Most Read Car Reviews of the Week: November 10 – 17

Most Read Car Reviews of the Week: November 10 – 17

AutoGuide saw a rush of visitors checking out our Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Review this week.

 The most powerful 4-cylinder car you can buy, the CLA 45 AMG makes 355 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. This little performance car establishes a new segment, and sets the bar quite high for small performance luxury cars.

Second on the list this week is BMW’s budget option, the 320i. A 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine powers the 320i generating 180 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The cheapest in the lineup, this car can be had for as little as $34,790.

Next up is the Tesla Model S. This car possess the longest rage of any other electric car on sale today, and makes a strong statement in the luxury segment.

Fourth this week is our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid Review. Hybrid pathfinders are powered by a supercharged 2.5L 4-cylinder mated to a 15 kW electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack to produce 250 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy is rated at 25 MPG city and 28 MPG highway for FWD models (25/27 for AWD), roughly a 25 percent improvement over the V6.

Last this week, we have Toyota’s redesigned 2014 Tundra. The Tundra received a make over this year, but the guts of this truck stay the same. So can Toyota become a real player in the half-ton truck segment, or will the Tundra continue to be a fringe player?

So whether you’re shopping for a new car and looking for advice, you want to keep up to date on the auto industry or you’re just looking for a good read, check out the hotlinks to each of the stories below and see more new car reviews here.

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  • Parisi M

    I have to agree with pretty much everything said in this article. I used to drive a 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X GSR, the 5 speed stick version. Recently got a 2013 Mustang GT 5.0, not designed for the track but while the EVO is very fun to drive it is also very easy and not that rewarding when you get on it and realize the car is correcting your mistakes. With the Mustang its a great feeling knowing that i took the turn with my skill and not a auto correcting technology. 

  • Allvested

    This seems to be a very fair and straight forward comparison. I own the 2012 Boss 302 and it is just so much fun to drive that it has become the daily driver. The Evo is also a very capable car, but i agree with the writer that the Boss is clearly superior (albiet more expensive)

  • Nicholas

    They complain the Boss has a heavy clutch?  Good lord are people becoming that much of pansies?

  • Infoman!

    It could really go either way, but in my opinion technology is everywhere and in your face all the time trying to correct your mistakes and make life easier.  While this makes sense, I prefer my car to be a little simpler.  Yes my Mustang has all sorts of new tech to make it faster and more fuel efficient, etc. etc. etc.  However, it also kicks the back end out if I try to mash the throttle to early on corner, and rewards me by shoving me back into my seat when I make a perfectly timed shift.

    The EVO is definitely a balls to the wall drive, but I prefer the skill required to drive my mustang fast.

    (not saying the EVO takes no skill FYI, haha, just saying my Mustang is always looking to kick me in the nuts if I don’t keep perfect lines on the track)

  • Austin

    Good write up. I decided on the 2012 Evo GSR, over the 2013 Mustang GT. With a few modifications ($2,000 in bolt on parts and a tune) you can push 340 safe hp to the wheels, but I bought the car so it can go fast and keep me alive, which is preferable to feeling more alive in the Boss, as the article suggests. Recently on an elevated overpass, a cement truck lost his rear tire (at 50 mph). I made an instant correction in the Evo that defied physics and avoided the flying, tumbling debris. The Prius behind me was not so lucky. The Evo is a capable bad weather car as well. When the road is icy and we need to get up a hill, the car with the giant rear wing is the safer choice.

  • Omegabikeshop

    EVO did a pretty good job

  • Bizmarkie454


  • osunick

    These are both great cars, and I like them both. My car is a 2008 Evo MR, and it is definitely an amazingly well engineered machine. In terms of a car that an average person can drive quickly, I can’t think of anything that is a faster real-world point to point machine, and very much true to its rally heritage. While it’s based on an econocar, it’s well made, bulletproof, and easy to work on.  This is likely true of the Boss 302 as well, but not true at all for the BMW 335i and Audi S4 that car magazines use to compare to the Evo. 

    I had a 335i and sold it almost immediately after the brakes cooked themselves on my first HPDE. I know that’s not what the BMW is designed for, and 99% of drivers will prefer the 335i, but I admire my cars from underneath, not the interior. When I look at the forged aluminum wheels and suspension, dual clutch transmission, three limited slip diffs, Brembos, and two piece calipers, the bottom of a 335i looks like a Corolla in comparison- the lack of a drain plug on the diff signals BMW’s intentions here.

    It is a driving robot, and when I take it to the track I admire how all the systems work together in a cohesive way to make a fairly modestly powered car move as fast as it can.  For the times when I feel like I should be working harder to make a car go fast, I have my NA Miata.

  • GTpumps

    Interesting test. From a modifiers point of view it’s pretty easy to get another 100hp out of the EVOX which would obviously change the result 🙂
    Also the tyres as commented make a massive difference it’s a shame the EVOX did not have fresh tyres.

  • Cambertireman

    If the EVO X was a GSR (manual trans LIKE THE STANG) and stiffer suspension than the Bilstein/ Eibach MR setup THAT would have been the Manual to Manual comparo AND it is less money too. The GSR would have easily at least matched the way more expensive BOSS and by the way if you did a 5 lap average with ANY EVO X  model the fading brakes on the FORD would have made THE difference.
    COME ON GUYS how about a real and fair and accurate real world result? Brake fade/cost/lap time average after 5 or 10 laps make the EVO X the winner for sure ALSO was the traction control ON or half on or turned off????? 

  • Jeffbo2020

    Hey just wanted to drop in and say nice work on the writing in this article.

    Just kidding! it was crap. Stop using these phrases forever:
    4-bangerflappy paddleno replacement for displacementhoonability

    Would have been fine without those super-cliche crappy words/phrases

  • Jefbo2020

    this journalist is

    track version of car? 🙁 but the clutch is heavy 🙁

  • supercj427

    BOSS is super gorgeous in looks and performance. Evo looks super ordinary like a POS.

