Paul Walker Killed in Car Crash

Paul Walker Killed in Car Crash


Actor Paul Walker, 40, died today in a fiery single car crash that left the star and an unidentified person dead.

paul-walker-picture-5Perhaps best known for his roles in the Fast and Furious franchise, Walker died after the driver (now identified as Roger Rodas, an accomplished race car driver in the Pirelli World Challenge series) of the car lost control in Santa Clarita, Calif., hitting a tree earlier today around 3:30 p.m. PST. By the time fire officials arrived on the scene, the car was completely engulfed in flames.

The story was first reported by TMZ and the outlet has since reported that one of Walker’s representatives confirmed his death.

When the crash occurred, Walker was attending a charity event for his Reach Out Worldwide organization.

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The sixth Fast and Furious movie was released in May of this year and Walker was filming the upcoming seventh installment. Paul is survived by his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow.

A statement released on the star’s Facebook page reads: “It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences.”

Universal Pictures released the following statement.

“All of us at Universal are heartbroken. Paul was truly one of the most beloved and respected members of our studio family for 14 years, and this loss is devastating to us, to everyone involved with the FAST AND FURIOUS films, and to countless fans. We send our deepest and most sincere condolences to Paul’s family.”

R.I.P. Paul Walker


Photo credit: julianapaulo Instagram

  • Enrique Ramírez P.

    Ya me parecía algo raro . El compañero de Walker en Fast and Furius estaba apareciendo bien seguido en mi portal, pero sin auto, solo armado con un rifle…..

  • Enrique Ramírez P.

    Lamento mucho la pérdida de vida humana.

  • Judy Walters

    OMG OMG …..

  • jen

    Great actor. May he rip. He will be missed.

  • Judy Guyer

    English would be nice, so we American’s know what your saying…..Thank You…

  • Judy Guyer

    sad, sad, sad..I loved him in Fast and Furious

  • no

    you’re an ignorant dumb bitch

  • Shakir Statick Brooks

    you just went full retard. america isn’t the only place in the world

  • Americandickbag.

    Fuck you, America enough for you?

  • humane

    You do know that English is the language of the people that committed genocide on the native americans right? Some sensitivity to that and perhaps to the fact that this is a page of mourning would be nice of you.

  • Zipora Hewitt

    That is so sad to hear .he was a great actor and will be dearly missed .

  • Sarah Sanchez

    Maybe you should learn a new language.. Different countries = different languages. Thank you

  • kraut

    The apostrophe in “American’s” is not correct. You also misspelled “you’re.”

    Correct sentence structure would be nice so that people who speak English can know what you’re saying.

  • Hans

    Especially given the circumstances. RIP…

  • Varga

    dumb ignorant bitch piece of shit america isnt the only place in the world and english isnt the only language..why dont you learn spanish cunt?

  • Jaguwar

    What, you think he appealed only to English speakers? How ignorant.

  • Nazara

    “Americans”. No apostrophe. And “You’re”. Apostrophe. You know, like a contraction of the two words “you” and “are”. Learn English so we Americans know what you’re saying.

  • Daniel Cobb

    Use a translator dumbass.

  • abby

    Dont be an ignirant bitch some mexicans do speak english u dont have to be fukn raisist

  • Melissa Loren

    i agree

  • Tori

    R.I.P Paul Walker… He was a GREAT actor & Fast & Furious wont be the same without him!!

  • Caring

    OMG people, this is about Paul, who cares about someone being ignorant and having bad grammar….show some respect for the Man who was killed so young and his family who are probably reading these responses!!

  • Chazz


  • Chazz

    Nobody loves you Judy

  • DG

    Being an American, but well-traveled in the world, your ignorance is the reason why I cringe every time I hear & see an American in action, especially in Europe.

  • Chazz

    was just watching his movie hours crazy stuff to hear about

  • jimbob_mcgee

    Google Translate is your friend.

    Well, not YOUR friend, because clearly you’re incapable of learning something new.

  • Dianne

    There should be no name calling especially the “c” word, Vargal

  • american

    If you really need to know what he is saying Google it.

  • Eddie

    Racist bitch ! Use google translator thank you

  • Melissa Loren

    why don’t u all leave her be, get a life

  • Dianne

    I do believe this story is of a terrible tragedy. Please stop the name calling and get back to the story. RIP, Paul Walker. You will be truly missed.

  • who cares

    I don’t even know what enrique said but I liked it cause it wasnt english. Its americans like judy guyer that make me wanna move to some other country

  • Joe Alfaro

    @ Judy:
    1) Learn to use a computer. Copy and paste what Enrique wrote into a Spanish-to-English translator.
    2) Americans aren’t the only culture to speak English, so you fail there.
    2) It’s the 21st century. We’re in the year 2013, now.
    Please get out of the Civil War era and catch up with us.
    3) Thanks for using your FBook profile. Bleeeegh!

  • vinicius

    He was a GREAT actor & Fast & Furious will not be the same without him! agree

  • Danielle

    I don’t even think she was being mean. I think she was just curious as to what he was saying..that’s all. I see statuses on Facebook sometimes and wish I knew how to read Spanish cuz I wanna know what they say.

  • SC_Tito

    Do you know what is sad? how ignorant you are (and stupid) you are just embarrassing you own people and this amazing country….thank you

  • Acehole

    I guess he wasn’t such a good driver after all…. dick head, you just killed somebody.

  • CaliMadchen

    Wow, there are some people here with serious anger issues. Judy may have shown ignorance in her statement but the vitriol of these responses show what’s wrong with humanity today. RIP Paul. Prayers to your friends and family.

  • vero

    F*ck that i just can’t believe it. Such a great actor and hansome man. I just can’t imagine fast and furious without him .R.I.P paul walker <3

  • Joe Alfaro

    …Even if I didn’t order my bullet points correctly, it’s a fail I can live with compared to your abysmally dumb, insensitive, and ignorant comment.

  • vinicius

    paul walker today even remember that I saw the first fast furious 🙂

  • katy Velasco-reyes

    R.I.P Paul u was a awsome actress and I bet a wonderful man in person and Judy guyer wat a bitch grow up Mexicans have there piece of mind as well learn fuckin Spanish if u don’t like it u fuckin pin deja mensa

  • Jon

    He was the passenger retard

  • Nazara

    From the CNN Article:

    “Walker was a passenger in a friend’s car and both were attending a charity event for his organization, Reach Out Worldwide, in Santa Clarita, about 30 miles north of Hollywood.”

    So not only is your anger and edginess misguided, but you’re really living up to your username. The poor guy just died, leaving behind a 15 year old daughter, and you have no idea what may have caused it, but you sure as hell got your shots in.

    You must be a blast at parties.

  • mamabear66

    Hey Dick Head, he wasn’t driving the friend was.

  • JJones

    It says after the driver lost control. He was the passenger idiot.

  • Mack Arone

    He was the passenger.

  • calm down

    Translated “I very much regret the loss of human life”

  • JustWow

    Check the story again. He’s not the “dick head” that can’t drive. He was a passenger. How sad that regardless of whose fault it is you act that way when 2 lives were lost. Besides, see the snow? Ever think that may have played a part in it???

  • Dee

    You fucktard he wasn’t driving. It was the CEO of AE performance.

  • Marie

    Wil they keep doing the 7th one

  • Joe Alfaro

    @ Danielle: You don’t think people who speak other languages think the same thing when you write something in English and they can’t understand it?
    NO, ACTUALLY THEY DON’T! They translate what you wrote into an online language translator. Man, how the heck are you people going to survive in non-English speaking countries, seriously!

  • Lizziesw

    Looks like you should learn HOW to speak english; it’s “you’re”.

  • JustWow

    Ha! Bad lighting there was no snow. It just looked hat way on my screen the way it was turned.

  • swades123

    God bless him and his family.RIP u will b missed Mr. Walker.

  • kathylebron

    Such disrespect for someone who’s just passed away and especially his family! You need to check yourself. You’ve got some deep issues.

  • Jenni

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t Paul Walker driving. It was his friend, so in reality he was killed by his friend. This was a person, and you should use more respectful words.

