Fiat to Announce New Five-Year Plan to Save Alfa Romeo… Again

Fiat to Announce New Five-Year Plan to Save Alfa Romeo… Again

For the fourth time in nine years, FiatChrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne plans to introduce another revival strategy for the Alfa Romeo brand.

According to Marchionne, the Italian automaker is continuing “to work in a pretty determined fashion in trying to reshape the Alfa Romeo platform and I think we will be in a position to outline more at the end of the first quarter of 2014.” The CEO plans to introduce a new five-year strategy for Fiat Group and Chrysler next year, most likely in late April along with the companies’ first-quarter earnings report.

Alfa Romeo 4C Officially Priced From $54,000

As was mentioned before, Alfa Romeo will focus on a new rear- and all-wheel-drive architecture being developed by a small team of engineers that report directly to Harald Wester, Fiat-Chrysler’s chief technical officer as well as CEO at Alfa and Maserati. Sources state that the architecture is being developed to be versatile enough so that Chrysler and Dodge can use it as well. The new architecture is expected to underpin at least four new Alfa models including the Giulia sedan and wagon, a large flagship sedan and a mid-sized SUV.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo 4C


[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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  • Rory-Taylor Fütter

    flogging a dead horse…. If the idiots at factory/top level would wake up and look after their dealers who in turn could look after their customers, there would be no need to AGAIN figure a bail out…..They actually don’t deserve the loyalty they get from customers of past and present vehicles, they are doing it to themselves, dumbasses

  • Tim Roland

    Have to agree here, Ive owned 60 Alfa’s and still find dealers lack utterly any brand enthusiasm or interest in either the customer or brand.

  • floridaalleycat

    Make a car like the Mazda Miatta priced like the Mazda Miatta the rest will be history.

  • LeStori

    Heard it all before.
    In the real world, each generation is less Alfa Romeo than the one before. (Live in a Country that still has Alfa Romeos on sale)

    All we have now is the ‘FIAT’ Mito and the almost Alfa Romeo, Giulietta.
    The 4c will be a trackday special and the ‘Mazda’ spider, on a promise. All the rest is speculation

    Unless it is in the show room it is all ‘Italian’ smoke and mirrors and Marchionne is the best at filling your behind with smoke.

  • Gareth williams

    We need some cars to buy alfa some normal priced cars were is the 159 replacement the gt replacement own 5 alfas but looseeing faith. I’ve never broken down thoe in any !! One of my mitos hit a tree and still lives

  • Gareth williams

    As for dealers beechdale derby are brilliant for parts and service. But the sales side are rude and don’t even return calls …how hard is it to say we don’t want your 159 12 plate!!

  • Steve d

    Seems like Fiat are intent on killing the brand. Have owned 2x156s, a GT and a 159, no product in the current ‘cutesy’ range is of any interest. Brera was mildly interesting but had ridiculous engine options. No mainstream coupe in the current line up is unforgivable. Have sadly moved on to another marque.

  • merefalowa

    how sad,how sad that a name like alfa gets such negative comments from the people who love them best,its because they get taken over by jobs worth,s ,bespectacled nonenties who wouldnt know a 4 wheeled drift,or heel and toeing,the erotic smell of burnt rubber and castrol r,the edrenaline rush of a twitching back end on precipital alpine roads,they have a slide rule and ice in their beurocratic veins,Their masters are ceo,s and shareholders, jaguar,taken over and emasculated,you couldnt tell one from a rover.where are the deseigners,the men who produced the xk range of jags(raymond mays),the 3.4 hemispherical twin over head cam engine that beat the best sports cars in the worls not once but 5 years on the trot,the guys who brought the etype to the roads of the world.grey men rule.i remember nearly having a fight with a guy who insisted there was cloth upholdstery in a jag,of course he was right,(in a way,)but that cloth upholstered fraud had ceased to be a jag.I love alfas,never remotely had the money for a new one,but loads of cheap ones i have had to weld and work on fit second hand bits(of which there is no shortage,,such fun to drive ,so light and responsive,so come on Alfa,back to designers who understand cars,who can drive and have grease under their finger nails,not grey suited collar and tie robots, but real car men like Enso,(ALL BOW HERE)who liveAND breathe CARS and are capable of producing a snarling beautifull sculptures in metal that sets mens pulses beating with admiration and desire.and show once again italian car making genious…..