  • supercj427

    Kids buy Evos. Not men. That V8 is simply mesmerizing.

  • Eric W

    So, i’m 30 I have money to buy a fun car but I still can’t buy a Ford or GM, here’s why.

    I’m not 65-75 stop making cars for baby boomers, they are dead/dieing and won’t be buying more cars, they have no more money especially after the housing crash.

    The looks of the mustang is just not my generation… The exterior I can swallow (not in love with the rear but don’t fully hate it) it’s mainly the interior that I fell left behind. 

    Who though doing retro gauges was a good idea? When were they good back then? And that steering wheel? Come on! Wholly that thing is fulgy.

    Listen up ford, i’ll make it simple. Look at the BMW M3 Lexus ISF get an Idea of what I want? Nice interior, nice exterior good engine, good breaks. Do the same but with a few grand off and you have a new customer… IE FORD falcon.

    I even like the new focus ST, and I would choose that over the evo/sti/gti any day, I feel that we got ripped off though because the 270 HP is not enough in a day where everything is over 300. That car should have had 350-375. Toss a little bigger turbo or a VNT turbo and now we are talking a tasty solution. Also needs a REAL diff not this Ediff crap. 

  • S Welder

    I would haved liked to see them switch drivers,the Boss seemed to take the corners with barely any body lean, the Evo had plenty of that.Ford has tried IRS, but there are 20 boss drivers who race at the strip to everyone one who hits the road courses.Besides straight axles are less expensive to build.

  • GreatWhiteEvoX

    As an Evo X owner I feel this was pretty fair, althought the standard Manual is a lighter faster in the straits car. It’d be cool if you could do a comparison of what each could do with a small $2000 of performance upgrades, an intake exhaust and tune on a Evo and the same done on the mustang I’m sure would close up or even change the results of who wins. Finally me biggest grip is the “Rental” interior, you must be mixing that with the Mustang and the super plastic everywhere, the rental V6 I had in Miami had the same interior as the $50,000 mustand boss 302.

  • Cr_chris

    Wonder if that ratio (drag racers to road racers) would change much if the Mustang had IRS? Wonder if the Boss would be more sought after if it had IRS. Guess we’ll never know. 

    I like seeing comparisons like this. It just goes to show you how different today’s Mustang is and at the same time, how much fun you can have with family sedans like the Evo. One might be a bit faster overall but I think it all depends on your needs and wants – growling V8 coupe or practical 4-door turbo AWD sedan? Nice to see there’s something for everyone that can be driven fast on a road course. 

    I’ve enjoyed turbo AWD for years with my 91 Eclipse GSX track car so I know what the author is talking about with how to get the most speed around the road course. But I’m at the point where I would really like the roar of a RWD V8 like the Coyote-powered Mustang. Best of both worlds.  🙂

  • Dk123456147852

    $4000+ price difference …
    How about putting $2-4k in go fast parts in an evo X gsr and then compare them again?

  • xsimmonsx

    I own the same Evo with the touring and premium package like the test car. That adds $4000 on top of the mentioned base MR price as well as more weight due to sunroof and other things (heated leather seats, subwoofer, amplifier, etc.). Base MR has an aluminum roof.

    Everything I’ve read states the MR is faster than the GSR on the track unless its a drag strip.

  • xsimmonsx

    I meant to include this is the slowest Evo X available because off all the options it’s packed with. It still did fairly well against a car with a main purpose of going fast. On top of that you can drive the Evo all year round.

  • Jshenk76

    Its pretty easy to add 100 hp to the mustang as well. Screw the imports.

  • 93fuelslut

    google my mechanic, chris tuten. real men drive v8’s. iv made a import kid cry in my 93 coupe.

  • P K Racing

    How about a drag strip test? Enough said! Take the MitsubiSHE junk and run it off a cliff!

  • evox

    what “kid” affords a 35k+ price tag? Dont be a moron stuck in the 80s billy madison. Both are amazing cars…one is for a road track, one for a drag. Both cool just different.

  • Driven

    I see a lot of flaming comments here, from people I suspect have never driven either car. Both are brilliant for different reasons. Get past this review and put yourself in the seat of both cars. Start by putting yourself on your favorite road. Sound nice? Good!

    OK, now add your two kids, luggage, and maybe your wife… You’re on your way to Grandma’s house! Oh oh! It’s starting to rain. Now sleet! Now snow, and the road is icy! Look at all those cars that have spun out, and those SUVs in the ditch! Good thing we brought the Evo in this weather. Let’s take the shortcut up that old mud road hill to get out if this mess, and step on it so the kids can go pee.

  • Bobbyk989

    Oh yea? Which one is for drag? The lap times are confusing me. And for all you people saying test the evo with some upgrades.. How about you slap a turbo on that boss in the process and then test them again.

  • Yz125frem

    drag racing is boring any jack off can drive straight,let me sit inline at the dragstrip for an hour and then i can do my 12 second run yay now ill go sit back in line til its my turn to go again,boring

  • Yz125frem

    fucking billy madison,lol

  • Yz125frem

    both are awesome cars.but the ford is at it limits any more power the twitchy rear end would result in a huge off track excursion ! the mitsubishi has far better suspension and the chassis could handle another 100+ hp and still get around the track,awd makes you a more confident driver,it sounds like these guys just drove the car in auto mode and didnt use the paddle shifter like morons,five speed would of been alot faster and probably beat the mustang which has 144 more sure ill get some dumb redneck comment to this,haha

  • Suby

    You forgot the stupid $10k market adjustments Ford Stealerships are putting on the BOSS.  Ford = fail.

