Honda S660 Concept Proves Small can be Awesome

Honda S660 Concept Proves Small can be Awesome

Hummer H2 owners may disagree, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving a small car. Injecting some excitement into this part of the market Honda unleashed a sporty open-top mini model here in Tokyo.

Called the S660 Concept this unusually stylish little two-door is pretty appealing, though some golf carts are probably bigger. In Japan vehicles of this size are referred to as kei cars and they have special restrictions on size, engine displacement and output; suffice to say they’re absolutely tiny.

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The number in this car’s name should refer to how big the engine is, though no information about a powertrain has been released by the company. However ,we suspect that if it does in fact have an internal-combustion engine it would displace a diminutive 660 cubic centimeters.

This car is quite attractive with pearlescent white paint and some slick-looking design elements. The cut outs in the body side as well as the tastefully designed interior dressed up with some carbon-fiber accents are a couple highlights.

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And aside from that we don’t know much else about the Honda S660 Concept, though it’s a perfect example of the vehicular diversity that’s on display here in Tokyo.

GALLERY: Honda S660 Concept Live Shots


GALLERY: Honda S660 Concept Stock Shots


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