Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2013

Giving Thanks to the Automakers in 2013

We are a very thankful bunch


Thank you for the air suspension and half ton diesel. Thank you for having a slogan that could easily be shared with the Walking Dead.


Big thanks once again for the FR-S. Hopefully we’ll have more to thank you for next year.


Thank you for the hipster favorite E-Bike. Thank you for enduring all the jokes associated with the name fortwo ED.


Thank you for adding launch control to the Grand Cherokee SRT. Thanks for bringing back the Viper and thank you for ensuring it can still BBQ bare legs.


Thank you for the fantastic new Forester. Thank you for putting the Tribeca out of its misery. Thanks for teasing us with the sexy WRX concept, but then giving us something that looks like an Impreza with a hood scoop. Finally, thank you for the Forester’s sport hashtag mode.

Monster Tajima Pikes Peak 08.jpgSuzuki

Thanks for the memories.


Thanks for a year full of interesting news stories. Thank you for proving a start-up can live-on if backed by a space traveling internet billionaire. Thank you for the Hyperloop and other forms of pixie dust.


Thanks for the seats in the 1794 Tundra and thank you for partnering up with BMW on an alleged sports car. Thank you for making a Corolla with more personality than a doorstop.


Thanks for the crazy XL-1. Thank you for getting up our hopes that a Sirocco may come to North America and thanks for killing the 2.5 liter five-pot.


Thank you for announcing the V60 Polestar will be coming to North America and for bringing back wagons in general. Thank you for proving the older-than-dirt XC 90 is still one of the safest crossovers on the market.

  • Alfie

    Suzuki… bah hahaha!

  • Jesus Juarez

    Best. Post. Evar.

  • Honest Abe

    Agreed! I hereby demand more sarcasm from Mike Schlee.

  • Carl

    Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for giving thanks, not for mean spirited attacks. Way to ruin it…. jerks!