Five Car Technologies We’re Thankful For

Five Car Technologies We’re Thankful For

3. Standard Backup Cameras

Due to the radical designs if vehicles these days, it may be hard to see out of your car. That’s why we’re thankful for automakers that include backup cameras as standard equipment. While it’s not standard in every car, the DOT may be making it mandatory in the future and there’s really nothing wrong with that.

Forget sensors that beep at you while parking, the backup camera is the real deal, offering you a better sense of where your car is in tight situations. Parents also can spot any toys or toddlers strolling in the path of a reversing vehicle, helping to save countless boo-boos and big-wheels.

Even better, some cars feature multiple cameras that provide different angles of the car, even stitching them together to provide a top-down view of the car for even better maneuverability. Could this spell the end of parking related scrapes and bumps?


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