Next Nissan GT-R Expected as ‘Some Form’ of Hybrid

Next Nissan GT-R Expected as ‘Some Form’ of Hybrid

It’s been rumored lately that the next-generation Nissan GT-R will feature a hybrid powertrain, and now the automaker has confirmed its flagship sports car will feature electrification.

According to Nissan’s Andy Palmer, the next-generation Nissan GT-R will turn to a hybrid powertrain to not only lower emissions, but to boost performance. The current Nissan GT-R is a beast on and off the track, boasting a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 542 hp and 463 lb-ft of torque. Undoubtedly, Nissan plans to improve on that and using electrification to do so isn’t a surprise given that both the LaFerrari and McLaren P1 are hybrids.

“The electric systems can fill in the gaps in the torque curve and offer genuine performance gains, as well as lowering emissions. It’s win-win, and I’d expect to see some form of hybridization on the next generation of car,” Palmer told AutoCar while referring to the GT-R.

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In addition, Palmer confirmed that once the Nissan GT-R Nismo is available, it will follow the more mainstream car’s policy of getting annual model-year revisions. Nissan hopes to tweak its GT-R Nismo each year with aerodynamic and engine changes to improve its performance.

GALLERY: Nissan GT-R Nismo Spy Photos


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  • ARacoon

    The Honda CR-V engine is a 2.4L I4 design, not a V6.
    Pretty sad you made such a huge mistake.

  • Robert86

    My 2008 CRV is very noisy ridewise and riding in the back seat…. forget about it. No mention is made in comparison to their ride & noise quality.

  • Jsheufelt

    Wow, your chart is terrible. You choose to list the 2.5 liter I-4 (not v6) when that’s pretty much for rental fleets and ignore the two turbo fours offered, thereby being able to misleadingly say advantage crv.
    The 1.6 liter turbo in the escape offers better power and mileage than the cr-v.

  • Aa

    wow this article is so wrong. lol.

  • Rabmparker

    Should have mentioned that the Escape has a horrible cloth interior and the back seats are worthless.

  • Kevin McNutt

    If I had to choose between these two, I’d take the Rav4 V6 EVERY time. 😉

  • Buddhaman

    Hey ur totally wrong about the cloth seats – excellent material and very very comfortable even after many hours of driving!! Also there is lots of room and comfort in the back seats.

  • betachips

    We test drove both these vehicles.  Yes, the cloth seats in the Escape are absolutely horrible.  The dash and instrument panels are a bit better, but we prefer the Honda’s simple, straightforward neat layout.  Only way I’d get an Escape is to get the Titanium and that would cost so much, I might as well get a completely different, larger vehicle for the money.

  • Fnovak

    bob Coon read the engine comparison the 6 you mentioned is not in there, Also The CVR in my books wins hands down, in all counts right to resale Ford has still a ways to go you would thinkn with six speed Trans. would get better gas milage and it doesnt Why You will have to ask them.

  • Nick Zetas

    Ford Escape is a lot better, especially with its new luxury features that the Honda doesn’t have. Plus the Ford Escape’s exterior and interior looks so nice, I love the cool dash layout. The Honda CR-V is just plain boring, inside and out.

  • ronjon400

    Bought the CRV for my wife and we both love it. got the EX model (no leather), too hot for florida heat. So far just tooling around in mix driving we have achieved 27-28 MPG which is great. Put it in ECO mode and havent changed it since. A/C is cold and blows hard! Radio with bluetooth is easy to learn and sounds good. Im 6’3″ 265lbs and i have plenty of room behind the wheel. Then i can hand the wheel to the wife 5’2″ 120lbs and the seating fits her as well. plenty of room front and back and you can still haul something if you want. Love it!!

  • That gaping mouth like a large mouth bass isn’t working on this NOW 6 year old Euro Ford Kuga.  Looks old already.

  • phyzzi

    I rented a Ford Escape recently.  The molding on the rear hatch was comomg off aned some of the wiring was patched with electrcal tape.  Such shoddiness makes me wonder about overall quality.

  • Guest

    Both of these vehicles are too big. Automakers need to learn to shrink them down to a MINI Countryman size. They are monstrosities now and hence the mediocre gas mileage.