  • Juan yin

    That’s not snow!!!

  • Tommy Turek

    Read the whole article he wasn’t driving ass hole and have some respect 2 people just died.

  • monty147

    He wasn’t driving…

  • Dan Woodward

    From the looks of the fake pic how do they know who was driving?

  • Joe Alfaro

    Oh screw you, Judy!
    Go f^&* your dumb self, and thanks for being dumb enough to use your real facebook profile.
    Go get yourself a proper education, you culturally insensitive ignoramus.

  • Jamaicablondie

    All you people care about is being “the biggest, baddest, most intimidating or a know it all about spelling and grammar.” Go into the world and get a life! I will pray for all of you while I pray for this dead man’s friends and family. You know the ones probably reading this and thinking that nobody even cared enough to stop bitching out strangers! You people need to grow up and go check out life from behind your computer! Try saying the things you said to these people in real life and see where it gets you! – jackasses! I will pray for you as much as I will pray for this mans family because clearly you all need it.

  • Patriot.

    Not everyone visits other countries though. Ignorance is bliss, they say, and most Americans choose to be ignorant, not only to the existence of other countries, but to the things our media doesn’t discuss. Also, in America, I do believe we should speak the language we have created, by breaking down other languages, instead of forcing our children to learn other languages. If Americans move to Mexico, we are forced to learn Spanish. If Hispanics move to America, we are forced to learn Spanish. Yay for idiocy all around. =D

  • pepsi

    why dont you guys get a life

  • Joe Alfaro

    Cast the first stone, prepared to get your nose broken, Melissa.
    That’s Judy, here.
    Stop playing comment-referee, because it’s not working.

  • CaliMadchen

    No, there was definitely no snow. It was sunny and in the 70s here today. However, the bright sun CAN be a factor. I’ve been blinded more than a few times while driving here by the sun.

  • Caring

    Amen, I’m with you!

  • Patriot.

    American English isn’t. That would be the original dialect of our broken and dumbed down language. So….. Do your research, please? Also, Native Americans.*

  • Jenni

    Really uncalled for. No one is perfect, and that means you either. Leave the lady alone already! What I think is ignorant is how much childish behavior there is it high thread. Paul Walker will be missed.

  • Melissa Loren

    it looks like u r the only one having a problem on here, i think u should pray for your self,

  • pepsi

    you r a ass



  • Joe Alfaro

    @ Jamaicablondie: You wrote this dissertation as though your were making a totally new, eye-opening point of some sort. Very sad, because you know you’re doing the exact same thing with your comment.

  • Emma

    OMG! Cant believe this story, is this a hoax? And if it’s not I can’t believe some of the shocking comments from some really rude and thick people. Some guy has died and people really truly have absolutely no clue about life or respect for others regardless of who they are. It’s a sad fucked up world we live in these days. RIP Paul, very sad 🙁

  • JustWow

    I see that now, my laptop was turned weird and the glare and bright light in the picture looked like it had been snowing. Honest mistake. Regardless, the poor families and how they must be feeling. I will be praying for them for peace and comfort.

  • OMG….am I seeing things or is there a person-shaped object in the passenger seat?

  • Joe Alfaro

    ^ Weak, try harder “Pepsi”.

  • katrinka45

    don’t think her reply makes her a racist…it just makes her
    uninformed…someone teaching her the proper way to look up a translation would
    be nice instead of all the name calling…maybe she is new to the internet…or
    maybe she is just rude…alot of you made yourselves look 10 times worse than her because what you said in reply to her was far worse than what she said to begin with…it really doesn’t matter because the story is not about
    her incorrect use of the internet or her rudeness…it’s about paying respects to a man that
    has passed before his time…

  • Meeve

    supercar can transform into death trap realy fast.

  • Patriot

    Not everyone plans on going to foreign countries. The thing of it is? It’s a common courtesy to try to make things legible for all. Yes, they make Google Translate, but not everyone knows it exists. Don’t try to make yourself a badass behind your keyboard. Stop calling people out for asking for a translation, and respect he dead, bro.

  • sarah

    RIP Mr. walker you will be missed

  • Patriot

    You WERE being rather childish, Vero.

  • Jer

    If there was, it would be covered in a yellow plastic tarp.

  • Ashley Baird McElwee

    Learn who was driving before posting something heartless!

  • JustWow

    I’m not sure, they could always do what they did when Brandon Lee passed while he was filming The Crow. Still sad and won’t be the same. Such a tragedy.

  • pepsi

    why dont you have some respect for paul walker

  • Joe Alfaro

    Nope. Things were fine until Miss Cultural Hospitality wrote some insensitive crap.

    There’s not being perfect, then there’s going out of your way to not be perfect. That’s what Judy did. Screw her, and any sensitive thing she’ll write about Paul Walker’s death.

  • carl

    may god be with him amen.

  • Patriot

    She asked fr a translation? Maybe she’s uneducated about the internet’s usages and potential?

  • Joe Alfaro

    Oh my god, you fail so badly.
    I’m not trying to be a bad ass. If that’s the way you see me, then you know I’m right.
    By the way, the “bad ass behind the keyboard” remark applies to you, too. You do realize that, right? Ignoramus.

  • Patriot

    I’m not the one screaming at someone for being uneducated. Thus rendering your remark invalid.

  • Joe Alfaro

    WELL VISIT ANOTHER COUNTRY, YOU CLOSE MINDED NUMBSKULL!!! Don’t you realize when you say “not everyone visits other countries”, that it’s NOT NECESSARILY A GOOD THING?
    It’s certainly nothing to be proud of.

    “Hi, I’m American, and I’ll never travel outside of America.”
    F%^king weak!

  • Patriot

    I guess we wont a Fast and Furious 7. Thank Goodness!

  • Patriot

    I was saying that I had no plans to? Nope. Only stating the obvious. There are some people who are broke, and haven’t the funds to travel. Not everyone is well off there, silver spoon.

  • Patriot

    This is what happens when you SPEED! “Life’s tough but it’s tougher when your stupid!” John Wayne.

  • Joe Alfaro

    You commented, that means you give a sh!t. You’re just like everyone else on this thread. Live with it.

  • Caring

    Shyt…I’m lucky to have enough money to survive, traveling outside my country is just a dream that will never come true, but sure would like to…I guess that makes me closed minded, but not by choice!!

  • Patriot

    You stole my name. And He wasn’t the driver, dude.

  • Caring

    Oh, I forgot that also makes me weak!

  • Melissa Loren

    if your big enough

  • Joe Alfaro

    @ “Patriot”: Nope, believe me if we were talking face to face, I’d come up with more valid points than you.
    Maybe next time you eat at a spanish-speaking restaurant like a REAL Mexican food restaurant, maybe you could shout out loud how you feel about the drudgery of having to translate Spanish.

    You’d die of starvation if you ever left the U.S.

  • Patriot

    You are the one who said that. I’m just using logic to try to teach you about the inabilities of others. Also, calm down, nobody is trying to fight you, I’m just stating that not everyone wishes or is able to travel around the globe.

  • Olegiezer

    Inappropriate dude. Have a heart man

  • Patriot

    I didn’t say I am unwilling to learn the languages, only that some are. However, If children in an English majority country are forced to learn another language, will that not lead to bigotry and racism?

  • Beth

    R.I.P Paul Walker, you will be sadly missed by your friends, family and fans. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

  • Caring

    I was talking to Sarah, she’s the one who says “travel and I’m weak”

  • judygrandma5

    you people are a disgrace to America’s and I am a American with those filthy mouths when your suppose to be mourning Paul walker we are supposed to set an example for the people that aren’t Americans have a nice night

  • chandler

    fast and furious will never be the same

  • Syl

    Sorry to hear the passing of Mr. Walker my prayers go to his family and friends and sorry to hear of the passing of the unknown driver, your friends and family also has my prayers.

  • Angel


  • firebert

    No 7fast7furious then I guess

  • Shawn85206

    To make so many movies about cars, and to go this way, irony. Sympathies to both families.