  • Mr_B

    I love Alfa’s

    But , Fiat have slowy ruined Alfa and I fear it will end up like SAAB – GM using old spare parts / technolgy car co. before going bust . I have been lucky enough to own 5 Alfas (2 x V6’s , 2 x 2.0l 4 pots and a fun Alfasud 1.5ti)

    The only one I would even consider is the Giulietta Cloverleaf , but even that is a fiat in better clothing and very overpriced even before you look at options.
    There are equally better/good and cheaper cars on the market – something the idiots that run Fiat don’t get.

    Mito – overpriced, even more so once you specc’d it with stuff other cars have already fitted laughable !!!

  • Lady Alfisti

    If only they would give me a call I could advise them how to revive Alfa Romeo. I am sure I could rally the AROC to save Alfa with their money. (dare say we would have done it years ago if we had the cash) Why do they not ask? Silly people – the answer is right under their nose.

  • Ash

    I get what you mean, Alfa’s latests are just re-badged or platforms of other ‘cheaper’ Fiats, unfortunately ‘vehicle regulations’ have restricted what can be designed to look “Alfa” particularly in smaller looking vehicles, No everyday car company can survive on just 2 seater’s alone.
    The ND Mazda MX-5 is about to start production next year, it is happening., with the Mazda made Spider about 8 months later…You see all MX-5’s (Spiders) come out of Hiroshima, and Mazda have a supply/production problem in Japan (all their Japan plants), more orders than cars built, a nice problem to have…so give it time it will happen, but will it help save Alfa, will the Spider be what Alfa needs?, personally I believe Alfa has probably had it’s run…Their CEO will try one more plan…In the end Italy can not sustain multiple brands and models anymore, there are too many other Asian brands taking their market share, it is as simple as that…did I say South Korea…Sergio is flogging a dead horse and he knows it, and remember the weaker Yen now means his Mazda ‘Spiders’ have just gone up considerably as they are meant to use Alfa (Fiat) engines imported to Mazda Japan for installation, to overcome this extra cost of using Fiat Engines in Japan Mazda could just send cars without engines and transmissions?, Mazda wont do that as their warranty is left to Italians to install an engine in their product, plus it is just stupid, as the extra cost in Italy to install power-train is also costly…in the end it is really a mess (Spider), they should let Mazda supply the complete car.

  • nick_s

    We’ve had gtv twin spark and now have a GT 1.9 jtdm. Totally brilliant car but its now 7 and we will be looking to replace it soon. What with? On the basis of what we have seen about future plans, its not gonna be an alfa. Sadly.

  • Flo

    Hopefully it works. I felt in love with Alfas very very late and have own 3 for the past 3 years. Waiting for their SUV and hopefully will see more Alfa-like cars ( chassis, body package, drive style). That’s all I can say. I hope. Also hope the price will not be the same as a jeep Cherokee or Chrysler price and please no plastic onboard. Stick with the full leather upholstery option. I always call my red 147: my mini Ferrari. Love Alfas.


    Too many negative comments here, we know that the head boy wants to revive the Alfa marque and best get his ‘ a s s’ into gear.
    I own a new Giulietta 1750 QV for a year now and I would never want anything else, it still has soul and its own personality.Awesomeness.
    From a Proud Alfa Romeo driver

    As Henry Ford once said, everytime an Alfa Romeo passes he take his hat off.

  • tjfblack

    @disqus_jn7P1ve8X9:disqus – agree completely. Let’s see if the revival plan is sustainable and lives up to the Alfa code first, before we condemn it. Surely there must be space for this iconic brand in an increasingly homogenised world. That’s the challenge for Fiat – how do they (continue to) use the Fiat platform without compromising the uniqueness of Alfa. Still loving my GT!

  • Alistair Taylor

    The easiest way to help Alfa would be to actually develop some cars! Mito’s refresh went down well with the press and Giulietta is still class competitive, though I can’t help feeling it needs a 300bhp AWD competitor to the Golf R and S3 as a halo model to convince people that the mainstream Alfa is premium, as the QV just hasn’t managed that yet. But the constant delays on the Giulia are just ridiculous. By the team it come sot market, we could have had a stop gap interim model anyway, based on a stretched Giulietta platform. Or even just a Giulietta SW or saloon. Alfa shifted all the dead wood from it’s dealer network, got a bunch of premium dealer chains to take them on board, then withdrew almost all the products they could sell. It’s nearly laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

  • Esteban Saa

    I’m tired of this BS, over and over Fiat shits on the Alfa brand. Get us the 159 replacement already, you big group of liars. Harald Wester should get it done or get replaced now.