  • guest

    The ‘new’ 2013 Ford Escape looks almost exactly like most other crossover vehicles currently on the market – it will blend in, be unrecognizable [as a brand] and is basically now as boring as most others that resemble one another!  I anticipate it will be a challenge for owners to find a silver or black one in a parking lot – maybe be the theme of a reality show …find your vehicle without the lock beep/signal.  No wonder 2011 was the best selling year for Escape, the so-called ‘new design’ of the Escape is already everywhere.  Very sad …what is ‘new design’ for Ford is a now too well established shape for most other manufacturers!  
    In recent years it seems imagination, originality and creativity is lacking in new vehicle design and I’d prefer the old so-called boxy look SUV over the repeated station-wagonish crossover.  I moved from a car to an SUV because I wanted to fel like I was in something different (with 4 wheel drive) without needing to purchase a truck. 
    Today’s introductions of co-called redesigned SUV/crossovers are like a Seinfeld episode …all about nothing.  You’ve seen one, you’ve seen just about all vehicle brands at a similar price point.  Can you see the difference, I can’t see the visual difference between an Escape, Honda CRV, Kia Sorrento, Mazda, etc….  dull….
    Please …someone design a vehicle where the shape is new & fun …without it being a lemon (previously owned a Volkswagen Beetle – bought for the difference but it was a piece of junk). 

  • Benspannfz1

    Buy the crv, because 4 or 5 years from now you will still have great car and the ford will be in the junk yard.


    In Edmunds Comparisons of the two.
    Over $36K for a Ford Escape? I’d
    rather spend that on an Acura RDX. Plus when Edmunds test drove, the
    Escape was WAY below the observed mileage of the CR-V.

    The CR-V was 35% more fuel efficient. That’s a lot better.

  • CR-V getting Honda’s new 1.6 diesel AND the 2.2 diesel.

  • KMoose

    Had an original CRV.  Now have a 2010 Escape.  I HATE the new Escape design because it looks like every other boring SUV on the road.  One reason I bought the previous Escape was that I did not like the bubble design of the previous CRV.  Now all of them look the same and are priced the same.  So, I’d buy the CRV, since I had fewer problems with my 99 CRV in 11 years of ownership than I’ve had with my Escape in 2 years of ownership.  If they’re all going to look alike anyway, may as well buy the one with proven reliability and resale value, right?

  • Peter31a

    Have tried both these vehicles in the past couple of days. They are both great vehicles making the choice extremely difficult. The most frustrating thing is when you can only play in the cheap end of the product line colour of exterior and interior. Interior: any colour as long as it’s black. Exterior CRV: silver, white, black or puky green…Blech! Escape not much better but a few more choices than CR-V. Come on, just because I can’t afford all the bells and whistles means I gotta live in dullsville? I’ve driving a bright red Focus wagon for years. I love the colour! These appliance colours offered now are pathetic. By the by love the redign on the Escape reminds me of our first gen Focus’.

  • Auburn

    So order the brite red metallic with sand stone interior
    or the brite silver with sand stone like I did, problem solved !!!!!!

  • Auburn

    Call me crazy I ordered a silver SE 1.6 last week
    So I’ll put up with the pain & suffering for under $23,000    …….Luv the style !!
    Hate the bulbus ass end on the CRV

  •  For the price of the Loaded Escape, you can get a real luxury vehicle.  The Acura RDX

  • sailfish

    Honda is recalling more than 321,000 cars and small SUVs around the world Thursday because the doors will not close, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