  • judygrandma5

    And are you people on here to fight or thank about Paul if your going to fight do it some place else what if it was your loved one and there was a child involved it would upset you to read all this think about it

  • Gary Apps

    James Dean, James Dean… you were too fast to live, too young to die, bye, bye…

  • Angela Way

    I guess you’re not such a good reader after all….He was the passenger you fucktard.

  • Patriot

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.~

  • Jen Richwine Bret Duncan

    Wow did you think that up by yourself you retard!

  • Joe Alfaro

    “El coche rojo en la calle.”

    If you can’t find a way to easily translate that to English within 30 seconds of reading it, you need to go back to school and learn the following:
    1) Spanish
    2) Computer & Information System Literacy

    Both can be studied online, AND FOR FREE!!! ***GASP***

  • carnage11B

    -_- OMG why do people care? he was a horrible actor

  • Angie Annear

    the red car in the street

  • carnage11B

    Lmao easy come easy go guess he will be “BURNING” up the roads in heaven xD

  • Angela Way

    I’d rather be stupid than have that ugly fucking face of your’s. Do us all a favor and get rid of you’re ugly ass profile picture. you’re heart and soul are ugly enough you fucking piece of shit. He had a fucking daughter.

  • albc

    It doesn’t matter if YOU think he wasn’t a good actor. I am not particularly a fan, but he is a human being. How can you even make that the focus of his death?

  • GR1M

    Probably because he was a human being?

  • Trisha

    Wow you are a horrible person… It’s someone’s life that was lost. Your opinion is useless. Get over yourself!!!

  • Angie Annear

    in english this means I regret very much the loss of human life

  • Lydia

    He was a great actor, SO FUCK YOU CARNAGE YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

  • john

    lol your a fag

  • judygrandma5

    If you make the picture bigger you can see the drivers face and his sneaker you would think they would have gotten them out before they took the picture

  • Kannummah

    OMG why are u so bothered in commenting in this post then?

  • mysticmanor

    those are the coldest, rudest, most stupid statements that I have ever heard. how cruel cane a person be.

  • roy

    Wow some people… I feel bad for Paul and his family. I also feel for some of the cold andmindless that have posted.

  • mao

    Maybe he was a bad actor. You ARE a horrible person.

  • Angela Way

    Think about if it was your loved one that died and people were talking nothing but shit about them. Would you let them? I’m sure Paul would love to see his true family and fans defending him. I agree with you that people shouldn’t fight…however, I wouldn’t want someone talking shit about one of my dead family members either.

  • mysticmanor

    all you smart mouthed, cruel people can run your chops, but can’t stay in the kitchen and handle the heat, can you? I have some very ugly words I can give to you and I am sure there are a lot of other people out that that can also do that.

  • CanadaGirl

    Wow most of you do not give a S… about what this is all about. No wonder the U.S.A has so many wars and killings you people just are all about your self and about fighting. I understand Canada where I am from has the same kind of people as they are everywhere. However for the most part we are all about peace and love. R.I.P Paul Walker you will be missed. And I am sorry if anyone takes my comment the wrong way but as the people of the U.S.A would say we have freedom of speech so I am just expressing my thoughts and feelings. Just made me want to stay away from visiting the U.S even more reading all the disrespect comments. Again not all were making me sick but you rude sick people will get what’s coming to you soon enough. What do they say??? Oh yes KARMA WILL GET YOU IN THE END. The way I see it is this could be anyone of your loved ones and how will you feel reading nasty discusting comments like these ones. Anyways sorry this is not for all Americans and I am sorry if you take this comment as I am talking about all I mean no disrespect.

  • steve

    walker was giving the driver a BJ and just as the driver shot his load he lost control of the car. must have been one hell of a hot BURNING BJ lol

  • Johnlisa Hennessey

    he was a human being asshole!

  • Demona

    This is so heart breaking, to hear of this bad news, he was such a good actor, and i feel for his family, esp. his daughter, My thought and prayers to his Daughter and Family…….R.I.P. Paul Walker! You will be missed my us ALL!

  • Kim

    that is the most degrading thing anyone could ever say!!! Have you no morals? He was A giving caring man that left behind a precious baby and family they r suffering so horribly yet you joke. u could be sued for slander if his family see’s this and i hope they dont for their sake. Grow up and show respect 4 the good ppl in the world

  • Kim

    i agree

  • mysticmanor

    steve, carnage 119 and all the others, he probably done more to help others in a short time, than you have ever done in a lifetime. you are just too stupid to even stay on here and read the shit you are writing. you and yours will come to this one day. just remember that.

  • Colt

    That biblical reference is pointless here and ignorant to even mention. Let me help you, if you kill people for a living, you’re most likely going to end up murdered or sentenced to life (that is living by the sword and dying by the sword).
    Paul was an actor! You’re trying to compare his acting to his real life but that’s not what he did in the real world and if you read the article, you would know that someone else was driving, so it wasn’t his fault anyway (I’m not saying the driver wasn’t going too fast or anything because it’s very possible he/she was, but Paul wasn’t driving..and nobody knows yet who the driver is, so you can’t go judging them with that biblical reference anyway..besides, isn’t it up to God to judge what we do).

    Just show some respect, Paul and “the other person” just died today and I along with many fans are upset about this and would rather not read a comment like that.

  • Jack

    I think if you can’t translate it from spanish to english you need to go back to school! Your in the US!! The official language, ENGLISH!, and not all people sit on there asses all day infront of a computer screen and look at life, we go out and live it! Why would you post this here? A guy died! Just odd!

  • TerryLynn

    How can anyone say or even think such horrible and disgusting things to say like that, you would have to be a little sick in the head. R.I.P. Paul Walker you were a great actor.

  • Alexis

    this is so sad. i always err on the side of caution. i dont shop on black fridays, i dont smoke or drink or use drugs. i dont engage in extreme sports. I’m a dullard, but it’s stuff like what happened to Paul that i avoid. oh, and Fk you to all the ppl who think this is funny.

  • Stewie

    new movie coming out: “Not so Fast, Not so Furious”

  • Cnsixtreefour Membercoloradocl


  • J Ber

    Too soon dude

  • Mrs. Austin

    Your sir are a dick…

  • Angela Way

    Hey Soulless sorry excuse for a human being, (aka)- Steve,….Since you like talking about BJ’s so much, I was just wondering, How would you like to give Satan himself a good ol’ dick sucking? Cause that’s probably the first of many things you’ll do when you get to hell. Talk about one hell of a hot BURNING BG.

  • chuck

    Stewie: I hope your death is extremely slow and infinitely agonizing…

  • Educated

    Hey genius. There is no official language in the US. Go back to school.

  • Mrs. Austin

    You are a jerk, this man lost his life today. He left behind his child, and all you are making jokes and talking crap. Get a life, and keep your rude comments to your self.

  • Goat

    he couldn’t be sued for slander, its a comment on a web page. if steve here was a reporter who said that on the news like it was true, it would be slander. online, its just ass-hattery.

  • Mrs. Austin

    Shut up you dick

  • Mrs. Austin

    Hey dumb ass he was the passenger. Maybe you should READ the articles you idiot.

  • chuck

    It’s a good thing I don’t know where you are, steve. You’re a poor excuse of a human being, so let me give you a quick scenario: You’re laughing and giggling with your buddies at your house. Good little party. you say goodbye to your friends. You go upstairs to the bathroom, turn on the light, look in the mirror. You admire yourself and smile. You turn on the water to wash your face. you bend down and splash water on your face, you carelessly grab a towel without looking and stand up, drying your face. when you move the towel to see your face again, a figure in an all black tactical Nomex suit with a balaclava mask is standing behind you. You react too late. the razor wire is already around your throat. the figure leaves your lifeless body bent over the sink. your dead eyes still open,looking at the bottom of the bowl. the water turning crimson red….

  • Maya Marmolejo


  • chuck

    Well said Colt

  • steve

    i will bitch slap you tinker bell

  • Marvin Bliesath

    just for cracking jokes like that,someone should fuck you up ,but it’s all good cause Karma knows every ones address including yours,and if there was a chance you would be in front of me i would be your Karma and go to jail a happy man for fucking someone like you up

  • Karinka Kaptur

    :'( – R.I.P :'(

  • Kimberly Reed

    your write it just upset me so much the lack of respect and morals ppl have

  • Davis Powell

    anybody know what kind of car it was? Paul was not driving?

