GM, AT&T to Offer Internet in Most 2015 Vehicles

GM, AT&T to Offer Internet in Most 2015 Vehicles

General Motors just announced a partnership with AT&T to provide its customers 4G LTE mobile internet access in most 2015 vehicles sold in North America.

The American automaker will allow vehicle owners to sign up for GM’s OnStar services with data while AT&T subscribers will have the option to add a vehicle as a device through their data plan. Consumers will also have the ability to sign up to have WiFi capabilities in their vehicle on a weekend basis.

According to Mary Chan, GM’s vice president of Global Connected Consumer, both companies are aiming to make it “as flexible as possible and as easy as possible to get the customer used to buying data connections inside of their vehicles.”

Pricing for the service has not yet been announced, but more information is expected to be released in mid-2014. It is believed that the service could add up to $400 million gross profit to GM by 2015.

[Source: Detroit News]

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  • Bug S Bunny

    Internet access in my car is quite possibly the LAST thing I would want. I can get news and music via satellite radio if I want. Handling, acceleration, and a more un-filtered driving experience are what I’m looking for. Being able to shop on Amazon while I cruise down the interstate, not so much.

  • bagger

    where are the regulatory agencies to stop this infotainment lunacy??
    by the way.. maybe a movie “head up display” on the windshield for that boring commute!