Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept is Virtually Awesome

Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept is Virtually Awesome

MercedesAMG has revealed its wild Vision Gran Turismo concept that will be making its official debut at the 2013 L.A. Auto Show.

The especially wide supercar was designed specifically for the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 video game. Powered by an AMG biturbo V8, the Vision Gran Turismo has a whopping 577 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque and weighs in at only 3,053 lbs. It was unveiled to celebrate the opening of the new Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Center in Sunnyvale, Calif.

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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the popular Gran Turismo series this year, its producer Kazunori Yamauchi requested from various automakers futuristic concept cars to be used in the game. The entry from Mercedes-AMG not only sports an extremely aggressive exterior design, but the interior has been inspired by a Formula 1 race car’s cockpit with red integral sports seats blending into the black flooring of the footwell to form a protective shell.

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo


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  • James

    I can’t believe the Civic won. That HFP kit must make a HUGE difference. The regular Civic Si is a slushy dudd.

  • Bobzaget45

    actually the HFP is just rims, body kit and springs, all of which can be purchased cheaper in the tuning market. nothing done to the engine!

  • Chris

    Not just springs… HFP suspension is new struts, springs and shocks. I know because I had it installed on my Si Sedan last week. It is amazingly much better handler with the HFP suspension.

  • CMT

     Now if only you had some great rims…

  • Hoke

    This test was utterly stupid because it neglects to focus on the one big flaw:  The BRZ is obviously the superior track car, and even the columnist mentioned numerous times, it was the HFP tires that gave it the win.  Given some decent rubber to the BRZ, then race again.  The BRZ will come out on top without breaking a sweat.  

  • Chris

    Yea… I think this was just to compare performance of both FWD and RWD cars that are affordable. Of course the BRZ/FRS is a better track car. But it just shows how good a well done FWD daily car can be. Those 18″ HFP rims are 24lbs a piece at least. I would love to see equal tires AND equally weighted wheels on both of them. Now That would be fun!

  • Guest

    I find that hard to believe because not only is the Civic heavier, and with good tires, its worse on the understeer. Only 1HP more and heavier, a terrible understeer and still won?

  • bobdevo

    Putting on stickier tires improved BRZ/FRS lap times by 2 seconds at the Spring Mountain track according to R&T.

  • Style Man

    What about the fact that you look like a huge dork driving a civic but the BRZ will be a head turner? Comparo decided, no argument.

  • dad


  • Franklin Johnson

    I enjoyed the test. I wanted to see two stock cars compared to one another.  Honda most likely would not give up the stock car.

  • ih8ut

    …door and center tunnel while cornering ….
    Center Console?

    Subaru BRZ costs $1,315 more than its Scion FR-S

    The last civic i owned had a 1.5L engine…wow, a 2.4 accord engine!

  • John Smith

    It’s closest to the 2.4 liter in the Acura TSX. The accord variant of the K24 engine does not have a 3 lobe ivtec system. 

  • rjh2pd

    No, the BRZ cost $540 more.  

    BRZ= $25,495
    FRS= $24,955

  • ih8ut

    the dealers are selling the cars for more than MSRP, good luck.

  • GB

    Why are they biased more towards Honda??????

  • Tophairybutt

    I would say the Civic Si is more of a perfect daily driver, where the BRZ is a perfect weekend blaster…the BRZ is a true sports car. The Honda not so much, but the Si is versatile.

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Might wind up being the tires’ fault with the BRZ.

  • Travoltazimuto

    I will go fo the power of dreams…..go honda go!

  • Yal100

    Despite the tires and a little fan boy love for the SI thrown in, the BRZ only lost by the skin of its teeth. Seriously if you’re going to test a car and you feel tires are the limiting factor why wouldn’t you match the tire type on the two vehicles. Surely AutoGuide has the advertising budget for it lol

  • Andrew P123

     its all stock cars thats why what dont you get its how theyre sold from manufacturer

  • Junk

    bBRZ hands down tapes it in every category except putting your little alien looking babies in the back. You aren’t buying either for family Jesus.

    Also, what legit car review company tries to do a real comparison between 2 cars but doesn’t use the same rubber. Winter tires on the BRZ still would have edged out the si but had you perhaps put on a set of Micheline Pilots summers on each you would then see the BRZ roll away with the si in its rear view mirror the whole time. If you want respect and legitimacy in the car review world a simple set of the same tires on test cars is a good start.