  • Tman

    Speeding doesn’t kill people. Crashing does.

  • Paul Walker has died and passed into eternity. Friends, may this be a wake up call to you! Everyone of us will die someday and it could come suddenly. Are you ready to stand before the God you know exists and give an account for your life? All of us have broken God’s laws and violated our God-given consciences in different ways. God has provided a means of forgiveness and new life in Christ who lived in our place, died on the cross in the place of sinners, and overcame sin and death. Death is not natural friends. Death is the result of our sin and brokenness. Please get right with God through Christ today. He will change your heart and you will live entirely differently as a result.

  • Malcolm

    looks like a carrera gt. R.I.P. smh

  • Davis Powell

    porsche 911? what a drag. Sorry for his daughter….that sucks.

  • chuck

    easy to talk shit on the computer…but I’m bettin’ you won’t say that to my face, which is exactly why you responded like you’re some sort of tough guy…well let me explain something to you son, that death of yours I just described? I could do that to you. Very easily. How? I was trained by the military’s best. So, I can show you tinker bell when I slip a Benchmade tactical knife between your ribs and watch you bleed out…

  • Felix Bouffard

    God is fake. Fictional character dreamt up by man, bible written by man. It’s all a fairy tale. Minus every word of “god” “Christ” and “Jesus” and the bible can be used as a learning tool for any religion.

  • Felix Bouffard

    What killed him.. Crash or fire?

  • Felix Bouffard

    Trees are dangerous. We should cut them all down.

  • Marvin Bliesath

    yo I’m in Reading,Pa. and that’s my real name ,why don,t you message me when you grow the balls to come to Reading ,Pa. so i can find out where you are,but i know you don’t have any heart cause you made that obviously clear NO HEART

  • Guy

    Carrera GT. One of the hardest cars anyone could ever drive

  • Guy

    no way man. you seem to know all the answers, maybe the five billion people that actually believe in God with more to show for it than some sentences on a keyboard are all wrong.

  • Guy

    Carrera GT

  • Jerry


  • Guy

    Hey genius.

    Shut up.

  • Smurf

    I am here to tell you God is real, he is not a fictional character. Any one that does not have a personal relationship with him will always doubt his existence. I have a personal relationship with him and no relationship on earth can compare. He is the reason I am living. You are entitled to your beliefs and I will not try to change your mind but there will come a time that you will wished you had believed and accepted him. Have an Awesome Day!!!

  • yourbestenemy

    The worst part is ignorant piles of shit like you get to chime in on things like this when all people need is a positive word, you slide in ridiculous comments. Shut your stupid mouth and let people believe what they will, if you don’t agree, swallow it, and then maybe you’ll realize that we are all people, regardless of fame, when our time comes we must face it.
    Whatever anyone believes, may it bless you and keep you safe.
    And if I wasn’t clear, fuck FELIX.

  • US well educated

    Daaaa!!! The official language of the US is English you dum-Shit. That’s why in US school Spanish class is called a foreign language. and to become a US citizen you have to learn English first, And Paul Walker was one of the best actors that ever lived. How many movies make it to there 7th. and who knows how many he would have made after that. He was a magnificent actor and director! If you don’t have any thing better to do than to be disrespectful then go to Hell Now instead of later because your going there anyway.

  • islander

    always a dbag waiting to highjack a thread to promote their view or correct what you may deem is incorrect. In this case you are a complete dirt bag for highjacking this thread. GFYS and have some respect!

  • islander


  • islander

    wow and the morally bankrupt crawls out of the cesspool of human animal trash

  • islander

    says the fat little man with short man complex. crawl back in your hole.

  • felixisdumb

    Felix you are a tool and should get off this thread dbag

  • islander

    and you are a horrible excuse for a human being. Please stop using oxygen

  • islander

    think your reply accurately illustrates who you are. Sad to be you,

  • Kayla

    R.I.P Paul 🙁

  • RIP Paul 808

    He wasn’t driving, So the driver was probably just trying to show off because of the movies that Paul was in. So Sad, Wasn’t his fault. Paul wasn’t much of a speeder. I new him personally. spoke on several occasions. He was a regular in my store in Hawaii where his Girlfriend and daughter lived.

  • ohmashoes

    rip paul walker. this is truly hurtful.

  • James

    R.I.P Paul Walker. A man that has blessed the world with his fantastic personality and acting. A great actor is gone from the world.

  • Local 808

    Paul already filmed most of Fast & Furious 7. I spoke to him quite often in Hawaii where his girlfriend and daughter lived. He was quite a regular in my store. I hope They use what they have in the can so far and complete Fast Seven.

  • Noah Anurag

    R.i.P..!! Paul Walker

  • What standard of reasoning are you using to evaluate the truth claims of the Bible? If you say the Bible is false, I want to know your standard of truth. How can you know anything for certain?

  • Noah Anurag


  • bonbon

    Why are you all feeding into STEVE’S comment ???? He is a very sick soul and you are playing his game, he loves it…..just saying….I am a believer in Jesus Christ…

  • Paul

    Ride or die…

  • doedee

    Felix, There has to be more than this life. I pray that you are saved and have a relationship with God before it is too late for you to have eternal life.

  • Karinka, how do you know whether or not people will rest in peace when they die? What about all the wrong people do in the world? What about our own sin? Evil is not an outside force, it is something inside of us all. I believe we can rest in peace when we look to the cross.

  • bonbon

    I also am from Canada….and CanadaGirl I agree whole heartedly with you…

  • Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Violent and profane language comes from a heart corrupted by a sin nature. We only die once and certainly human life is more valuable than that of a tree. I love trees and nature btw but I love people made equal in the image of God more.

  • Local 808

    Paul wasn’t a speeder. He wasn’t driving you Fucking Ass Hole. He was a regular in my store in Hawaii where his girlfriend and daughter lived. I asked him if he drove like the did in the movies. He laughed and said no. He was an awesome loving person, very humble. When I said “Hey Paul” when he walked in, He would smile and put his index finger up to his mouth so I would not give away his identity. He did love guns though. That’s what we talked about when he would come in. 1911 45 auto’s were his favorite. (I will truly miss you Paul.)

  • Felix, I just want to let you know that according to my standard of truth everyone knows that God exists because of plain revelation through nature, the cosmos, and the order of created things. The problem is that we naturally suppress that truth because we love our sin and ourselves more than God. We worship self more than God which is why God is just to deal with our sin. According to my standard of truth (God’s revelation), you know that things like truth, logic, and morality exist. The problem is that you cannot account for the existence of such things apart from the God you know. I would plead with you to reconsider your reasoning and find forgiveness and grace through turning to Christ. I would plead that for all of you who might be reading this today. Surrender yourselves to God and plead with Him to change your heart. I am not saved because I am more worthy than anyone else. I am saved purely by undeserved grace.

  • local 808

    Hey Ass Hole! How can you nick name your self Patriot when your disrespecting one of the best all American movies of all times. Any way Paul already filmed most of Fast & furious 7. The only movie that came close to that many sequels is Rocky and who knows how many more he would have made if he didn’t pass away. He was an awesome actor and director. We will miss your dearly Paul.

  • guy 2

    he was not driving

  • local 808

    When you die a slow and agenizing death we are going to post “NOT SOON ENOUGH” Fuck You Stewie!!!! I knew him, he was a very nice and humble person, and had a girlfriend and daughter here in Hawaii that are suffering right now.

  • SteelerFan84

    Yall are ridiculous! !.. the only on here should be R.I.P and that’s so sad..and our prayers out with his family and friends!! Things like that!! Yet yall use this time to say nasty shit and bitch about religion! ! America is falling apart!! And as a member of the Marine Corps for ten years and multiple combat tours!! People are giving up their lives for u to have the rights u do the least
    u could do is show some damn respect!! Someone died and yea u may not know him personally but damn!!! I swear people now and days make me sick!!!.. R.I.P Paul Walker!!!

