New Scion Vehicles Not Coming Any Time Soon

New Scion Vehicles Not Coming Any Time Soon

Scion’s sales have been sagging but dealers involved with the youth-oriented Toyota brand will have to solider on for a few more years before fresh product arrives.

This is not necessarily good news, but Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation has reassured franchisees they will continue with Scion but that Toyota has limited resources and had to prioritize.

The company is pouring money into its Lexus luxury division; it’s investing in efficient new drivetrains and even spending money on trucks. It appears as though Scion has been left out in the cold, unless, perhaps, they’re getting a sporty version of the Tundra (that’s a joke…).

Beyond the ongoing product drought Toyoda (with a “D”) also touched on Scion’s roll in Toyota’s (with a “T”) brand hierarchy. He implied that Scion has shifted away from its original mission by going for too much sales volume.

Back in August Toyota gave its dealers permission to jettison Scion franchises without any penalties. Currently there are about 1,000 Scion stores in operation; there are no stand-alone franchises, they’re all part of Toyota dealers.

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But the long wait for new vehicles could be worth it. Toyota has redesigned its product-development process to cut costs through the use of common parts; it’s also focusing on clever engineering.

Today, essentially the entire Scion lineup is due for a redesign. But the brand, its dealers and customers will just have to be patient at this point before any new products make it to showrooms.

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