Nissan to Unveil Augmented Reality Device in Tokyo

Nissan to Unveil Augmented Reality Device in Tokyo

It didn’t take long for the Google Glass augmented reality device to be banned for use by drivers in the U.K., but it seems Nissan is still interested in offering something similar geared toward drivers.

The company is set to unveil a prototype version of what looks like similar technology during next week’s Tokyo Motor Show. Details on the system are still scarce but a teaser clip (shown below) offers the first hints at what people can expect. Nissan is calling it the “3E” and says it will be connected to the Internet with a focus on wireless communication.

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It isn’t clear how users will control the 3E, but the company says it will be available for demonstrations during the show. Safety regulations would presumably keep drivers from using the 3E device in the U.K. where Google Glass was banned as a prototype. That could offer hints at how U.S. safety regulators would react to drivers using what could be a conceptual preview of Nissan’s future infotainment systems. Expect more information next week.

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