Most Researched Cars of the Week: November 10 – 16

Most Researched Cars of the Week: November 10 – 16

BMW’s entry-level mid-size sedan ranked at the top of’s new cars section with the most queries this week.

The luxurious rear-wheel drive German sedan was followed closely by a cheaper, front-wheel drive product from one of BMW’s direct competitors. New for the 2014 model year, the CLA-Class is based on Mercedes MFA platform meant to save manufacturing costs and offer consumers less expensive products. Unlike every other Mercedes product sold in the U.S. to date, the CLA-Class is based on a front-wheel drive setup.

A duo of Subarus followed next with the 2014 Forester and 2013 Legacy taking third and fourth place. Both are powered by four cylinder engines and benefit from Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system.

FInally, the aging Jeep Patriot rounded off this week’s list by ranking in fifth place. The only American vehicle to make this week’s list has been available since the 2007 model year and shares its platform with the Jeep Compass.

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2013 BMW 528i 

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

2014 Subaru Forester

2013 Subaru Legacy

2013 Jeep Partriot

  • J Mack

    What a pile of BS. These AutoGuide clowns are a bunch of Honda humping idiots. The RDX isn’t even in the same class as the Q5.

  • You are correct, the RDX is better.

  • TT3

    Spend more for the Q5 and get less vehicle, typical German buyer, blind to the facts. Sounds like the people at AutoGuide got it right.

  • stiuya

    if you enjoy having your vehicle in the dealer’s shop to fix recurring problems then the audi is for you.  what a mistake purchasing this vehicle.

  • Dnov14

    Sounds like someone overpaid for their Audi and can’t get out of the loan. Just what I want, a car raked 6th BELOW industry average for reliability. Your Audi looks great…with your mechanic under the hood. lol

  • Clevedelhi

    I tried both vehicles and I am definitely looking for value for money and hopefully not having a car which stays with the dealer all the while. Both cars drive well and look decent for SUV’s. This article does not mention some important points which swayed me towards the Audi: 1. Acura bluetooth technology is as old as it can be. The bluetooth does not do voice dial unless you have a voice tag saved for a specific contact in your address book, now how old is that. I had a phone like 15 years ago which required voice tagging.
    2. Lack of rear seat vent. I live in an area with harsh summer. I can tell you that Acura’s AC will take a good while to make it cool in the back. I felt the cooling of the A/C in both Acura and Audi were subpar, so for those hot days, good luck to your back seat passengers and kids in the Acura.
    3. The front passenger seat of Acura does not move up/down, passenger rides low.
    4. Lack of available panorama roof, even hyundai and kia offer them now.

    Unfortunately the reviewer has not given any attention to these minute details which are important to know.

  • Alzhitnikov

    Your # 3 is not correct. I just bought RDX and it has the ability to move the front seats up and down.
      I had tested 4 machines (Q5, BMW X3; Lexus RX and RX) and to my driving preferences the RDX ride quality matches 30%( Q5/ X3 : firm ride))  and 70% ( Lexus RX: comfortable ride). For me it is a perfect blend, because here in US, the roads not as good as in Germany and I do not like to feel almost every bump on a road as I felt in Q5 and X3.  

  • Dotncdotcom

    My Audi 2.0T is always in the shop, and I get the Q5 as a loaner all the time.  Drove the RDX tonight. Soooo much better for the price. Ya, the Audi grill is nice…but I prefer to have my car versus it being serviced half the time.  

  • Charles

    2013 Q5 would seem like a more apt comparison, we get ours in 1 week. As for service issue, perhaps I have been lucky but we have never had any problems with our Audi. But my wife us to be an Acura Service advisor and she always said that it ain’t all smooth sailing for Acura either. Personal preference I suppose.


    With the reasonable price on the RDX, it would have made this comparison test.  The Audi is so grossly OVERpriced, it’s out of consideration.

  • Gaurav shivhare

    my dream car

  • Audirules

    I’ve owned an 08 MDX and now have a 12 Q5; Q5 more fun to drive and no troubles. MDX ate tires and had poor transmission

  • My RDX

    RDX is clearly a better value, better reliability, better resale, less upfront costs.

  • Mgdna

    I am thinking of buying a q5. I now drive with rav4. Is it expenive to fix even under warranty

  • hmm

    You also don’t realize that the Acura does actually have vents in the rear, really wide ones, situated under the front seats that blow into the back so it will not take a good while to cool the back as well as the fan speed and frostiness on the Acura feels a lot more powerful than the Audi. The Bluetooth telephone also supports pandora and reads smss, I beg you to show me a phone 15 years ago that does that…

  • Dvc08

    It’s not Honda it’s a Acura you fool is in the same class

  • SoCaldriver

    I was leaning toward the Q5, then I read about the recall in 07/2012 to replace the front part of the panoramic sunroof. Reportedly, the sunroof of some Q5s ” shattered” spontaneously in cold climates, posing risk of occupant laceration and driver “distraction”. So long Q5!

  • Kfm

    Why buy a CRV/Acura with a V6 when you can buy a Toyota Rav4 with a V6, has the same horsepower, costs less, and you wont look like a idiot that paid way way too much for a Honda !
    Nothing special about it. Acura finally caught on to what a Rav4 had V6, since 2006.
    As for the Audi, 2.0L turbo ? garbage, wouldnt waste my money. If you want to drive a expensive SUV then buy one and spend 70 k.

