Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2013

Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2013

We are a very thankful bunch


Thanks for the low-volume instant classic. Also, thanks for giving Bob Lutz a retirement hobby.


Thank you for two of the best hot hatches today; the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. And thanks for still making the completely bonkers Shelby GT 500.


Thank you for continuing to produce better looking versions of Chevrolet trucks.


Thank you for the new Accord Hybrid, constantly improving the Civic, supercharging the CR-Z and making a lawnmower that can hit 60 mph in just 4 seconds. Thanks for giving us the ridiculous phrase ‘Earth Dreams’ and the endless fun we have mocking it.


We would like to give thanks for the turbo party that is happening at Hyundai. Thank you for the new engine in the Elantra and the great looking Santa Fe brothers. Thanks for preparing us for the zombie apocalypse.


Thank you for the technology packed Q50 and innovative QX60 hybrid. Thanks for trying to keep us on our toes with the new naming system… we’re still trying to figure it out.


Thank you for the awesome F-Type and adding all-wheel drive to your sedans. Thank you for pissing off my neighbors making some of the loudest street cars on earth.


Thank you for the new Grand Cherokee’s four engine choices that include a diesel and a ludicrous 470 hp V8. Thanks for killing the CVT in the Compass and for ensuring the Cherokee was market ready before launching it… oh wait… nevermind.


Thank you for the new Cadenza near luxury car and cool Niro concept car. Thanks for ignoring all advice and reason and boldly naming your new vehicle the K900.


Thank you knowing the Veneno would not be exclusive enough and creating three roadster editions at the outrageous price of $4.4 million. Thanks for knowing we hate driving with other people by creating the Egoista single seat supercar. And generally, thanks for building cars that look like concept cars.

2014-Range-Rover-Sport-15.jpgLand Rover

Thank you for putting all your new products on a diet. Thank you for making the new Range Rover Sport live up to the name ‘sport’ … at least in supercharged V8 form.

  • Alfie

    Suzuki… bah hahaha!

  • Jesus Juarez

    Best. Post. Evar.

  • Honest Abe

    Agreed! I hereby demand more sarcasm from Mike Schlee.

  • Carl

    Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for giving thanks, not for mean spirited attacks. Way to ruin it…. jerks!