  • Alex3dworld

    This is a pointless comparing between two awesome cars born for totally diferent use. i have own both and track both, evos were born to win (and they won) rally competitions at the time of tommi makinen, designed to stick to any surface, it doesn’t care what speed you go. i have take mine to 172mph on tracks. Mustangs are awesome looking cars, with beatifull sound, with a bunch of HP and torque to the RWs. that used to handle and brake horrible, it looks like now Ford had finally made engineers to start fixing those problems.when i track my evo, i’m tired to see disapeear mustangs in the corners, they just can keep up heating the rear tires after 2 laps, in the straigh lines, yes, a boss eat an stock evo after 90 mph. V8 rules from there, but again comes the curves, lol, bye bye….forget about childish track match between two guys talking to a camera for us, who knows who is paying what, driving like granma with an used car vs a brand new car. Bring two pro drivers, be sure that the evo driver knows how to kepp it in boost, launch the car, etc, two brand new cars, and see what happens…both cars has fans and detractors, but i don’t know why the smartest always go for the evo. lol

  • Joagov

    el lancer es un super auto por eso lo usan en los rally´s

  • yarrr

    I think it was a fair comparison that showed the best of both. I am tired of hearing all the “all imports are junk” and “all domestics are junk” rhetoric.

    As far as handing out $2000 to mod each I like that. Dunno much about the evo, but I do know stangs well enough to know that a $2k tire swap would make a night and day difference. A lot of people dont know that the stock tires are the weak point on any new mustang.

    And I am not worried about spinning out in the snow. I, like many other stang owners have a second car. If I owned the boss or the evo no way would it be my only, or my primary car.

  • yarrr

    And as for the stealerships, evo x were, or rather not being sold for well over 60k when they first came out. They were sitting on lots for almost the whole model year before the advertised price came down to msrp

    That happens with any high demand car. You just hear about it more with the stang cause since 2005 they have been striking a cord with people who will pay almost double msrp for them.

  • supercj427

    Lol… That Boss is both a drag and track. At the end of the day… That boss kills that evo both on track and not even close on drag. So get ur facts right.

  • Alex3dworld

    i would say tires, weight distribution reinforcement and swaybars, stockers stangs handle like a school bus, evos have a weight distribution so carefully calculated that they located the 30 pounds battery in the trunk, pasenger side to counter-weight the driver. battery gases exhaust thru a thin hose out of the car. the whole chasis is one solid piece vs the dozen bolted and horrible welded pieces in our mustang. i hate to point all this shit, i love this country, i just can keep up with reality. lol
    stock evo tires are nasty stickers.
    if you add $2k in mods to an evo….now you will be in trouble, lol
    search what a tune, an air filter and a test pipe vs oem cath. can do, bum…100hp more.

    spining is not just in the snow, haven’t you spinned your tires after rain with the green light? imaging to have the fredom always to get da hell from whatever you are on top of, as fast as you want. that’s a 4WD. i just can’t do it in my mustang. when it start raining or snowing for RWD cars the fun is over.

  • Alex3dworld

    we are overpaying in america for our own cars, bad cars, good cars, all cars are stupidly expensive vs what a BMW, Minicooper, Audi, Honda etc, ,etc, etc can offer.

    yeah, dude, buy american! but…..what is america doing for us? a world war II cabin design JEEP, for 35k? a dodge srt8 that advertise 420 hp when it really does 360, for 50k? lol, it’s more than ridiculous. it’s a disaster.
    oh, on top, $10k of your hard worked money, that consciusly, you give to our economy buying an american car, suddently disapear 24 hours later,
    ups!, sorry, value drops like hell becouse? the lots are full of the same piece of C…. that you bought yesterday.
    3 years later your car will sale for half of the price. take it or leave it.
     you will be always upsidedown with the value and payments, what a perfect study of details to squezzzz your $, one by one.


    NO BRAINER! There is a School Bus Yellow BOSS 302 in my garage, and I haven’t stopped grinning yet!

  • Dustinr

    Evo down over 140 horespower and only 1.5 seconds off the Boss’s time, not much to brag about Ford. I always say, “How do you ruin tons of horsepower?” Answer: “Give it to Ford”
     What do you think the difference would be if we had the EVO FQ cars that the European’s have?
    Put a Evo FQ400 up against a Boss 302 and what do you think the results will be?

    A 291HP car vs a 444HP car is kind of a joke, unless there’s snow on the road. They should test that.

  • Jamo

    They are comparable in the sense of how they hit your pocket…Ford puts emphasis in their engine and what have you….Mitsubishi decided to put their finances else where…and in the end the Boss beats it around the track…why don’t people understand this? Don’t you understand they are comparing cars that are in the same market.

  • Rushtour2112

    Being a 13 GT owner, the difference in the time and with the Boss having so much horsepower surprised me.  Not saying I would have purchased a different car but is enlightening.  A couple things come to mind though: running a track, does the Mustang never reach a point where the extra horsepower is used?  What about a drag race-like a couple would do from a stop light, real world?  I am thinking we’d see the Boss shine.

  • Bil

    because the FQ400 is the price of 2 boss’s. 

  • P K Racing

    Sorry dude! no comparison at all and never be for a classy beautiful stang vs. that boxcar mitsubiSHE calls an EVO! besides 1.5 seconds is ALOT! obviously you never did any racing, And how can you comment on ford ruining horsepower? Fuck, they are the horsepower kings! You are right about 1 thing tho, this comparo is a joke, like I said there is NO comparison! And I dont even want to talk about your comment about a comparison in the snow….thats just assinine! Now where is that Camaro??????

  • Bigboymjw

    SAYS POWER TO WEIGHT RATION IS ADVANTAGE MUSTANG WHICH IS WRONG. CHECK TH E TABLE and laguna seca is filled with straights wich makes the mustang better then it should be

  • Dale A. Brown

    Yes but these are not racing cars and if racing they would be power weight restricted to even the competition. Nowhere in amatuer or professional racing will you see such a disparity in performance on the hp front. So sorry needing 140 hp to make up 1.5 seconds is not impressive. Love the Mustang but in the final tally your arguement doesn’t work, road or track. 

  • HappyEvoOwner

    So how many Mustangs have won rally championships? Different cars for different purpose? . I drive my Evo on freezing rain and snow as if it’s summer. How often do these cars break down when driven at max? My mitsu is in it’s 7th year at 230K with just oil change and normal maintenance. No need to Fix Or Repair Daily.