  • Vince78

    After many wonderfull years in a GT, you’re not gonna step back to a (with all due respect) a Guilietta or a Mito… So please come up with a new model, or a shift to an Audi A5 or BMW has to be made. And I hate german cars, please make me a new Italian Family coupé!

  • Rod

    Italy produce the most beautiful cars in the world, and the saying “One has to be an Alfa driver to be a petrol head” is true.
    I am lucky to have a n Alfa 159 Sportwagon, Alfa Mito 1.3 diesel, and a Lancia Montecarlo, and I have to say, my garage WILL NOT see anything German in it.
    I am a professional driver, and the worst drivers are Audi, BMW and mothers in 4X4 on the school run.
    For many years I have owned Alfa, and hopefully will do so in the future.
    In my view, it will be a mistake for Alfa to produce the penned SUV, and they should keep the ethos, that has made Alfa so successful barring the late 70s early 80’s.
    I accept that many manufacturers will cease to exist in the next decade or so, and it would be a huge pity if Alfa was one of them, so PLEASE Fiat make sure you make a car, we can’t refuse.

  • Sono4alfa

    Why Oh why can’t Alfa Romeo design an Alfa Romeo, is it rocket science? After the stunning GT was killed off what do we get……the ugly bug Mito & the dumpy Guilietta add a dealership network of which 95% have never heard of customer service let alone customer support, is there any wonder they are in this familiar situation yet again, A top bloke on top wages came in from some German car company, we were told he WILL to turn Alfa round, Well top bloke on top wages you didn’t. This makes me wonder if this was a German Master Plan.

  • Rod

    I am disappointed in some of your comments, because the Mito is a good looking car, and brilliant to drive. Your comment about the Guilietta is accurate.
    Both Chris Vivaria in Nottingham, and Piccadilly Knesbrorough are exceptional when it comes to customer service. Maybe it is down to the companies being privately owned, and not part of a huge PLC.

  • Morty

    I must be in minority I love my Guilietta 1.4 multi Air Sportiva in Dynamic mode it really goes and back off for more economy, interior is as good as any German
    it may look better from back than front but it remains distinctive
    Meridien Milano Bournemouth are superb at both Service and Sales


    I’m new to Alfa, having driven SAABs for 40 years till they went under courtesy of GM. Now I read about ‘another rescue plan’ for Alfa. May be I always choose niche cars, whose builders are always living on the financial edge? But with winter approaching in the north of Scotland, dare I say to Alfa afficionados that I’d still rather the more solid feel of a SAAB in snow, even with the Alfa DNA (which is superb for hill climbs over some of our local roads in normal weather). And the road holding over potholes is dreadful by comparison – suggested by the dealer it’s because of the 16″ wheels. The back end jumps around. As for dealer though, I can only relate to one, whose service is second to none – but they were until recently also SAAB dealers!

  • Mr. GTV

    FIAT can’t even save itself, let alone ALFA. The best thing that can happen now to the Alfa Romeo badged cars (we have to remember that these cars are just rebadged Fiats after all) at this point is for Fiat to sell the Alfa rights to VW. Look at what VW has done with Audi in the past 20 years, and what Fiat has done with Alfa and Lancia!!

  • Iain tait

    I must say I agree with the bulk of the comments. I put serious money on the table to buy a new mito and after 6 weeks sold it with a big loss. It is such a shame that a brand that promises so much delivers such substandard product. Why did I sell it so quick? It was way below a Hyundai in quality in my opinion. An auto that never was sure where it was, trim that was falling apart, terrible economy, budget interior, a front spoiler that caused me to not be able to get in or out of my garage without great caution and a car that was not even detailed when I got delivered, covered in brake dust and dents…..shameful for a brand I wanted to love….please rescue this storied brand or sell it to someone who cares…anything else is just vandalising a historic icon!

  • CommonSense

    This tale reeks of bulls#it! Are you stupid, illterate or Indian?