    I currently drive a Forte Koup 2.4 SX and am getting rid of it this month for something else in the coupe field. It was between the new more powerful Genesis 2.0T R-Spec and the BRZ. I wasn’t impressed with the Genesis for one reason and that was the transmission. It always felt it was searching for the right gear. I am off to test drive the BRZ this week but my mind is pretty made up and will be purchasing the BRZ unless I absolutely hate the car on the test drive, which I can’t see.

  • pocketdrummer

    How can you call this a fair comparison when you have the Subaru riding on All-Seasons and the Honda riding on Max performance summer tires?!

    Try it again with matching tires or this test means absolutely nothing. Nobody is going to keep the same tires that came on the car if they intended to race it.

  • Andrew Bardwell

    Ummmmm… I’ll write this slowly so you understand… they tested them the way the manufacturer built them.

  • Wrxsive

     This test is a complete waste of time without the same tires on the two vehicles. BRZ would win hands down.

  • Philippejbouchard

    very interesting, both200hp and similar pricing, i think the BRZ is sexy and from its light weight, engineering, rear wheel drive, hands down more suitable for track …. but the fwd civic is a more practical daily driver and will do just as well on a track provided its got summer tires! i mean that’s sweet!!

  • Realistic

    As said before to evyeryones poor lack of intelligence, when you test a car you test it as they come from the manufacturer! They are testing affordable sports cars, meaning people looking for the best bang for the buck, because if your gonna go buy a new car and buy a new set of wheels then this types of track tests mean nothing to the regular Joe or HS kid. Just making things clear for some future and previous posters that don’t understand the meaning of comparing cars.

  • bobdevo

    Stickier tires lower BRZ lap times by about 2 seconds. I’ll take the RWD.

  • Unknown

    Would like to see how it compares to the TRD 86 we have here (it’s a factory spec). With upgraded suspension, exhaust, sports tyres and massive brakes it would smoke the Honda.

  • Nonymous

    the Honda? think bigger:

    FR-S takes on stock WRX,
    with upgraded tires it wins shaving 2.3s from original to get a new time of 1:27 vs 1:28.3 for the stock Suby

  • Dan

    maybe its just me, but I’m not impressed with either car.  I had high hopes for the suby (scion), but the performance for the price is just not there, i’m in my 30’s so I’m not looking to tune anything, I can get more performance from an Altima or accord sedan V6, don’t get me wrong, I like the suby,  they should really look to upgrade the engine if they want this car to shine, this car should easily do 0-60 in under than 6 seconds, I’d hate to loose a sunday afternoon drag  to a family cruzier is all i’m saying. 

  • guest

     There’s something wrong with you if you’re 30 years old and still concerned about stoplight drag racing.  Go ahead…by your more powerful family sedan.  You’re an idiot if you think more power = better driving experience.

  • BTN

    Right, Dan, buy the Honda Accord V-6…with the automatic. That sounds fun to drive…

  • Bcgodin

    fun to drive and automatic? where the hell is the fun…

  • greidsc

    can’t you get an accord coup with a 371hp V-6, a six speed manual trans, and limited slip?… that sounds like fun to me!

  • Kenny


  • Dan

    Motortrend provides a really great write up of the brz,I’ll let you find it, but the acceleration numbers are much better than those posted by Edmunds insideline, 0-60 in the low 6’s so I’ll eat some crow there, I can only go by the national reviews that are available, as far over all performance, the motor trend article provides good info as compared to the GTi, Scion Version, Miata, Genius, and Mustang, but come one, RW Turbo 4 engineered by the same company that produces the WRX, I can’t be the only one here that was a little disappointed?

    But there is one note to mention on the acceleration, 2ng gear is limited to 59.2, so you have to throw it into 3rd, costing you a those very precious tenths of a second.

    Having a performance car is similar to the saying, “why does a dog lick his ba11$”, because he can.  lets face it, your not buying this car because its practical, offers cheap insurance, and has great gas mileage. 