  • They word it quite poorly, they are showing weight per hp. A better way to look at is hp per ton. The mustang is 244.5 hp per ton, and the evo is 163 hp per ton.

  • Christian

    The Camaro SS would keep up with the Boss 302 if it were properly tuned which it is sadly not. I have been a big fan of Camaro for many years and when Mustang finally brought back the Shelby it was like a kick in the teeth to Chevrolet so they tried to bring back the ZL1 and that still did nothing for them because the Super Snake is running better track times then the ZL1 ever will. But its no longer Mustang vs Camaro its all about who has the most balls to go faster then the other. Just like street racing its not about horsepower all the time considering I smoked a 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L with my 2002 Volkswagen GTI 337 Edition. Turbocharged Cars might not look fast but when that Turbo kicks in it will leave a lot of the in its dust. You can’t compare Displacement vs Turbo just because the turbo boosts the engine to another area that the Displacement will not have. And as for Snow why don’t you try on your competition the Subaru WRX STi I’m sure they would love to beat you again.

  • Warlockk31

    Calling the Mustang old school is really a disservice. While it has a solid rear axle and a V8 engine that’s about where old school ends. That 5.0 has overhead cam, variable valve timing, sodium filled valves, and just about every piece of technology available, not to mention a bulletproof engine design. Just because the block is bigger doesn’t mean its old technology. The evidence is in the fact that the Mustangs picks up all this power and sacrifices only a few mpg. When was the last time an off the lot track car could sit in traffic or pick up groceries and feel at home?

  • Mabell2424

    “I smoked a 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L with my 2002 Volkswagen GTI 337 Edition.”

    No you didn’t.

  • Barmour

    I tried to, but I couldnt keep it lit.  Honestly…..

  • Dave

    The Boss is actually a racing varient of the Mustang, built to run on the track straight from the factory.  They are just different classes of cars and would never see each other in any race environment outside a grudge match between two fanboys. 

    And keep in mind that despite the horsepower advantage, technically the design of the Mits SHOULD have overcome the majority of it making it a pretty good comparison.  IRS, AWD, paddle shifting, and lighter, all things that are major advantages on a twisty track. To only look at the horsepower advantage and say it is unfair is just ignorant.

    One more thing to note is that the Boss engine is tuned entirely different than the regular 5.0 from the GT.  1000 rpm higher limit but less torque.  The HP advantage over the GT only comes in at the higher revs.  It is built to have a faster response and higher rev, specifically for the track.

    Bottom line is that even if the EVO were closer in power the best you would see would be a closer race, despite the other technology items.  This whole comparison is just a really good reflection on how Ford can dial in the technology they are using and not be left behind by any import at the same price point.

  • Danny Blaney

    you do realize that the mustang handles better on curves as well. It is a rwd car with a much better weight balance. The EVO is still based on a fwd platform.


    Cobras had IRS, it wasn’t well received.

  • Siman Slivar

    4 door sedan vs sport car… I hate to say it but is take the EVO over the stang it has 4 doors and a trunk city mpg is ok and to be truthful a turbo kit on the EVO would put it out of the mustangs reach. That and with the cash you spent on the EVO is less than the mustang you could get a turbo kit and then some. EVO wins sorry…

  • matt

    it already has a turbo dumb ass, and if you put a turbo on the mustang it would destroy the evo even more.

  • Almax714

    Wow, my ‘Stang came stock with P Nero summer tires that grip like hell and I never spin in the rain from a stoplight. Does you have a newer Mustang Premium with the same computer Trac/Stab controls this Boss does?

  • Crazyfast21

    To each, their own, but you and about half of the people posting comments, obviously haven’t driven a new mustang. Go and test drive even just a regular GT. And hell, go and test drive a new lancer too. Then you can truly decide which is better youself. And your “hypothetical” put a turbo kit on a perfectly fine new car is just the most stupidest thing I have ever heard unless you have money to burn.

  • The55mag

    This is a straight shootout…. No add ons…….. dumb…. but if you want to talk about add ons lets get extreme…. Quickest cars in the WORLD have what in them?…. Blown V8s… running 3 seconds at the dragstrip at 300+MPH. Yeh, you won’t see any four cylinder competing…. So if we put those add ons on the stang….. well its a V8 and its potential with add ons is so much more… So stop talking about add ons man….You are opening the wrong can….. you won’t win….you can’t win….

  • Hfrjh

    all in all there is just 100 lbs difference between these two cars the evo is 100 pounds lighter than the stang, I’d say your figures are off a bit, classic muscle cars are generally “around” 15 pounds to 1 horsepower these figures make for an impressive performer had a machine at 4.5 pounds per horse some years ago it was scary and freakishly fast, tons O fun just for the pure fun of it that mustang would be my choice any and all day’s long.

  • Ccobrastang

    Speaking of the wrx. Its junk. I have a brand new super snake. Im an avid collector. I own a boss 302 , shelby 350, shelby 500 and a super snake with a track pack. The snake wasnt even street legal. But when you buy that car thats the way it comes. I also race these cars and show them. I raced a wrx that wasnt stock. And beat him by well over 2 seconds. That was at the track. The guy had 50 grand in it. My car was finished at the great carrol shelby shop in vegas. 1189 horse. The trac pack super snake is expensive, but i got it thru ford with warranty. Top speed is undetermined. They race it in europe with world supercars. And its top of the list. I havent seen anything out of japan that burns enough rice to stick with it. And they raced the boss with the evo because the japs said it would beat it. Once again they were wrong. We should be buying american. Not something that hurts the american economy. And for all the hype. Their slow compared to real muscle.

  • Hfrjh

    do you know at the drag strip 1.5 seconds is a wide spread thats not barely winning that’s smoking the rice ride pretty good dustin, not even close or near to winning to make up 1.5 seconds for the evo to beat that detroit iron would take quite a bit of cash actually

  • L8tr593

    Imagine that, a city punk who want to drive a japper, of course, u can’t afford either.