    The recall affects 7,300 2013 Acura ILX small luxury cars and about 314,000 2012 CR-V small SUVs. In the U.S., 166,600 CR-Vs and more than 6,200 ILXs will be included in the Honda recall.
    Honda says if the the power or manual door locks are used at the same time as the inside driver or passenger door handles, the inner door latch may not work, which may cause a door may not to latch. The door could also latch and open when the locks are used. No crashes or injuries have been reported.
    The Honda recall is the second vehicle recall in a week. On July 18, Ford recalled the Escape because of a fire risk. The company told its dealers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that Escape owners would get “special handling.” This is the second 2013 Ford Escape recall this month. The first recall was due to improperly installed carpet padding which could interfere with braking, and affected 8,266 Escapes.
    Ford traced the problem to an engine compartment fuel line that might have been damaged during the manufacturing process. The NHTSA said if a fuel leak happens in the presence of an ignition source, there is an increased risk of a fire and/or personal injury.
    Ford also told its dealers to deliver a comparable rental vehicle to 2013 Ford Escape owners, and to top off the fuel tank prior to returning the vehicle to its owner. Ford will provide reimbursement to dealers for rental vehicle costs of $36 per day, plus tax and insurance, for up to 10 days on each rental vehicle.
    So far, there is no official date for when the Honda recall will begin, but Honda owners should get a letter from the company starting in mid-August, and the company says dealers will inspect the cars and fix them if needed at no cost.


  • Fred Fluty

    We have a 2006 Ford Escape with over 100 thousand miles and it is not in any junk yard!

    Will buy a 2013 which has the best sound system and navigation in the market. Love the new design.

  • Sorry, the Escape is just too expensive.  

  • Sorry, escape is just too expensive.  The base models interiors are plastic fantastic.  Must upgrade to expensive model to have a decent interior.

  • -go away, now; before you say that pickups should take off their beds to improve aerodynamics
    -drive what you want, but do not say a car in one class (with a specific audience and purpose) should be made into another

  • Escape is already losing lots of comparos.  Last – 6th place in one already.

  • V68VTEC

    Stop being ignorant, please. Both cars are tuned for different audiences. Those luxury features in the Escape just stack up the price, and are just another thing to distract from what’s really important. Just because YOU prefer a car,  doesn’t mean it’s better. 

  • Misterwolrdwide

    I’d say pick the Escape with the 1.6L ecoboost engine. You will forget about the Crv right away!

  • Snookynibbles

    Build quality and refinement on Hondas remains worlds apart from US autos, sad to say.  I drive lots of American rental cars and own Hondas.  Benspannfaz1’s remarks below pretty much nail it.

  • Budcnnr

    Ford is building great vehicles that are reliable, attractive and affordable. Honda and Toyota will eventually catch up to the features Ford develops.

  • Carolynvella4

    My brand new 2013 Escape will be in my garage in a week or so! My 2004 Escape, still runs great and isn’t in the junkyard. As long as Ford makes cars I will always buy American! This car is beautiful inside and out!

  • Hary

    OK. You the one who own the money. You can buy whatever you like.

  • Konkrete99

    Wrongo!!! an RDX u cannot touch for under 38k and it is a faulty comparison 

  • Yasaryayli

    honda cr_v yıllarca kullandım 1998 modelim var hala eşim kullanır dededen toruna kadar dayanıklı kol vides bayanların tercihi zaten bana hep eski 1965 66 şavroletleri hatılatır kolda vitesi.yenileri de harika araclar.

  • Ed

    yeah, but you have to but preminun fuel in the RDX.

  • Picasso

    If you want more luxury than the CR-V gives, get the acura for the same price as a loaded up Escape.  I still have a spot for ford in fullsize pickups, but hands down honda has proven itself over and over in any 4 and 6 cylinder models.  Compare a CRV and Escape at 120k miles, see which is cheaper.  I have done it.

  • Not a Honda Fan

    Would not buy nor would we recommend a Honda CRV as they have transmissions problems.  Our car is 6 yrs and 75,000 and had to replace transmission.  Not good recommendation for a car that is supposed to last 200,000-300,000 miles.  

  • dan

    Not true, the RDX is now a V6 instead of Turbo, which means it is no longer a requirement, but is only recommended.

  • Betarick

     If you can afford the luxury you can afford the extra fuel

  • Sns

    the comment about ford in the junk yard is bs and he knows it,just jealous i reckon,ford has a great product.

  • girlfeia7

    I have always always been and honda buyer. I recently have been looking at the Ford escape. My husband is a ford man and his ford has been a great truck with less maintance ..I love love the design of the ford escape the fun of driving it and all the bells a whistles that comes in the escape gives me the wow factor..Price for the one I like (top of line) and want is $38,008.00…:( I personally think that is alot of money. The Honda CRV EX is a real nice roomy vechial.not as fun to look at with all the bells and whistles of the ford. Being a Honda buyer I know what I am geting for my $ the Ex (top of line)is $32,000 big difference in the prices …Which way will I go???