  • Flyboygm

    I just bought the RDX 2 months ago and test drove the new Q5. No comparison, the Q5 was sportier and was a better buy for the money! Audi nickle and dimmed us with everything down to the floor mats. To get the same features as the RDX we would have had to spend an extra 10k.

  • Flyboygm

    The RdX was better. Typo!

  • Knetterwaus

    Better reliability doesn’t make a better car.
    Just close the doors of an Audi and you know what is the better car.
    There’s just one reason that you wouldn’t buy a Q5 and thats just because you lack the dough.

  • REcleveland ditched an entire call because of a recall?   I mean no disrespect, whatsoever, but do you know how many recalls Acura, Lexus, and Honda have had for “risk” to the driver. 

     Sorry, I just don’t think it’s a great reason to reject a car for a fixable problem.

  • FairComparison

    Why are you comparing Acura with Toyota?! Acura should be compared with Lexus. You’re right about RAV4 unless you don’t rev it up over 4000rpm cuz you cannot really rely on Toyota engines. Also make sure to check the gas pedal before you drive it again. Last but not least, you can get a refund from Toyota for all those problems…!

  • FairComparison

    You need to be more clear about why it is a better car. Yes, it may be a better one if you compare the grilles as mentioned in the article. Or if paying more money makes it better, yes it is a better car…

  • Heyacuraman

    shopping the Q5 2.0T, RDX and Volvo XC60. Review provides a good intro but misses a
    couple of key points that may move me/you away from the RDX. Most important is
    the lack of safety features – even as an option. The 2013 Honda Accord has all
    manner of safety features that the upmarket RDX doesn’t offer. Buying a 2013
    RDX may cause buyers remorse when the 2014 model has LaneWatch (Accord EX
    trim), lane-departure warning and forward-collision alert systems (EX-L)
    and adaptive cruise control (EX-L V6). In terms of other nice to have’s the RDX’s review camera image doesn’t “bend” to show projected path of travel, no rear seat vents or aux power (DC or AC)

    RDX advantage is horsepower/torque without a turbo or supercharger – less maintenance and potential for headache.

  • Pubjh

    You are wrong. The passenger seat in the RDX only adjusts forward and back, and the seat back tilts (4 way adjustable). The seat height is not adjustable. That has prevented us from buying one. We are waiting until the 2014 model comes out to see if this is fixed. If not, we go elsewhere.

  • hrut

    I purchased the RDX last August. The tech package limitations and restrictions make me wish I chose the Audi. You can’t use most input related functions including keying a destination while moving, still using phone tags, and awkward voice interface make this vehicle unacceptable.Driving dynamics also go to the Audi, although the RDX has better seats.Before you make a choice on these two you really need to look beyond the specs and features. You need to see how it works in the real world. I made a bad choice.

  • Mrc_3

     I thought that was a government requirement, not data entry while vehicle is moving.

  • Gobucks

    I recently decided to purchase the Q5 in the next four or five months. I spoke to an Audi mechanic recently and he scared me away from Audi. He owns an Audi A4 but is not convinced that the Audi 4 cylinder engine is even remotely reliable. A lot of problems that Audi has not even come close to resolving. I’m now looking at the Acura RDX as a viable option for my wife and I. The Volvo XC60 scares me even more than the Audi Q5 in terms of reliability and owner cost. I’ve owned an Acura i the past and love the quality and reliability. Yes, they may be a bit bland but that is a small cost to pay.

  • Carl

    glad they tossed the turbo 2.3 for the rdx. i have a 2009 model and it is diabolical to drive it has no torque, the paddle shifted gearbox doesn’t listen to your commands, interior is poorly built, and it recently had a major steering problem which can only be resolved by replacing the entire steering system. reliable? i think not.

  • jp

    i had a 2008 acura tl. awesome car. ready to trade in. drove rdx, good value, thought interior wasn’t as luxurious as my tl. also had 18 inch rims which looked small for the vehicle. i didn’t like how hard i had to press on the brakes.

    drove 3.0 T Q5 quattro with s line 20 inch rims. car looked sweet, more appealing than rdx. interior also more luxurious. loved panoramic sunroof as well, rain sensing wipers, and foldable mirrors. definitely paid more, but thought was worth more luxurious look,

    would go back to acura if they stepped up the interior and bumped up rim size.

  • intosh

    A one-year old vehicle — yeah, I honestly hope you have no trouble with it so far.

    Should compare 12 Q5 to 13 MDX, not 08 MDX.

  • Undecided

    It is still not fixed. I am shocked

  • Mick

    Nice. I’d get one. I have a black turbo RSX-S now

  • Antpharm

    Unbelievably, the 2014 RDX still does not have blind spot monitoring, a safety feature that is high on my list of must-haves. That eliminates the RDX from my shopping list.

  • Kornatoski

    I still don’t the fascination with these all-wheel-drive (car) station wagons .. nothing more nothing less … certainly wouldn;t take any of these offroad for fear of getting it dirty … but if you and you get stuck ,,, I’ll come get ya in my “crude/unrefined/gasguzzling” XTERRA…

  • Kornatoski

    I still don’t get the fascination with these all-wheel-drive (car) station
    wagons .. nothing more nothing less … certainly wouldn’t take any of
    these offroad for fear of getting it dirty … but if you do and you get
    stuck ,,, I’ll come get ya in my “crude/unrefined/gasguzzling” XTERRA…