  • Eric

    How about cost to repair when it breaks? The price to replace the transmission in the Lancer….$13,000.oo! The Mustang?……..A whole lot less, Give me the Mustang ANYDAY!

  • Doctorj0

    Which car will be worth more 10, 20, even 40 years from now and which car will you still be able to get parts for? With the impending demise of Mitsubishi in the USA I am betting that it won’t be the Lancer Evo! They are a hoot to drive but so low rent it is a shame, every dime goes into the mechanicals and none of the money goes into where you live! IMO they should have charged a couple of grand more done a little more engineering and made the cabin more inviting!

  • Doctorj0

    Dude the Evo is already a turbo car, a highly boosted one at that! The Mustang can be made faster easier and cheaper than the Evo and Ford will still be in business in 5-10 years! The Mustang costs more because it is worth more and will be worth more in the future! About a trunk a Mustang has a surprisingly large trunk for a Grand Touring car?

  • Doctorj0

    I have never heard of a power to weight ration. The power to weight ratio is the Weight divided by HP, with the Mustang weighing in at about 100# more than the Evo the Mustang with 444 HP definitely has a Power to weight ratio over the 291 HP Evo, in every sense of the phrase!

  • Killerkitten4evr

    let it go against the FQ-400

  • Rob

    From over a decade of experience with tuning and installation of aftermarket parts and electronics, the Evo will get a much higher power increase for the dollar over the mustang. A turbo kit and exhaust for the Evo will put it well beyond the Ford.

  • Rob

    And you drive what, my friend?? I test drove an old 5.0 years back, then the later Cobra, and while I haven’t driven the BOSS, I don’t really care, I’m more into AWD, so you can guess which one I lean towards. I own a 2006 Evo 9 MR, I drove a 10 and I feel like the 9 is more of a performance car and enjoy the driving experience. I live in rainy Oregon, so I can just laugh at the morons that try to get ahead of me in the wet weather….. =) plus it’s fun for those who don’t know what the car is – I removed the wing from mine, so it looks like a normal little sedan to people who don’t know what it is.

  • Beans


  • Zachary Anderson

    Also no replacement for smiles/miles. I can imagine the boss would win that without looking at the numbers

  • Len Dirk

    As the Doctor already said, the Evo IS ALREADY a turbo car. Boost the Mustang, and it’s no comparison.

  • Ecpline

    Interesting comparison.  How many Boss 302’s or GT’s for that matter are actually being driven now.  Here in Pittsburgh, we have a couple inches of snow/slush on most roads. I am having a blast with my evo on this stuff.  A performance car for the real world

  • Suby

    This was a fun comparison.   Someone mention early about the Evo being off by 1.5 seconds not being so bad.  The Ford dealerships in my area are selling the Boss for more than $60000.  That much money for a car with 444 bhp I would be ashamed to say it is 1.5 seconds faster than a EVO. Understand if you dropped $5000 dollars in mods on the Evo it would eat the Boss alive and still come in under the the the retail price of a Boss.  Ford has managed to keep the brand name of Mustang alive and charge a premium price for a substandard sports car.  All while selling their best models overseas because Mustang sales would suffer if they sold them in the US.  Yes Mitsubishi is on the verge of having to pull out of North America.  Mitsubishi would be doing a lot better if they actually had good dealerships.  I wouldn’t trust a Mitsubishi dealership with a bag of dirt.  I would rather have a regular 5.0 with a supercharger and some serious suspension work any day just to avoid Mitsubishi’s craptastic dealerships.

  • Sparkman7704

    really? it would seem that a different turbo, the mustang bumps to 750, let alone they have never bothered to play with independant suspension or all wheel drive. Me I prefer my 60’s cars, but if ford and chev decided to put all the toys in theirs, its bye bye to everyone else, or at least be right beside them. Simple deal is money, how much do you want to spend? you can make a 7 second car out of anything. Why would they go over the top we’ll buy them no matter what. With new cars they should be fast reliable and have many comforts inside, that sells straight up. Money talks the rest walk


    interesting comparison. although, i’d take the MITSUBSHI any day of the week.

  • Andrex

    Cool story bro.

  • The Evo was raced in automatic mode… that makes no sense. Gaurentee it would have the same time or faster if he was manually shifting… not letting the automatic get “confused on shifting up or down”

  • Ebontrio

    60k for a Boss? So its a 10-15 mark up depending on how the Boss is configured or you must have the greatest concentration of Boss Laguna Seca’s in the country. The base Boss is a mid 40’s car and ends up near or just above 50k when options out (Boss LS is a different story). I suppose its a double edged sword. There are fucking morons with pockets deep enough to tip a dealer a truck bed full of money, yet without them all these great cars would just sit in the showroom and collect dust and summarilly face the bean counters axe since they don’t move volume and make money.

  • Ebontrio

    Travel a few hundred miles south and you see them all year long in the ”real world”.

  • Meh, the Boss 302 is almost brand new for this year, whereas the Evo is in its twilight year.
    Given it’s single stated purpose, I have little doubt the Mustang is faster than the Evo (which is the heavier touring MR model).
    I would go with the Evo just because it is so much easier to get the best out of, and won’t send you off into the bushes if you make a mistake.
    Another great thing is the Evo can also ferry 5 without hassle due to 4 door design. In-laws might not like hitting their head and pulling back the front to get to the rears.

  • Noblegrey13

    A Mustang isn’t a sports car, its a Grand Tourer, like an Aston Martin or Jaguar XK. A lot of people don’t seem to know that and wind up hating on the Mustang for unfair reasons. I love EVO’s, but the fact is a Grand Tourer just beat up on a bone fide sports sedan. The Mustang will also have appreciating value,more heirloom value, aftermarket support even after the apocalypse, and when the engine someday goes, you can easily order several V8’s to take its place, instead of having to engine swap increasingly older,high mileage engines like you would with Evo’s,Civics,Supras,etc. And I’m primarily an Japanese Import lover.

