Nissan GT-R Nismo Revealed with 600-HP, 7:08 Nurburgring Time

Nissan GT-R Nismo Revealed with 600-HP, 7:08 Nurburgring Time

Nissan has revealed the latest, and greatest, iteration of its supercar killer, boasting 600 horsepower and a Nurburgring lap time lower than any other volume production car.

Continually improved over every year the GT-R has now reached a new high with the race-inspired Nismo model tuned up to 600 hp from its twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine (SAE rated output is a less impressive sounding 595 hp). Torque is rated at 481 lb-ft. That power comes thanks to larger capacity turbochargers, as well as individual ignition timing control for each cylinder and a new fuel pump to burn plenty of premium.

Aerodynamics also play an important role with a new underbody cover, front bumper and rear carbon fiber spoiler that reduce drag while adding 220 lbs of downforce at 300 km/h while also reducing the car’s center of gravity.

There are plenty of chassis tweaks as well including custom Bilstein dampers with three adjustable settings as well as a thick 17.3 mm hollow rear anti-roll bar. Nissan even went so far as to upgrade portions of the front double wishbone suspension and add more robust wheel bolts to better withstand the new car’s g-forces.

But the improvements go even deeper with new adhesive bonding used to strengthen the car’s overall chassis rigidity.

New tires are also a part of the package, developed by Dunlop and sized 255/40FZR20 up front and 285/35ZRF20 in the rear.

All together, the improvements helped the GT-R NISMO run an impressive 7:08 at the Nurburgring.

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Inside the car gets a new Alcantara-coated Nismo steering wheel with a red center mark, while Alcantara coats the dash top and red stitching runs along the seats, center console, door trim and steering wheel. New carbon-backed Recaro seats might be the real highlight of the interior, though apparently they won’t be offered in North America.

The GT-R NISMO will be available in five colors Brilliant White Pearl, Meteor Flake Pearl Black, Ultimate Metallic Silver and Vibrant Red as well as a special Dark Matte Grey. It goes on sale in Japan in February followed by US and European markets in late 2014.

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  • JimBob

    When I went shopping for a new car two years ago, I found the Toyota dealerships were more willing to haggle with me. Consequently, I purchased a Matrix instead of a Civic.
    I keep my cars for 10 years or more and Toyota (so far) has never disappointed me. I understand that Hondas will also withstand the test of time but I have never had the opportunity to prove it for myself.
    My next new car will probably be a Corolla because of the experience I have had with Toyota over the years. I’m willing to try a Honda if i can get a good deal though.

  • Neo Nite

    Free speech works both ways.

  • Mike

    Bull. Straight out of the mouths of Consumer Reports. Unbiased, scientific studies. Lexus and Toyota are yet AGAIN rated number one and two in reliability by a VERY comfortable margin. Honda is behind Mazda. Read it and weep. This month’s magazine btw.

  • John

    Was shopping this week between Civic LX/EW and Corolla LE. Ended up with an LE Plus. $20,322 MSRP, $4500 Toyota holiday discount, $500 unrequested accessories. $16.3k before any fees.

    Civic LX after $3k msrp discount was $17k, and then $1000 unrequested accessories, about $18k.

    On top of the fact that Toyota offered $2k more for my tradein ($4k difference overall), it was an easy pick. The Corolla had huge rear legroom, a mid rear seat armrest/cupholder, huge savings.