Ford Focus ST Attracting New, More Affluent Buyers

Ford Focus ST Attracting New, More Affluent Buyers

The Focus ST isn’t just a success at embarrassing other front-drive performance cars, it’s also accomplishing big things for Ford in other areas.

The hot hatch has achieved a great deal when it comes to the number of cars sold with overall year-to-date volume set at 12,000 units. Of those, 32 percent of buyers are under 35 years old and have an average household income of $127,000. The Focus line overall has 22 percent of its buyers under 35 years of age while non-Focus ST buyers have an average household income of just $67,000. As for the Ford brand overall, the average household income of its buyers is $107,000.

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The Ford Focus ST has had the most success in the Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston and Orlando markets. Its also the most successful non-hybrid product Ford has in terms of conquest sales with 65 percent of its buyers trading in a non-Ford model.

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  • justYncredible

    The focus looks like a fish

  • Gman_D

    …but it goes like a Shark.

  • johnj

    it still is a downgraded version of an old Focus RS….