  • Esamlaukkanen

    Mustang Boss 302 is faster compared Evo, that is clear. I was surpriced of how good it was to drive.

  • Chudster_num13

    how do you figure the evo has a better power to weight…do the math= Boss 3632 lbs with 444 hp thats  0.12 HP per pound or 8.1 pounds per HP where the Evo= 3571 lbs and 291 HP which is .08 HP per pound or  12.27 pounds per HP….the Boss kills it on power to weight

  • wtdash

    Great comparison of two different ways to get to the same finish line. I love both these cars and as stated by DP, the Boss is more fun to drive – for him. Others will like the MR for personal reasons.

    Also, as noted, the MR could be faster/quicker than the Boss  w/a turbo/tune/etc upgrade, and still have $2500 left for track time. But that doesn’t prove/disprove the point of this article. At this price point $5K isn’t going to make that much difference…to me at least. 
    Buy and enjoy.

  • Mustang Fan

    “Muscle beats tuners everytime” Just Saying

  • DrewP66

    I believe that the shootout was a load of crap.  If you are going to run a 400hp car against a 291hp car, where is the balance.  For approximately the same price that the Mustang costs you should have compared it to the EVO X FQ-400.  But then, if you had run the “boss” against the FQ then the Mustang would have proved “bossless”.  Displacement for displacement, weight for weight the FQ would have thrashed the Mustang

  • DrewP66

    Not a great test.  Using the track simulator on my computer and the power to weight ratio calculation on my computer, with the ECU mapped to limit the revs @1175cfe53256944cbcbfc885aca36d0f:disqus  159 mph, the Lancer EVO X FQ400 = 3297lbs and 403 hp is pushing the same 0.12 hp per pound as the Boss Mustang.  Running the FQ on stock YOKOHAMA Advan tyres against the Boss Mustang in it’s current getup, the simulator, using the same driver, same track conditions, same weather conditions, shows the FQ to be 3.7 secs quicker than the Boss.  Power to weight has nothing to do with it.  The EVO is the quicker car, maybe not a “purist’s” car, but quicker than the Boss.  I do hope that those “gents” who were running the test read this and go get the FQ and rerun the test for the education of all sport drivers.
    And before you gang up and say that the EVO FQ is modified,  remember that the warranty on the FQ is given by the Mitsu parent company in Japan, making it a LEGAL road car.  Do the maths

  • DrewP66

    As you rightfully said “(which is the heavier touring MR model).”  As I replied to Chudster_num13 they needed to test the Mustang against the FQ-400, which is almost 200 lbs lighter than the MR, and they would get a different outcome

  • DrewP66

    Go to Youtube.  Tuners have tuned the Mitsu to over 900 whp.  Those little pocket rockets would still clean the Boos (pun intended) even when it is modified.  Gargantuan Mods (UK based – no website yet) have tweaked the little 4 banger over 1000 hp.  Let that rip against your big block pony and you’ll see the pony eating dust (sung to the tune of “While Riding In My Cadillac”).  Again, wrong vehicle comparrison.  Get the f***ing Evo X FQ-400 and rerun the test.  Or, better yet, wait for the soon to be released Evo X FQ-440 and see who will beat who

  • kdw20

    Here we go again. Meaningless camparo review with pointless comments such as domestic vs. import (or tuner whatever you call it) blah blah blah. It depends on all your preference. Get over it.

  • 201229933

    your stomach will work when you come with your muscle against the tuned nissan gtr-lets hear you have a big mouth now

  • Meehlimo

    (your stomach will work when you come with your muscle against the tuned nissan gtr-lets hear you have a big mouth now)

    Yea there is n answer for that gt500, zL1, n if it pays true to its class Zrl fk the gtr tune all u want. lighter more powerfull care will win. imports can make hp they lack torque

  • Bogfart

    The Boss 3302 is undoubtedly an impressive car. Essentially more than the sum of its parts, especially in light of its extremely primitive “live rear axel”, which it somehow seems to manage to ignore.  It certainly has more presence on the street, which is great if that’s your thing.

    Out of the box, the Evo has a lot of unrealized potential. The stock tires are great for the 1st 1,000 miles before starting to fade out rather quickly, hence the rather low G’s on this test.  Pilot Supersports sort this issue out. Aslo the OEM ECU programming instantly robs the Evo of around 30 bhp & ftlbs.

    Not sure why some people have pulled in the FQ range into the discussion (as these are UK only models).  However, if one were to plow just a small fraction of the cost saving over the Boss, some serious improvements in preformance can be achieved.  Swapping out the intake, cat & muffler for some less restrictive parts, and applying a rolling road tune can add 70 ftlbs of torque and 75 bhp (all for around $1500). Trust me, I’ve done it 🙂  

    Not sure how much more can be easily (and cheaply) extracted from the Boss’s power plant  ?

  • Nellar2002

     How did the Nissan GT-R get into this conversation?

  • Drewsmom

    You have a track simulator?  You need to get out more, dork.

  • Drewsmom

    It sounds like you have a sore vagina.

  • Drewsmom

    Are you gonna cry?  Squirt some tears, bitch

  • Drewsmom

    I love all the butt hurt Jap car fans…but but but.  thats all you guys say.  if you dont like the results call your mom.  Drew called me, thats why I am here.

  • Drewsmom

    I would like to apologize for my son Drew’s comments.  He is extremely butt hurt that this article did not validate his opinion.  He is an internet cry baby.  Shoot, I am his mom and i think he’s annoying so I can only imagine what you poor people think.

  • TheGoyWonder

    The advantage of the Mustang is that you can have mouth-breathing blue collar guys work on it, while the Evo requires dinks with laptops who will take all your money.  But the advantage of the Evo is that you can just remove the spoiler, like they apparently did, and be completely inconspicuous.  

    Why do they even do these comparisons without equal tires.  For cars around the same mass, same compound same width.  Do anything else and the results are insignificant.

