Ford SYNC-Equipped Vehicles Hit 10M Mark

Ford SYNC-Equipped Vehicles Hit 10M Mark

Six years after it was first introduced, Ford’s SYNC can now be found in 10-million vehicles worldwide.

The American automaker began developing its SYNC technology in 2005, before smartphones such as the iPhone became commonplace. First announced at the CES show in 2007, the presentation featured the Apple iPod, Motorola RAZR and Palm TREO smartphone. Subsequently, two days later Apple arguably changed the tech world by introducing the iPhone.

But now that smartphones are readily available, SYNC’s success has grown exponentially thanks to the capabilities of its AppLink, which uses voice-activated technology to link between smartphone applications, hands free.

SYNC is now available on nearly the entire lineup of Ford cars and trucks, along with Lincoln products. The American automaker will continue advancing its SYNC technology with cloud connectivity, onboard sensors and data access. Natural language processing and machine learning are also in the works to help personalize and make the driving experience more convenient.

“We have literally turned the car into a platform for app developers, who work with us to add value through new features delivered at the speed consumers expect,” said Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company executive vice president of global marketing. “With more than 1 billion smartphones now in service around the world, we expect mobile connectivity will continue to be a foundational element of our strategy going forward.”

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