  • local 808

    So you send your fuckups here to the US like Justin Beber?!?!? Please take him back. He thinks he’s black and has no respect for our country. Sorry but the US is the greatest free country in the world. take away your big water fall and you guys have nothing. don’t pretend like Canada has no bad people. If that’s what you think your in some dream world.( Anyways sorry this is not for all Canadians and I am sorry if you take this comment as I am talking about all I mean no disrespect.)

  • Dizzy

    Whether God is real or not, you are all pathetic in this section of comments. This is here for Paul, his family and his fans. Not for you idiots to push your religion or your disbelief of religion on to others.You don’t have any more right to push God onto other people than he does to push onto you his disbelief. I am Catholic and I have enough respect for my fellow human beings to not push my beliefs onto them. Maybe all of you ganging up on Felix should learn to have the same respect. Everyone has the right to believe what they want and you have ZERO right to try to force them to believe what you believe. And you wonder why some people look down on religion. It’s because idiots like you attack someone who does not share your belief. You guys make me sick and almost make me ashamed to be a person who believes in God.

    R.I.P Paul Walker. You will be greatly missed.

  • Main Man Rick


  • a bozo

    Wow, you loser. Reading, PA…I hope that place burns down. Had a friend YEARS AGO that moved from Los Angeles where I live to Shillington PA for some dumbass reason. Oh, I know why..he was broke.

  • Dizzy

    I agree with you 100% This coming from a Catholic who obviously believes in God. These other guys that are arguing over religion disgust me. I cannot stand any one who tries to push their religion on others.

  • RIP Paul Walker

    Paul was a PASSENGER, dipshit.

  • marc

    A passenger in his own car while letting his friend drive “fast and furious” down a populated at an event. He was letting people drive his car pulling stunts like figure 8’s. I am just glad they did not kill anyone else.

  • Nick 1304

    Wow! I can’t believe some of these comments. A man loss his life and some of you are making jokes about it! I don’t find anything funny about this. He was somebody’s father, son, friend, etc. So before some of you let the dumb $hit come out of your mouth, think about how you would feel if you loss your loved one to a horrible crash. Smh

  • lilmiss

    ur retarded,,,

  • Roger George

    I scan threw most of yalls comments,I think u people have veered off course,I seen a lot of this mans movies,today the movie going public lost a terrific entertainer,a child lost her father,parents lost their son,friends of this man will never hear the sound of his laughter again,,,rest in peace-Paul Walker-dance with the angels-sleep among the star’s-you will be missed god bless your family for there the one’s who will need strength now to continue life without you…RG

  • Drazen

    Whats wrong with you americans? Here is man dead!

  • Brenda

    Why don’t you guys show some respect for the person who lost his life. Yes we know he wasn’t driving yes it was not snow its water from putting the fire out! Be respectful on what you post his family and friends could be reading this and you all look like heartless assholes!

  • mr.trucker


  • fred

    He was to Fast & Furious. Should have been drifting. RIP paul walker

  • Americans think there number 1

    English is overrated. so are Americans you people think you own the rights to everything and think the world should follow your lead. how sad.

  • people in the U.S suck.

    why don’t you learn something else then English or are your fat lazy brains too sow to understand you are not the only ones on this earth?

  • Stop being so dumb people.

    I disagree we should be teaching are kids more then 1 language I have and my kids are better for it. why teach any less? only give the best for your kids don’t half ass it.

  • Hidayat Baker

    Fuck you racist dog!

  • Spell this

    Fixing someone spelling online just shows how much of a worthless life you have and you only worry about dumb stuff why don’t you take your head out of that ass and stop worry about where a fucking ‘ or letter gos did you not understand what was said over something so small is your brain so dumb down that you cant fix it in your mind and move along? get a life get over your self you fat lazy dumb fuck.

  • Death happens get over it.

    i bet a lot of kids died this way after watching his movies.
    it sucks when human life is lost but i can not fix the pass or do anything about so yea its sad but on the other hand everyone has a time card and you never know when its time to clock out.
    RIP kids that died from street racing.

  • Sad

    Shocked to hear he died.. RIP, Paul Walker. 🙁

  • Respect

    Sending prayers to his family and friends. May he always be with them in there hearts and watching them grow from heaven. As for the people making rude comments I pray for all of you as well its a disgrace to disrespect the dead. Those of u disrespecting Paul and his family think about how you would feel if you were in there shoes… RIP PAUL AND GOD BLESS HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!

  • steve

    i am so scared bozo and just because you watch rambo does not mean you are trained

  • Nazara

    “Guys! This is about how Paul Walker died! Look at how sympathetic I am! ::goes into long rant about how the U.S. is awful::”

    Hypocrisy thy name is…

  • James Foreman

    Ditto “Nutcase”

  • Dodie Thomson

    Thank you Dizzy! No one cares about anyone’s religion, etc., we are here to remember someone who passed away suddenly & tragically… & to send our condolences to his family & friends. We should also remember his work & how much he entertained us… celebrate his life.

  • Mark Milner

    Nope and I never will be, you are an idiot.

  • Sarah

    the reality of like is that YES people die. However it is not his fault if kids died street racing. that would be the fault of the parents that did NOT teach them reality from movies. explain to them the difference. sad that you dont know the difference.

  • Gaiguer

    Sure, should I bring my credit card too? God this, God that.. keep it to yourself. I’m not bound to swallow your religion as you are not bound to swallow my criticism to it

  • James Cannon

    RIP Paul Walker we will miss you you were a great person and actor,Our prayers are with you and your Family.

  • Mike

    He was an incredible actor. If only he was driving at the time with his superb driving skills would he still be here. That was a joke to lighten up the mood. I suppose only the good die young. I had no idea he was 40. Time has flown since The Fast and the Furious. He came back years later to make more of them back to back. That would be a task. I also had no idea he was in production of a seventh. Paul Walker was a badass and he died like a badass. I’ll put it that way. The guy died speeding down a road in a high end vehicle(I believe the driver was speeding). Paul was a racer offset. He owned and customized the skyline from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

  • Mark Milner

    You are a dickhead.

  • Donna Poirier-Wilson

    wow there are allot of idiot,s on here turning this into drama!!!its not about you or your damn religion!!!!!!its about a good actor,,,father,,,someones son,,,brother,,,that lost his life!!grow up!!!have some respect!!

  • Pete leibnitz

    I’m speachless another great man gone before his time…lost my nephew a year and a half ago in a similar heart goes out to his family

  • tcharles

    This is just horrible he was such a great actor RIP Paul you will be missed your family is in my prayers

  • Pedro D’val

    and no more… real talk..!

  • Lynn

    Amen!!For those that post negative comments to this,,he has his rights to comment how “he” feels.You have the rights to comment also but why sit and trash someone else’s comments??Whether you believe or not is your business and no place of anybody else to demean you or slam on you for your beliefs.He didn’t post this to slam on you that don’t believe so why be so ignorant as to slam him??!!

  • Małgorzata

    Szczere kondolencje dla rodziny,a zwłaszcza dla córki [*]

  • TheMaster99

    Guys, take your fucking religion flame wars elsewhere. Coming from an atheist, I don’t give a flying fuck about your beliefs. I respect them whatever they may be, but I don’t care about them. What frustrates me as an atheist isn’t that people believe in a deity, but that they practically brag about it, acting as if it makes them a better person in society than the rest of us. Leave your prayers, lectures, and bibles at home. What a person chooses to believe is THEIR decision, stop trying to force your beliefs down everybody’s throats. I often see atheists flame Christians for trying to force Christianity on us, but that’s EXACTLY what you’re trying to do with atheism. Both parties need to grow the fuck up and move on with their lives, instead of sitting on a computer trying to convert everyone they see to their religion of choice.

  • Felix Bouffard

    I see the churches that are controlled and run by ordinary men have done a fantastic job of brain washing you. I feel sorry for you Jason.

  • Felix Bouffard


  • Rob Gibson

    Sad that he lost his life and that a girl is fatherless, but let’s not turn him into a victim. All reports I read said speed appears to be a factor…

  • Felix Bouffard

    Man is flawed. Man sins. Man makes bad decisions. Man killed Jesus. Man wrote the bible. Should all of mans writing of history be truth on what we know of men?