  • Drewsmom

    Go to youtube?  This is the basis of your debate?

    Hey son, go to youtube and look at the 9/11 videos…total conspiracy right?  I bet the terrorists drove Mistubishis into the twin towers and thats really what brought em down.  Mitsu powwwaaaaahhh 

  • Drewsdad

    Go home you’re drunk, bitch..

  • DK

    Wahhh. My shitty car lost so I have to bring up a 75k car that isn’t even in the States. You want to compare that FQ to a ZR1? That’s a closer comparo than a Boss vs an FQ. I bet you won’t though, because your FQ will get shit on. 

  • Madmikeg37

    Except for the alpha 12 gtr with 1200hp oiling a Bugatti

  • Madmikeg37

    Edit ams alpha 12 is only 1500hp, what you got to say now?

  • Jmdzero

    Car and Driver please do a rematch, same compare and track but use an Evo-GSR…Power 2 weight will be better for evo as well as driving dynamic as you can select gears yourself, etc.  The rematch will be a bit different then you can follow with a GT 500 vs FQ-400 comparison…man i just thought of that off the top of my head…Brilliant!!

  • StevenA

    clearly the Evo is too capable, too enjoyable and too superior, oh and it can turn at high speeed without leaving the road . . .

  • StevenA

     this has gotta be a redneck trucker, this cant be a woman thats also a mother making these comments, right, am I missing something here?

  • Dre04mach

    Oh, I would love to see the almighty fq400 go up against something american… but let’s put that 75,000 dollar car against something priced similarly.  Say, a z06 (invoice starts at 68k), or a viper (which starts at 85k).  Do you honestly think it would stand a chance? No wonder they don’t sell it here in the states, it would get obliterated by anything in the price range… kind of how the regular evo does.  

    If you want to argue the evo with mods against the boss because the boss costs 5k more, let’s compare a regular “only 412hp” GT with 7 grand worth of suspension and tires on it against the evo.  We all know the difference sticky tires will make, and I can tell you as the owner of 4 fords, from the factory they are crap. 

  • Keith Johnson

    It costs $200,000 idiot

  • Stang

    Hay mister drew I own a boss 302 2013 grabber blue bring your mouth computer car and money any day and I will show you results ps zl1 is made in Canada 130 more horses.10 grand more and with. Little tune beats the crack heads every valve rattles oil leaks every time Chevrolet much less a evo do more dreaming

  • Dwight

    Hey nutsack, muscle beats import every time, EVERY TIME! 

  • orig6redwings

    With bolt-ons and a protune, my 2012 EVO GSR’s at 420+hp, which is comparable to the Boss. Plus, with it being lowered, for a lower center of gravity and extra frame bracing, I’d bet you’d make up that 1.5 seconds, if not more. Then it’d be more of an apples to apples race. Not to mention, the additional cost of the hop-ups on the Evo puts it in the same price range as the Boss.



  • bmatt

    with 1500 bucks you can get exhaust from the headers back + a tune that would give it around 100 more bhp. these engines are mellowed out quite a bit off the lot, tunes do them quite a bit of good. the new 5.0 is an amazing engine.

  • bmatt

    TUNED nissan GT-R. all of your crappy imports require all kinds of work to get on the level of american muscle.

  • bmatt

    funny thing is… this comparison is stock vs. stock… you start throwing extras on one car, then it changes the game… stock vs. modified… sounds fair. keep crying. the mustang won. get over it.

  • Jebadias

    Actually the boss was around 42k, or 45k with it’s only option which was recaro seats and torsion differential. The LS is 50k and not a penny more. There are some stealerships that tried to mark the cars up but they don’t seem to be getting that. I got my LS a month into the model year for 50k so I call BS on 60k bosses.

  • Jebadias

    Interesting thought. FYI the roadrunner engine is a modular engine, not a big block. Oh, and as great as YouTube is I am afraid it shows high power Mustangs too.

  • Jebadias

    I had a hard time understanding you post Alex. Did you say that the used Boss goes down in price? I would expect a used car to go down in price but in the case of the Boss it is a lot less than you would think. Look it up. So, are you saying a Mitsubishi goes up in value with age then?
    FYI, it’s not going to help your argument against the boss to bring up BMW. The Boss forums are packed with former M3 owners who switched to the Boss after it was released.

  • Jebadias

    Yeah, so the only thing my mustang has in common with a bus is the paint. Pirelli p zero corsas are no good? It’s what my car had stock. They seem to grip ok.

    Not sure that I want a battery in my car that can act as a counterweight for me though. I am not a small guy.

    I hate to point out your bit about reinforcement, bad welds and bolts. and all of the other stereotypical shortcomings of the “unrefined American cars” that the yuppy car mags whine about as wrong but, well, I suppose if you are talking about a mid 80s fox body mustang you would be right. Just go drive a new mustang. See for yourself. You don’t have to tell your friends about it. See how we’ll done they are.

  • Jebadias

    Yeah, a few stealerships did mark up the boss. Those cars sat while motivated dealerships had the cars sold before they even took possession of them. Few bosses actually sold for what they were marked up to.

  • Jebadias

    No kids, luggage easily fits in the trunk and grandma lives in Arizona. The boss is doing just fine. Oh, is the evolution your only car? I’m sorry but that might make a difference in my purchase. I didn’t (and wouldn’t) buy my boss as a daily driver. I have an F350 for that and the wife has a mustang gt. I’ve been driving firebirds, camaros and mustangs for over 20 years in Michigan snow. I really do not see the problem some people have doing it. I personally think it is a combination of not knowing how to drive in the snow, wrong tire choices and people not knowing their own car well enough.

  • Jebadias

    I can see where you might think that, especially if you have never done it in a high power car. I enjoy both drag racing and track. Unfortunately it seems few people actually give both types of automotive competition a fair chance.

  • Jebadias

    While I understand some of your points I have to say that I am only 37, not 65. I’m not a baby boomer, that was my parents. I’m gen x and I love my boss. All of my friends love it too. They tend to be 30 to 40. Even my son likes it. He really wants a BRZ, but that is much closer to his price range too.

