Luxury and Exotic Cars SEMA Show Mega Gallery

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Luxury and Exotic Cars SEMA Show Mega Gallery

One thing that’s guaranteed each year at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas is that the South Hall will be packed with modified luxury and exotic vehicles.

This year is no different, except the normally performance-oriented Central Hall also had its fair share of European exotics sporting twin turbo kits, such as the Underground Racing Lamborghini Aventador. But of course the talk of the show was the carbon fiber Pagani Huayra in the GoPro booth, given the rarity that North Americans get to see any Pagani vehicle in the flesh.

2013 SEMA Show Coverage

Tuners had plenty to show off as well, including the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 and a new RWB Porsche creation sporting a fancy magenta shade. Other show stoppers include an all new Mercedes-Benz CLA already outfitted with wheels and a brand new Porsche 991 sporting a full Misha body kit from Forgestar. Lastly, a couple of custom Acura NSX cars made an appearance, with tuners undoubtedly anxiously awaiting the all-new model.

GALLERY: Luxury and Exotics at 2013 SEMA


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