GM Expands Online Shopping Tools For Buyers

GM Expands Online Shopping Tools For Buyers

Everyone has an interesting dealership experience, usually involving a stressful and pushy salesperson. GM is thinking of changing the way dealerships treat customers with its new “Shop, Click, Drive” Online shopping tools.

The tool allows prospective buyers to get estimated pricing of a specific product online and review all of the available incentives as well as learn about and choose financing and insurance products and get information about trade-in value. The information is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The program is opt-in on a per-dealer basis, and is available to approximately all of GM’s 4,300 US dealers, and will cover Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac products.

“We want to make it easier and simpler for dealers to connect with customers who are looking to combine the convenience of online shopping with the personal service of a neighborhood dealership,” said GM’s Kurt McNeil, vice president, U.S. Sales Operations. “We engaged dealers to help us develop ‘Shop-Click-Drive’ to address this need.”

The company hopes that the new tool will help dealers engage with customers in a more relaxed and stress free way. Other automakers have toyed with the idea of online shopping, with Nissan recently teaming up with Amazon to connect buyers with dealerships.

  • jay barbeau

    Just another reason to hide behind a computer screen. Today people are way too afraid of human contact. And your comments about ‘pushy’ salespeople is so out of touch with what’s really going on today as far as salespeople training!!

  • Blizofoz45 .

    Car salesmen are pretty terrible people. If I can avoid having to deal with a dishonest a-hole trying to boost his commission and fast talk me into a bad deal, I won’t even hesitate to shop with my computer.

    Customers are people who have chosen your brand or your dealership to buy a car from. We’re not victims for you to prey on or adversaries for you to spar with on pricing.
    Corporations make changes like this because of the failure(greed) of dealership employees to be honest and do right by their customers.

  • Teckler

    What dealership do you work for?

  • jay barbeau

    Porche and Audi