    Ford could have done better with the steering wheel. It is kinda bad. Retro gauges are horrible but those are in the v6 and gt, not the boss or Shelby. Don’t hate on the boss for gauges that it dos t even have please.

    The problem you have is you want a car like the M3 at a GT price. That just won’t happen no matter who builds it. The boss can, and does, beat M3s at the track. It is what the car was designed to do. If it is going to do it at half the price then some things need to be sacrificed. Boss owners think interior is the right thing to sacrifice. If you do not agree then buy a more expensive car or a less capable one at a similar price.

  • Jebadias

    The evolution is for drag racing? I would have thought it was a track car by the write up. The Boss, while capable of drag racing, was designed for the track and to say it was not shows a total and complete lack of understanding of the vehicle and goes far to undermine your credibility.

  • Jebadias

    Can I see some real world numbers on you brake fade hypothesis? Not made up numbers based on a presupposed thought but actual numbers. Most of the attacks by evolution fanboys on the boss so far have been based on either information about previous generation mustang GTs or skewed from looking at an American car down their very long noses. Back up you claim with real numbers.

  • Jebadias

    The boss has such a light clutch too. Makes you wonder if he even really drove the car.

  • Jebadias

    The only reason IRS is even an issue is because car journalists make it one. I have had IRS cars that performed far worse than some of my cars not equipped with IRS. As long as the car can perform (and the mustang can) then a true car enthusiast really shouldn’t care. Journalists just like to sound smart, so they use a lot of key words and acronyms like IRS, DOHC, torque vectoring and such as much as possible. Can anyone remember when the corvettes used to get slammed for not having overhead cams? Same thing as here. Not needed but journalists writing on the cars run out of cool tech to talk about so they slam the car for not having it even though it is obviously not needs and would cause an unjustified price increase.

  • Douche


  • Jon

    MR has now wing.

  • Jon


  • Rob

    Anyone who writes the car drives you and you drive the car , is a clear indication to not driving this car ( Evolution X) at the limit.

  • Rob

    Anyone who writes the car drives you and not you driving the car , is a clear
    indication to not driving this car ( Evolution X) at the limit.


  • Guest

    Lancer Evo $17,098.00
    Ford Mastang $21,614

    Comparing 5.0L V8 with 2.0 4 cylinder engine……..

  • Douglas Hamner

    The GEMA engine thats in the Evo is in 20 other models and 4 different manufacturers, the transmission is closly related to the GTRs. I have an Evo VIII, it is 10 years old parts are easy to find. Parts for a 22 year old Galant VR4 is easy to find.

  • Aleks

    Horse. Shit.

    I owned an 89 Galant. You can’t find fuck all for those cars. Not for a reasonable price, at least.

    My alternator was 240$ for that stupid fucking car.

    I could get a used alternator, ps pump, and water pump for my old stang for less, and I wouldn’t have to look very hard for it either.

  • JasonM.

    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking for over a year now! Thus the reason I sold my Evo X AMS stage 2 etc… for a Boss 302. Worth every extra penny and it was a pure disgrace when I found out how much the value on my Evo had plummeted after a year. The Boss will hold it’s value far longer and is actually far more enjoyable to drive at the edge, road trips, out to dinner, and the list goes on.

  • JasonM.

    Well guys… after having owned both cars for some time, 12’ Evo X GSR stage 2/beyond vs stock 13’ Boss 302 with the red key activated. I have to honestly say the Boss was the better purchase in the end. There is no question that the Evo was fun to drive and I enjoyed almost every moment of that tail drifting happiness around town and in places I probably shouldn’t have been performing such tomfoolery. In the end what killed me on the Evo was the lack of a 6th gear for the GSR and the gear bump/slight grinding on every shift that is a characteristic of the evo’s transmission. On road trips/vacations it became very annoying to run at such a consistent high RPM at highway speeds for extended periods. My final gripe is that the doors always felt tinny when shutting them, a very thin metallic sound.

    The fit and finish on the Boss is leaps beyond the Evo and you feel just as snug when you slip into the Recaros on the Boss. After opening up the stock side exhaust pipes that are on the Boss, it gives the car a renewed mean personality. Add the red key and you can actually feel an additional personality layer on as the torque is increased, the loppy idle engages, and the throttle increases snappiness. It’s as if it begs you to push it hard
    and it rewards you for it. Surprisingly, I found it almost as easy as the Evo to drive at the edge and it proves to be almost as nimble when dancing and performing similar tomfoolery.

    In the end, long term value must come into play as reality starts to set in. The Boss will or could one day become a collector’s car and has a much higher potential for holding its value over the Evo. That and the complete package that it might be a slightly more challenging car to pull the 100% driving level when compared to the Evo, but it is just that much more rewarding when you do. The review above holds nothing but truth, and the same truth can be found even when comparing the Boss to a modified Evo.

  • JasonM.

    Sorry man, he is correct. I also feel this way after taking both cars to the limit, and many times at that. It’s that it requires a little more driver involvement/skill on the Boss.

  • how are you
    love from sam

  • JasonM.

    That would be for a very used base/non-Evo version Lancer and used V-6 mustang. The reality is $34,400 for a new 10′ GSR pre-tax (MSRP went up closer to 2013) and $36,500 pre-tax on a slightly used (low miles) 13′ Boss.

  • AcuraKenMelusoMdx

    Same can be said about the Stang. In the end, it’s the person with the most money that wins.

  • orig6redwings

    True, but as my last sentence states, “the additional cost of the hop-ups on the Evo puts it in the same price range as the Boss (stock)”. Plus, it’s easy to make 420+ hp from a V8, but to get that, and more, from a 2.0L 4 cylinder is quite impressive.

    Besides, to me, newer Mustangs are boring. Hardly anyone turns their head to look at a newer Mustang driving by. Where as I always see people turning their heads to check out the Evo, but to each their own.