Ferrari 458 Speciale Looks Exquisite in Motion

Ferrari 458 Speciale Looks Exquisite in Motion

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a special machine, and it even looks better in motion.

The 458 Speciale made its North American debut last weekend in Texas and this week, the Italian automaker has released a new set of photos of its special 458 on the road.

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The retuned 458 Speciale features a 4.5-liter engine with 605 hp, an increase of 35 hp from the standard production model. Those power upgrades are complemented by specially-designed tires from Michelin, improved aerodynamics and the automaker’s “Side Slip Angle Control System.” The Ferrari 458 Speciale accelerates to 62 mph in just three seconds and deliveries in the U.S. will begin Spring 2014.

For now, enjoy the beautiful photos that Ferrari released of the 458 Speciale in its natural habitat.

GALLERY: Ferrari 458 Speciale


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