  • Chuck

    The mileage posted for the Escape is also with premium.

  • Ultimo Patriarch

    Better? So you like appearance over substance. The CRV is better engineered, more powerful, more flexible in use, safer, more reliable, and you go for something as dubious as looks and your wrong on that as well.

  • Ultimo Patriarch

    Yeah but it is worth it for the motors performance.

  • UP

    More powerful???? LOL!!  2.0 L Ecoboost baby!!

  • calif-gal

    go with the honda; remember the ford pinto ….

  • Girlfeia7

    You have the older model escape the “box” I was never attracted to the boxey escape. the new ford escape Is a completley different vechial in comparsion to the looks and all the bell and whistles it has to offer…I am a honda person but lv the lay out on the escape. so I am making payments to my self cause I can not decide…I may wait till next year to buy..time will tell 🙂 people will buy and people will talk and compare

  • Analysisfreek

     The Honda CRV is more USA built than the Ford Escape– do the research.

  • Matisse

    Bought the Ford Escape Titanium got USAA discount and $2500.00 discount.  I can tell you forget the CRV it can’t come close to the 2.0 eco-boost engine the Ford offers! Plus, it looks cooler and is a lot of fun to drive!  A lot lot lot of fun to drive!! CRV is boring.

  • Brendaf123

    Will never purchase another honda. Cruise control drops up to 8 mph going up a hill and gains that much going down. Dealer says the 15 mph speed variation is “normal and within guidelines”. I have been driving with cruise controls since they were introduced and have never seen dramatic fluctuations like this even when the technology was new. It is too bad that Honda finds this acceptable. Side window fogs making it difficult or impossible to see side mirror. Defroster doesn’t help. Seems to be a design flaw particularly in humid climates. Heater works great unfortunately I live in the south and the air conditioner is not adequate on hot days. Honda of America no help with cruise control issue. We hoped we would be able to keep this vehicle for several years. We are so disappointed with our purchase and the lack of Honda concern with these issues.


    of my friends out here who bought a brand=new car once, which brakes
    down and uses more than double as much gas as advertised? Our brand new
    Ford Escape 2013 is now the 3.time in the work shop, this time since
    almost 6 weeks and counting. What are my chances to walk away from the
    contract, because I really don’t want that crap anymore!! Suggestions???

  • Still Deciding

     Which vehicle did you buy – the Honda CRV or the Ford Escape?  I really like the Escape’s design features, but Honda has such a great reputation for reliability.   It looks like I’m in the same place you were 5 months ago. 

  • Girlfeia7

    I have not purchased a new vechial yet . I can’t decided ugg ! Ford escape had some bugs in it. problems with the phones hooking up and other small things.. If you had a apple I phone which I dont have but also want and also stopping me from buying as stuff doent mesh together right. If I can’t hook my phone to my car with out problems I dont want to invest in them. thats a problem for me as I am all about tec ford has microsoft system and apple is apple they dont sink well , Its creats bugs. I would be mad to spend that kind of money on a vechial and not have everything work. the ford escap I wanted was quoted at 38,008.00 I always buy top of the line..this will be my thrid new vecial. thats alot of money vs the Honda crv. I love all the tec in the ford. like I said always been a honda buyer. reliabilty is such a big importance and less maintance.The 2012 Honda CRV is/was boring when I was looking. I have not looked or did research on the 2013 Yet to see if  their are any changes, usually isnt from year to year.. Honda is comming out with a new vechial in June the urban looks like a Nissian Juke, Its cute. but I think is gona be to small. I want more room .  My husband is ford man and his vechial has been “great”  it was a sprot trac 6 cyl. he paid back in 2004 ..30,000 uses the gas though. this last year bumped my car payment up and I have been making payment to my self every month in a account till I can decide. I am going to test drive some other though. GMC ,Nissians, toyotas. going to try and think out of the box changes is good. they make cars alot better to day… 🙂  I want a vecial that is FUN ! and confeee..