  • Nonymous

    I think you are confusing horsepower with performance; did you not understand Newton? lighter is better, because in the real world, it is nice to turn a corner (but you’re right, weekend drag racing is better left to families driving Honda sedans, excellent vehicles)

    side-note: the ToyoBaru family has an excellent automatic, Autoguide did a review of the FR-S with an auto and loved it

    example: No.6 Porsche 911 GT3 RS has 415 hp; Ford’s F150 Raptor has 411hp … so by your reasoning they should be equal performers, right? the ford is a way better price, so you can have that one, I’ll take the 911

  • Jczyzyk

    test drove both  the si seemes to be faster and a better handler in most situations

  • Xander Crews

    The “Prius” tires are Summer Touring tires. They have more grip than regular all-seasons, but nothing like the Michelins or other performance summer tires. Let’s not forget that they’re also low-rolling resistance which is even worse. 

  • Zack McPherson

    the purpose of the tires is to make it affordable and to allow driver’s to swing the rear without losing tire

  • KamronBennett

    And who keeps manufacturer’s tyres on their cars? Cost is a major factor when choosing tyres nowadays, sportier tyres will cost more. So both cars when purchased will definately end up with almost identical tyres when you think about cost. I buy the Honda, I’m gonna get less sporty tyres because the factory ones are too expensive, with buying the BRZ, I’m going to definitely change the lame prius tyres to better tyres which would probably end up to being the same ones I got for the Honda had I bought it. Now they would be even in the tyre department. Next point – Apples and Oranges guys, Cheese and Chalk, only comparable aspects probably are: 1. They both come from Japan and 2. They have an engine and four wheels. Not much more to compare is there?

  • GAR9

    “I honestly don’t know which one would end up in my
    driveway, but for most consumers out there I suspect the decision will
    be quite easy…”

    …And so ends another comparison in a way that won’t offend potential advertisers

  • Christos Dimou

    For the Civic the result is excellent. It is faster than a RWD machine designed to produce fun. And its more spacious. Still the BRZ can improve vastly just by a simple switch of tyres. This will leave the Civic trailing.

    In my eyes there is no conflict. The BRZ is a must buy for the driving enthusiast. The same person will also like the Civic to drive his family around.

  • common sense

    “there’s just no debating the fact that a lightweight RWD sports coupe makes for a more invigorating driving experience”

    2,874 and 2,762 lbs?  Did you test drive a lightweight coupe and I missed it?  What make/model was it because the two I just read about aren’t close to lightweight.

  • NEOHBMWRider

    I drove both of these in our last car purchase in late summer – well, we drove the Scion, actually.  It’s a blast to drive, but more than fairly brutal on imperfect road conditions.  It was especially twitchy on freeway ‘grooved’ pavement (common in NE Ohio).  The Si, on the other hand, is a much better daily driver – yet still has a high degree of fun factor.  Quite frankly, the Honda is put together much better too.  The FR-S and BRZ are, no doubt, great track cars, but they are loud, harsh, and boy-racer-ish.  For those of us who live in Realville?  The Civic Si is the no-brainer choice, hands down.

  • Crystyl1978

    Hands down , I would take the Honda. Off the assembly line to the road, its just a better vehicle. And Hondas last forever !! My last Honda was 21 before she ever gave me any mechanical trouble. A dream to drive and could out drive newer cars in a second. I miss my Redeye. But my Ruby is doing a great job showing shes got what it takes .

  • no

    Whoever wrote this should avoid writing columns from now on.  The grammar just gets worse and worse.

  • Rchmoli

    A daily driver that perform like a sports car (civic). A sports car should be a lot better then a daily driver, I’m sure with more money spent on both they’ll both do just as good, my si hfp caries my laundry my grocery and friends, fr-s someone will be walking I need my laundry and groceries.

  • Sestormen

    This review is a great example of what I hope is a dying form of shitty auto-journalism.. absolutely awful. Go watch ‘drive’ on youtube to see how to do this in the 21st century.  Alternatively, you might find more fulfillment if you quit driving cars and go review blenders or microwaves for Consumer Reports. 

  • Gild Sayer

    would be nice

  • Gild Sayer

    iT’D BE

  • Thislandisr0man

    Financially, I’d go with the Honda Si.

  • J Mac

    Stunning! Sadly, it’s about as real as the threesome I dreamed about last night.

  • Alfie

    This thing just blew my mind!

  • tequilaman

    So this is the MB Speed 12, errr Speed AMG8?

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