  • Roseann Schaefer

    RIP unidentified person , RIP Paul Walker .

  • mirko

    Ciao Paul. Purtroppo la vita reale non è come nei tuoi film, ci mancherai moltissimo, grazie per averci lasciato in ricordo i tuoi bellissimi film. Adesso riposa in pace non ti dimenticheremo molto facilmente, Ciaoooooo Paul

  • Simon Gomez

    All reports also indicate he wasn’t behind the wheel. So yes, I would say he was sort of a victim.

  • zeechaud46

    seem like car was made out of paper

  • redgator

    Way to go completely off topic. I am also an atheist, but refuse to go on religious rants. Talk about a religion flame war. Switch to decaf.

  • redgator

    Death isn’t natural? Funny how I don’t see any 1000 year olds walking around.

  • jacqueline

    why be saying things like f…. you and swearing on this topic for goodness sake have some respect …. two men have lost their lives here and all you can do is argue and swear get off of here and take your arguements else where R.I.P.

  • cody

    woah that car was cruising!

  • MoniLove

    He didn’t pass away, he was killed. There is a difference in how it happened. Regardless, my condolences to his family.

  • dd

    We don’t care about yours either. So you shut up.

  • Kathy

    R.I.P. Paul Walker.Thoughts and Prayers to yr Daughter and yr Family.

  • Debbie Steward

    he wasnt driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Renee

    RIP Paul Walker.. you will be truly missed.. my condolences go out to his family 🙁

  • Dragostin Drazhev

    RIP Paul Walker

  • Anita Lorent

    rip paul walker

  • Alan Deafman Clarke

    Rest In Peace Paul walker Rest in peace may your memories live on forever.

  • Candy Cox Olsen

    He is a victim, he was the passenger. RIP Paul. Condolences to his daughter and family.

  • shaun dodman

    r.i.p paul and roger paul u will be missed so much by the whole world .thank you for all the fast and furious films i watch them all the time and hope they still do no.7 in your honor and memory . massive respect to your whole family a very upset fan from beginning to end xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • marco antonio

    think for a moment he mixed fiction with reality, because everything leads to believe that he had been flying foot down

  • marco antonio

    God comfort your family

  • Jorge Jose DaCosta

    Man. He must of been doing ovet 120 m.p h. Look at what’s left of that car? It goes to show no matter how good you are or how rich and famous, you can die in a car wreck like this. I hope you young kids learned your lesson from road racing, this could happen to you.

  • fnf fan

    But the thing is he wasnt driving

  • April

    Paul Walker was not the one driving !! His friend was driving, they were on their way to a charity event !!

  • Brad Mitchell

    What do you mean young kids ? why is this directed at kids… They were grown men.. No one is too young or old to learn a lesson from this.. Everyone should learn a lesson. Stop being so ignorant… I hope you learned your lesson Jorge.

  • Jorge Jose DaCosta

    Lol. So he wasn’t driving? Were you there to recover the bodys? So your going to let some idiot drive and kill you also? I’m sure alcohol and drugs played a part in this along with some idiot racing down a highyway instead of a race track.

  • fnf fan

    If really dont care about what we say then why read it o_O


    Really man this isn’t about you its about Paul and his family the prayers are for him SO GET OVER YOU SELF no one is pushing CHRISTIANITY ON YOU you sound like a big but hole I beleave in god and I don’t have to leave my bible at home or my prayers THATS MY FREEDOM TO PRAY, FOR EVER I WISH TO PRAY FOR,, ILL DO WHAT I WANT. WHEN I WANT , ILL PRAY FOR WHO EVER I WANT TO PRAY FOR AND THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU,, ITS ABOUT PAUL AND HIS FAIMLEY ,,,,,,,,SO GET OVER YOUR SELF THEIR OTHERS IN THIS WORLD BESIDE YOU ,,,MAY GOD HAVE MURCEY ON YOU, YOU ARE DISGRACEFUL

  • fnf fan

    Ok maybe alcohol

  • fnf fan

    Hey I got an idea if u want everyone to stop how about u quite reading it b/c we actually have lives u idiot!

  • April

    He wasn’t driving !!!!

  • fnf fan

    Yea he wasnt driving

  • Boston Billy

    Blessings and condolences to Paul’s family and friends….
    Boston Billy

  • Bryce

    “My prayers gose out to the family,,,, GOD will comfort you in your time of sorrow,,and may He give strength to keep moving forward with your lives,,,,”we love you all,,,,

  • Natalia Petrova

    не верю и никогда не поверю…


  • averagejoeusername .

    Or it hit a tree. Which it did. Going likely very fast.

  • borhan king-don amrani

    in all my life i’m not cray for any one but the truth that i cray for hem i love hem and i’m very very sorry about this lose My prayers gose out to the family

  • carlos cruz

    So sorry my condolences to his family and friends

  • Gys de Villiers

    My heart goes out to your family Paul. I worked with you in South Africa and you were a perfect gentleman and a focused actor. Rest in Peace. Gys De Villiers

  • Kate

    Rest in peace we all pray for u R.I.P

  • joanna

    Im so sorry and all my prayers gose out to his family and friends that love hem so much and i know he still have a log time to live still but it had to need last night and i meet hem one time and i know that i will miss hem to and i love hem so much 🙁

  • tom holleman


  • townsend

    the car was made of fiberglass…the car melted…im not sayin the driver wasnt speeding but dont mean he was doin 120…show some respect

  • Gail Hayes






  • Joe Alfaro

    You’re too easy, “US well educated”…such a dumb anonymous name.

    Kill yourself. Just simply kill yourself.

  • stephanie wesley

    You are a disgust to society.. quit trying to push atheism on Christians. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and if that offends you then you need to close out the page and move on with your loser life!! I don’t believe anyone has pointed out atheism!! they are simply providing prayer in which they believe in and it is a sorry mess that you’ll go to hell for your belief!!! Sincerely, God’s Warrior!!! RIP Paul Walker

  • Disqus11111

    Alcohol is a drug, a drug that kills more people than any other drug.

  • Disqus11111

    God? Give me a break. Where was your god when the car was wrapping around the tree or when the fool driving it decided to do something very stupid?

  • Disqus11111

    Do all of you think the tree just jumped out in the middle of the road?

  • Disqus11111

    Why are you screaming?

  • Nancy Mead

    CHILL OUT SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linda

    Sorry for the loss of a good actor and he will be sadly missed by all. My prayer is out to his family

  • Nancy Mead

    I’m still in shock, the saddest news in along time RIP Paul you will be Sooo Missed YOU WERE A GRT GRT ACTOR! pRAYER’S WITH YOUR fAMILY and MEADOW!!

  • Joe Ha

    What makes you think God should have stepped in to save them? Free choice and free will prevailed here…

  • Joe Ha

    Actually…carbon fiber…but that’s irrelevant…

  • Sandy H

    I am an atheist and also can’t understand all the prayer stuff which obviously never works – and to any sensible person would maybe be an indication that there isn’t a god – but the way you have responded is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself. But by the way you talk I don’t think shame is something you could feel.

  • Zuzu

    he wasn’t road racing or a kid, he was at a closed course charity event and he was 40. Did you even read the article?

  • Richard White

    What I’m trying to figure out is where is the big ass tree? to do that type of damage, because in all my years, as a firefighter, I have never seen a peckerpole do that kind of damage, and a huge fire, so what in the hell did they hit? and how fast were they going. apparently he isn’t furious, RIP Paul.

  • Joe Ha

    Articles reported he was either leaving or heading to the charity event. The tragic accident happened on a public road…

  • ANON

    Oh. The irony

  • Tracey SeChe

    I agree Richard. I have been in EMS for 21 years and I have never seen a tree that size do this kind of damage. Unless the car exploded from NOS, then why did the car explode? I have also wondered if the car exploded first and then they hit the tree? No one can seem to answer that question.

