2 -handling on good old country roads I’m moving too. My driving will be all highway but fuel efficient & safety is #1. Thanks all! Comments? Would love to hear ’em!!!

  • Tamara

    Also, one more thing: is this just based on the 2014 Models because I’m looking at a 2013 and/or 2012 too. Are the specs relatively the same? Again, Fuel Efficient as possible for highway driving and good handling on bumpy country roads. Thanks again!!

  • Shiratori1


  • Shiratori1

    Yeah, I’m calling bs on the 3rd row being a real positive for the Rouge. Anyone who has a shred of intelligence or has had a CUV with a third row will tell you that they are effectively useless for anyone who isn’t a child and simply take up space that would be better utilized for cargo. This, combined with low sales for the option, was why Toyota dropped the third row for the RAV4.

  • Dark Wulf

    I keep hearing that about the Mazdas but I must have been in another universe when I test drove that flimsy 2014 CX-5 and the disappointing M6. The interiors were cheap. The layouts were poor.

    I really don’t get the raves for Mazda. The CX-5 struggled and strained horribly to just get going with me 160lbs and the equally weighted salesman. I had the Rogue 2013 for a week as a rental and I was very impressed with its ability to move with no hesitancy while carrying my family of 5 and luggage up and down the freeway. I really didn’t want to rent that vehicle because I thought it was so boring in looks. But it delivered on performance…and IT WAS A RENTAL. The 2014 Rogue is just a beauty and I think an excellent value. 28k for leather trim and all the bells and whistles. You can walk out with that car for about 25k +TTL. Now…long term…how reliable the Rogue will be…? that is where Honda shines.

  • Dark Wulf

    The Rogue is doing very well. They aren’t offering incentives now. I would consider the CRV but Honda and Toyota are cheap on the extras. Every SUV should now have backup cams. A 2014 SUV without a BUC is disappointing. The Rogue is an excellent value…if they can deliver on reliability then they can run away with the market.

  • Dark Wulf

    interesting comment. I was starting to think about the CRV….but I will rethink this. I have Ridgeline and it rides very nicely. Rogue is impressive!

  • Dark Wulf

    good point.

    what good is a backup camera if your car can’t backup.

  • Guest

    That’s just my opinion, your’s may be different. As a side note, my wife just purchased a 2014 Grand Caravan 30th Anniv. on Friday and I have to say, I am very impressed. I know JD Powers rates them soso, but it’s our 3rd in 15 years and it rides rally good, at least compared to the tin can Honda.

  • Zbum

    I have a 2012 HONDA CRV EX AWD…..1st HONDA I’ve ever owned….great SUV…. i like it much more then I thought I would….great room on the inside… pretty peppy…I’ll take the more peppy engine and not as good gas mileage….I’m getting 22 to 24 running around town mileage… issues so far….if you look at the resale value…..can’t beat a HONDA.

  • Dark Wulf

    yah, that 3rd row is more like a shelf. its perfect for infants in a rear facing seat or forward facing. but anyone with legs thicker than a 7yr old will be tight fitting. Small kids could get claustrophobic. Its really a jump seat for when you have to port extra kids in an emergency.

  • Dark Wulf

    did you read my mind….. the T&C is on our shortlist of mini-vans. Got to compare all of them at a car show and the T&CGC are hands down the best of breed. The Quest is a joke. The Sienna is a ripoff. The Odyssey provides a decent option but compared to the Chrysler offerings….Chrysler has the better value. You can get a fully loaded T&C for about 30k. An equal Odyssey or Sienna will be about 40k. … resale comparison here. You’ll come out ahead with the T&C. If Chrysler can improve the MPG they can run the market. As far as reliability….a 3k lifetime bumper to bumper warranty will take care of that.

  • Mark G

    Nissan, Toyota and Honda are the 3 most reliable car brands in the world……

  • Mark G

    so i can carry 5 adults and 2 kids……it has some benefit… is the peppy engine

  • Mark G

    they are very reliable … is a very reliable car brand

  • Mark G

    are you kidding, Nissan’s resale value is on par with honda if not better.

  • Mark G

    the Nissan Quest has an even nicer ride than the caravan and much nicer interior

  • Mark G

    warranty’s don’t remedy reliability, and reliability is and has always been a issue with Chrysler products….. Im not sure what Quest you got in but it couldnt have been the nissan Quest ….the quest is as nice in materials and ride you can get in a mini van….and your pricing is wrong too…. the town and country has a starting price of 30k for a base model

  • Dark Wulf

    I have a 99 Maxima. Still running. but…..

    Nissan is a different company. Its rankings have dropped. They are ranked below Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki and Hyundai. Toyota is the top rated reliability. Honda is second.

    All of this is subjective to the individual owner. I have known folks who had problems with their Hondas. ( I own a Ridgeline 2006. No real problems beyond wear and tear.)

  • Curtis

    My Nissan Murano had issues with the CVT, and although it had a factory extended warranty, Nissan did everything they could to avoid warrantying the CVT. I ended up tranding in the Nissan for a Honda and let the next person deal with the CVT issues.

  • Lewlok

    My sister in law just leased 2014 rogue after turning back a 2011. She truly enjoys the upgrade. While I’m not in love with the exterior, the interior made great strides on improvements. We just turned in our 2011 Hyundai Tucson ltd for a 2014 Tucson ltd awd. Hyundia has also made great improvements although it’s not a redesign like the rogue. I prefer the styling of the Tucson both inside and out, but the rogue is 9-10 inches longer and the rear seats slide fore/aft.

  • naren

    I found the internet full of hits with bad cvt from Nissan. Hope they have fixed it. Google on Nissan cvt problems

  • Shiratori1

    1. You clearly have never driven the CR-V

    2. If you have kids, you need a van, not a CUV. The people that these cars are really meant for don’t have kids, and as such, don’t kneed that useless option.

