Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2013

Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2013

We are a very thankful bunch


Thanks for a year’s worth of crazy concept vehicles and thank you for the sliding F-Sport gauges in the new IS. Thanks for the new F-Sport editions and for not making an LX 570 F Sport.


Thank you for still trying.


Thanks for the Exige S Cup Car. Thank you for coming back down to earth and thanks for continuing to be the best use of Toyota engines.


Thank you for that wonderful V8 exhaust note that makes grown men weak at the knees. Thanks for giving us a reason to use words like Kubang and Ghibli in daily conversations.


Thanks for proving that vehicles can have it all; efficiency, style and performance. Thank you for admitting you’re not perfect by keeping the CX-9 alive.

2014-Mercedes-Benz-Wagon-01.jpgMercedes Benz

Thanks for adding all-wheel drive to AMG models and thank you for the segment busting CLA. Thank you for understanding that the world does indeed need a 577 hp wagon and six-wheeled G-Class.


Thanks for the track ready JCW GP. Thank you for realizing there are indeed too many MINI models. Thanks for realizing the MINI was too MINI and needs to be less MINI with the new MINI and for putting the speedometer and tachometer where they’re supposed to be.


Thanks for having the testicular fortitude to bring the Mirage to market. Thank you for allowing us to deafen passengers with Rockford Fosgate equipped Outlanders.

2013 JUKE NISMO white - European photo.jpgNissan

Thanks for making the 370Z cheaper and the GT-R faster. Thank you for NISMOing the hell out of the Juke. Thank you for making a Versa we actually like.


Thanks for the Cayman and 911 Turbo. Thank you for fixing some of the Panamera’s awkward styling. Thank you for allowing more people the chance to announce at parties “I own a Porsche” by introducing an entry level Macan.

  • Alfie

    Suzuki… bah hahaha!

  • Jesus Juarez

    Best. Post. Evar.

  • Honest Abe

    Agreed! I hereby demand more sarcasm from Mike Schlee.

  • Carl

    Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for giving thanks, not for mean spirited attacks. Way to ruin it…. jerks!