  • Melissa Good West

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Paul during this difficult time. I know he will be looking down from Heaven watching out for all of you. I hope that knowing this will make your days a little more bearable. He will be truly missed as father, actor and a person. Rest in peace. God bless you all.

  • Patriot is a moron

    You don’t even know what you are talking about. English has only been around for less than 1000 years. Where would the world be without learning new languages? As for Ignorance being bliss as a motto for America. It seems legit since you are all fat and lazy. Why don’t you do something useful rather than bitching and complaining about what everyone else is doing.

  • Navanithan


  • Umut

    Sorry sir, but i find THIS one literaly FAKE.

    RIP, dear Paul

  • W W

    that is awful…….what an idiot

  • W W

    I dunno who you are but I hope this never happens to anyone you know, because if it does and someone posted something a distasteful as this you would flip.

  • Wayne Graham

    R.I.P PAUL WALKER my prayers go out to the family and friends.

  • T

    Nitrous won’t cause a car to explode by itself, kind of like pure o2 won’t without an accellerant.

  • Nancifer

    My condolences go out to both families! Sorry for their loss. Both families are in our thought and prayers!

  • 48StyleGirl

    <3 Love <3 Light <3

  • wvdoll68

    This is so sad…Paul walker was such a great actor…May he R.I.P. and many prayers going up for his family…and to all of you with such rude and uncalled for post, just stop and think if this was your family, BROTHER, FATHER, OR UNCLE, and you were reading these post about him as your family, would you be wanting to see something like that being said, or would you be laughing about it…Just wrong…and that is OK cause I can’t judge you but the one and only GOD above will, when you get the chance to see him, and for that matter if you get there to see him…You just might be going the other way…GOD is SO GOOD…Love thoughts and prayers to Paul Walkers family and friends…

  • patty

    people have no respect like all the nasty sayings lou put up if u cant say anything nice about paul walker dont say anything paul was a good actor and a careing person he will be missed by alot of people i am so sad for what had happened and i will miss him on fast and furious 7 r.i.p. paul u will be missed alot

  • Tommy D Hutchens

    Good call sandy h

  • amber

    weather hes dead or not! he was an amazing person, he made great movies, and not only u people shouldnt make such meanful comments.. idk what to believe but when u see how the care looks, it seems like no way he couldnt make it out. and another hes not the only one he pasted away in this, his friend did. Paul had ocean blue eyes. this photo is fake becuz if he was burned, his whole face would show it. and another, they cant just post a picture of someone who is a famous star, when he just got into a badly car crash. yes it matter what really happen. and i myself would like to know, and if its true tht he is alive tht would be amazing, because believe it or not,hes a great person. if hes gone R.I.P</3 i will miss u Paul Walker!!

  • AprilFool

    Sure, April…they were on their way to a charity event at 100mph on a public road. Very safe/courteous and certainly not at fault. The good thing is that they did not kill innocents during their joy ride.

  • Stacia Hopkins

    sending out prayers to Paul Walker’s family and friends, may God watch over you and bless you… so sorry Meadow for your loss, i lost my daddy soon to be five years in december so i feel ur pain. prayers for you sweetie.

  • Rita

    It really broke my heart to hear this this morning and I was hoping it was a Hoax. I am truly sorry and my condolences goes to his family.

  • Pennie Nichole Young

    you know what lou why don’t you just shut the hell up if you didn’t like his acting then don’t post any thing on here your are so disrespectful to his family , friends and fans we all don’t need this crap from idiots like you . what if it was your family or friend would u want ppl comenting like that I don’t think so .

  • pekingthom

    My first impression as well. That machine was destroyed!
    DayShaaVu all over again/ Ryan Dunn

  • Dan

    Wow Lue, you need to see someone about your brain, you are nothing but a demented little shit and I suspect anyone who actually knows you would agree whole heartedly ! I’m thinking You are bitter because you can find a friend in this world ?

  • Dan

    Wow Lou, Is that Italian for LOOOOEEEEGI ? LMAO no wonder your bitter they named you LOOOOEEEEGI .. you need to see someone about your brain dude, you are nothing but a demented little shit and I suspect anyone who actually knows you would agree whole heartedly ! I’m thinking You are bitter because you can find a friend in this world ?

  • Jo

    Very Sad news, A life lost too soon, thoughts and prayers go to the Walker family, especially his Daughter Meadow who will be heartbroken, My thoughts and condolences also go to the drivers family and friends, who are also hit by this awful tragedy. He seems to have been forgotten. RIP Both of you

  • bb6

    Shut up. Dont u see that over 300 other people said the exact same crap that u said? So y would u post the same thing? Be a leader not a follower..

  • bb6

    And no one cares about your thoughts or condolances just like no one cares about the thoughts and condolances of the 300 other comments ..


    Lou your a piece of shit. You disrespectful jerk. How dare you say things so hurtful. I can’t believe you can disrespect his family, friends, and fans. You seriously need to reevaluate yourself. Grow up Lou. I feel awful for you and the people who know you. Especially your mother.

  • James

    Learn to spell if your going to be so disrespectful. I know your trolling trying to get a rise out of people but at least you don’t have to look like even more of a dumbass doing it. Spelling isn’t that hard to learn

  • Cindy L Grandstaff

    he wasn’t the driver, idiot

  • jo

    Couldn’t give a flying crap what you think dickhead, just one word for you KARMA!!!!

  • jo

    what the hells it got to do with you, don’t like it don’t bloody read it, simple really

  • Jim King

    according to my calucalation just by looking at the picture.. this posche race car was ignited from the inside out (passenger and driver side was a total mass and back where the engine is was totally gone.. but i couldn’t figure out why the front part was still intact and ofcourse the tree was too small… and someone please help me find if this kind of posche race car fuel its fuel on the front side.. if it does fuel on the front than why front part still be in good condition…? WHYYY?

  • Ray Smith

    That tree isn’t necessarily the first object they hit. It could just be where the car came to rest after the initial energy was dispersed somewhere else.

  • notfookingtaken

    I suppose if you are in a burning car you can’t be sure whether you are actually alive and burning to death or in hell and burning eternally.

  • me

    Definately a tragic loss for both families. May they rest in peace. My heart goes out to both of their families.

  • Sad Fan


  • Sad Fan

    He probably has NO friends or loved ones! He obviously thinks He is something great, and I am sure those around Him know better. Stop being an ASS Lou and you might get some friends so you will have better things to do!!!

  • Kojo

    To all the joker assholes who think they are clever coming up with wisecracks about such a tragic situation, I really hope there is some stupid loser there when you go who thinks your demise deserves to be pissed on like that. I’m so sick of how the internet gives a forum to complete idiots who would otherwise being ignored by society.

  • notfookingtaken

    I think you have to remember this guy made a living encouraging people to drive recklessly, fine the two idiots in the car got killed, at least they won’t be encouraging other idiots to kill themselves and other innocent bystander anymore.
    I have see the kind of idiot the petrol heads are an no responsible person would glorify reckless driving.

  • Rememberyourhatecomesbacktoyou

    You people who’re bitterly disgracefully, attacking a man who has passed on, everyone that races knows the risks! Paul Walker, a dear man, does not deserve your slander! What you say bad about him, will come back to you 10 fold. So sorry for Meadow, love you Meadow, so sorry for cold people! Love your Daddy too! :'( So heart breaking!

  • Rememberyourhatecomesbacktoyou

    RIP Roger Rodas too!! So sorry Roger’s family! Both passing is heart breaking!!! Tears!!!

  • getoveryourself

    You must be a sad, lonely person. I feel for you. I am also proud that you live a life where you have never and will never do something other people may not agree with. This is a tragedy regardless of how they lived their lives. I am just assuming you have nobody that would mourn your life and that’s why you feel the need to hide behind your computer screen and post awful comments about someone a million times better a person than you could ever hope to be.

  • Rememberyourhatecomesbacktoyou

    So heart breaking! Poor Roger and Paul both robbed of their precious lives early! :'(

  • Kathy

    You cant fix stupid. Dont even pay attention to idiots who think making light of death is funny. I am lifting up the family of Roger and Paul in prayer. Oh and praying for the idiots who know not what they say.