  • Ajr Ajr

    A more accurate 3 would be Subaru, Honda & Mazda. Nissan is at the bottom of the Japanese brands for reliability now. they haven’t been the same since Ghosn took over.

  • Mark G

    Im speaking of long term and not initial quality, initial quality means nothing

  • Justin

    The 2014 Rogue is a complete redesign besides the engine and transmission. The previous generation Rogue is not even comparable in design, or quality IMO.

  • Mark G

    google honda transmission problems, there is a internet full of honda issues….but just like the cvt issues the percentage of issues is small. cvt transmissions are much simpler than traditional transmissions. most issues with all cvts are that some owners arent use to the behaviors of the transmissions

  • Mark G

    initinal quality is a nearly useless measurement if not being used in conjunction with long term quality. Nissan is still in the top 3 long term but as cars get more advanced you have more and more people with issues due to not being able to operate features. the ford sync is a prime example, probably one of the best infotainment systems but it kill ford in initial quality because some people fail to learn to operate the simple system.

  • Coley

    I just purchased a 2014 Rogue and I love it. The noisy CVT is a little annoying, but wasn’t enough to keep me from buying. It’s more like a loud drone as you’re getting up to cruise speed, but it does get great gas mileage. With the re-design, I think the Rogue is one of the best looking crossovers out there, if not the best. Just my opinion.

  • Ajr Ajr

    What makes you think I was referring to initial quality? Subaru, Honda and Mazda have been solid for decades, Nissan’s quality took a sharp nosedive in the last decade. I know, I’ve owned 5 from ’87 to ’04.

  • Mark G

    cant find anything to support that anywhere……….

  • luckyman

    I just purchased a 2013 rogue. Its my first all wheel drive vehicle and I am 62 years old,and
    its the 5fth new car purchase. I love the drive and handling. Its new with no problems yet and i love it.

  • everglades

    2013 is a completely different vehicle

  • Everglades

    I don’t see how you can fall in love with a CRV. but that’s just me. boring exterior…the only thing honda has going for it is quality, which is a big plus but not enough for me to purchase one over the rogue. we are in the market for a 2014 Rogue. The SV with premium package is the best option. the tech is amazing. good space rear seat and cargo and it looks upscale compared to CRV.

  • Ajr Ajr

    start with consumer reports

  • Mark G

    Consumer reports says toyota Honda and Nissan are the least problematic cars long term

  • McHale72

    If you’re looking at a 2013 or 2012, look at the 2014 Rogue Select. A buddy was looking at a used 2011 from CarMax and was able to buy a 2014 Select for not much more. I have the 2014 Rogue SL AWD.

  • sergio

    Definitely the best looking car in its segment. I love the the headlights, so sharp! I just sold one and my customer averaged 36.5 MPG on the highway on a 6 hour trip. That’s crazy!

  • sergio gonzalez

    Honda usually has a better resale. The Rogue has a better resale value though, its proven

  • Bub

    I think subaru in recent years has gotten worst reliability ratings for a lot of their cars, and toyota’s youth brand scion as well. A few of their cars are hitting 3’s in reliability ratings and some even 2 which is extremely rare for toyota which maintained an average of 4. Mazda has made great improvements over the recent years. We’re also seeing anew series of Nissan redesigns across a number of vehicles so you can expect the reliability to change starting this year as well.

  • Bub

    If you ever sat in the 3rd row of a esclade its the same feeling super cramped and built for midgets with 5 inch high legs. So yeah if you have kids like under 6 probably they would be ok with it

  • Coley

    That’s awesome! I’m getting ready to take mine on a road trip in a couple of weeks.

  • Steven

    I just wanted to chime in regarding our purchase and time spent with our 2012 Honda CRV LX AWD. We feel safe and secure in this crossover. This Chicago winter was a breeze driving in snow and harsh stuff. Ride quality and spaciousness is excellent. Engine response and transmission better than when new. (quicker) Good all around vehicle. Not sure about the reliability of the Nissan Rogue though.. Not a fan of cvt or the noise it produces. I kinda appreciate the way Honda doesn’t just throw a bunch of new tech at their costumers. Rather have proven reliability first. Almost two years owning it and still rides and feels like new. We love it!

  • tweetybird

    Bought our CR-V less than a year ago and love it! Good resale value for Honda and last forever. Those 2014 Rogue will not last like the Honda. Just wait after 5 years you will start experiencing engine trouble.

  • James Bond

    We just bought a 2014 Rogue SL AWD. I used to be a big fan of Honda and the CR-V is a fine automobile. But I had good experience with my last Nissan so I doubled down on the Nissan quality. I looked at everything in the segment (and some outside it) and the new Rogue SL offered a premium feel that was absent in all the others. It rides REALLY nice and is very quiet except for the infrequent times you really have to step on the gas. The CVT rewards smooth driving with great MPG and quiet operation. I average 27 MPG split about 70-30 between highway and city driving. The AroundView camera, Bose stereo, divide and hide cargo area, and seat comfort are all awesome. I wish the seat heaters would stay hotter for longer, but I’ve heard that most new cars have very conservative thermostats for seat heat. My old VWs would roast your buns nicely!

  • Pattigirl

    I am getting royally screwed with my Subaru… 1000 miles I’m burning oil to the tune of 1/2 quart or more? Plus I only find out now after investigating that there’s a giant class action suit against Subaru of America because of oil consumption problem. Not cool, the car is only 1 year old~

  • Mike

    So you do read Consumer Reports?!?! So you know for a fact that Toyota is better made than Honda. You just admitted you read Consumer Reports. There you go!!!

  • Mike

    And a the top of reliability is TOYOTA. For years Toyota has been on top.