  • Guest

    Rest In Peace Roger, your movies will always be loved and any time somebody mentions Fast and Furious, a moment of silence will be made for you.

  • Rachel

    Rest In Peace Paul, your movies will always be loved and any time somebody mentions Fast and Furious, a moment of silence will be made for you.

  • Rachel

    R.I.P. Roger, may prayers be with both families, My uncle and his family all race i know it can be scary especially for the immediate family members my 10 yr old cousin is already racing i cant believe his age is aloud to have access to engines that can go as fast as his division allows

  • JohnPA2006

    He was an actor, he acted, in a movie about fast cars and cop chases, they happened to be excellent movies. How can you say he was encouraging anyone. Did you try to fly out a window after you saw superman? No in your case those you should have.

  • Nahid

    Dear Paul……REST IN PEACE

  • lacey

    r.i.p paul walker and my prayers go out to ur family and that is all that u people should be saying leave ur drama for another day we lost a great actor and that’s what we should all be talking about

  • zedder

    Anywhere else in the world the issue would be that these two GIANT IDIOTS broke the law and thought they could get away with dangerous/wreckless driving because of celebrity status. If the car had been stolen by a couple of teenagers people would respond as if a crime had been committed. IT HAS. Suppose they had killed an innocent bystander in the process. Anyone who thinks this is tragic IS TRAGIC. Although Mr Walker was the passenger he could have told his mate the driver that hey I have got a 15 year old daughter who might need me alive could you slow it down a bit please. I think they should be posthumously prosecuted for dangerous driving. Hollywood get you head out of your …

  • lacey

    ur n idiot just say something nice god stop putting people down

  • Jerry Briardy

    I absolutely agree. These guys are scumbags. Not only did he leave his child an orphan but think of the people who have to clean their mangled carcasses up off the pavement, not to mention higher insurance premiums for everyone else. I feel sorry for their victims but these idiots got what was coming to them. Play with fire and expect to get burned.

  • Jerry Briardy

    This was not a race! These were criminals driving recklessly on city streets.

  • Jerry Briardy


  • Marsha Bradey

    one he was a passanger and had no control of the car. and two the car wasnt stolen you steal anything yes your a criminal and 3 jerry and you think if he knew he was gonna die and leave a kid behind he would have gotten into car

  • Amanda

    While I think paul walker was a great actor and seemed to give back to those in need I have to say thank God those two did not kill anyone else who had no part in reckless driving. Yes he was not the driver but they were good friends and I’m sure he was boosting the other ones ego and not encouraging him to slow down. It is a sad story and my heart goes out to those who loved them both but you can not play with fire and not expect to get burnt and some point

  • Jerry Briardy

    I’m not putting anyone down, just speaking the truth. These clowns were driving unbelievably recklessly. Look at the picture! They must have been doing well over 100 in a 45 mph zone. What would you say if they were driving like this in your neighborhood? So Walker wasn’t driving, but he owned the car. He could have and should have told his buddy to slow it down. This guy is 40 years old with a 15 year old daughter. This is pathetically irresponsible.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Driving 100+ in a 45 mph zone is a crime.

  • Jerry Briardy

    He wasn’t driving but he owned the car. He might have mentioned 100 mph in a 45 mph zone is too fast.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Believe it or not, there are people on the Internet that don’t speak English. Some are even from other countries, Einstein

  • Jerry Briardy

    He owned the car. He was close friends and a business associate of the driver. He clearly shares in responsibility for this.

  • Keepinitreal

    After reading all the comments here, two thoughts come to mind. One, many heartfelt condolences from fans being sent out to the families of both men who died in that crash, and two: negative comments about the behavior that caused the accident. I don’t pretend to know exactly why it happened because I was not in the car with them. Neither were any of the haters on here. For all we know Paul may have told him to slow down, or he may not have but we’ll never know. No one should assume to know what was going through their minds at the time. Yes speed was a factor and they did break the law by speeding through that area. I think they have paid the ultimate price for that mistake in judgement. That’s right people, they paid with their lives. I for one am thankful that they did not harm or kill anyone else, but now is the time to send positive vibes to the families, friends and fans. Poor judgement was made that day, and 2 lives were lost far too soon. You are all entitled to your opinions, but to knock someone for sending out a condolence is kind of a dirt bag move.

  • Michele Woody

    Speeders could very well end up killing others or themselves but scumbags speeders do not make. POOR JUDGEMENT causes people to speed just like poor judgement is the cause for people to lie. Many consider lying ok but it is still wrong, just as breaking speed limit laws–both are wrong and we use poor judgement if we do either. I hear someone saying, “But lying is not against the law,” not man’s law but it is against Someone’s Law.

    Online search for definition of scumbag: [skum′bag′]noun
    The definition of a scumbag is a person who is dishonest, contemptible, undesirable or sleazy. An example of a scumbag is a felon with a long criminal record who shows up drunk at your door to take your daughter on a date.

    It appears that the passenger (Paul Walker) was GIVING BACK (something scumbags do not do) from what I have read about the Reach Out WorldWide organization and this does not a scumbag make. I understand he was not the driver (thus not the one speeding) and even if a passenger urges someone to drive the speed limit that does not mean they will comply. I was not a fly on the proverbial wall and none of us were so none of us knows what took place. Now according to the above definition of scumbag, a person who is contemptible wins the title of scumbag. Online search for meaning of contemptible: con·tempt·i·ble kənˈtem(p)təbəl/ adjective
    1. deserving contempt; despicable.
    synonyms:despicable, detestable, hateful, reprehensible, deplorable, disgraceful, shameful, low, mean, unworthy,petty, worthless, cheap

    I guess that means that those who are hateful, low or mean are scumbags. Anyone who would wish death on someone who speeds is hateful/mean/low making that person contemptible, thus (ACCORDING TO THE DEFINITION) a scumbag. I realize that many prominent people (not only rich actors/actresses) speed and think they should not be punished by being ticketed or jailed, but that does NOT mean that all feel this way. Something else to think of, MANY common folk speed too–again, speeding does not a scumbag make. I guess you and Zedder wish all speeders would pay with their life, the whole “play with fire…get burned” thing and the “they got what was coming to them”. Wonder if you mothers, dads, siblings, best friends, wife, children, etc have ever chosen to or found themselves driving above the speed limit. Hmmm, wonder if they too should pay with their lives. I wonder if any of them–or you guys–have driven the speed limit but during inclement weather when the law dictates slowing below the ‘normal’ speed limit. Hate comes so easily for some. Even my worst enemy I would not wish death upon, but instead pray that they change their ways so in the afterlife they would have life and life more abundantly. Too may people hate and I pity them, as hate is a cancer that will devour them. I also pray for haters as well as speeders, liars, cheaters, thieves, those in prisons, for myself, etc. And always for those who have wronged me, hard as it may be at times, I do as God is my witness.

  • alan

    Any person who gets into a car has a responsibility to drive the speed limit and to consider their own lives as well as others. The minute you exceed the speed limit you have intentionally disregarded the former. It is however very sad to lose a loved one but we must not condone irresponsible behaviour even in the light of such loss. Two men in their 40’s should have known better and did know better but they did it anyway. We cannot be a society that looks the other way when a celebrity takes life for granted as they as celebrities knowingly put themselves in a position of fame which comes with certain responsibilities. We are not dealing with children here these were grown adults with children, could your responsibility be any more clearer. It’s fine to appear to be the do-gooder, the shoulder to cry on, the understanding one but this type of behaviour is superficial and not in societies best interest. The whole point of saying what if is to adopt an attitude of prevention rather than cure and develop a culture of avoidance rather praising a machine of destruction. We as individuals must forge together to always stand up for what is right and not to turn a blind eye when celebrities live vicariously.

  • Michele Woody

    Too many people are haters, maybe out of jealousy for what others have or for who knows why.

    I did not recognize the photo of him or his name but it was all over my facebook wall so I read the article about the wreck. It was only after seeing so very many respectful condolences and reading the touching words of those who will miss Paul that I clicked the link on my facebook wall that took me to the above article. I did an online search to see what the Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW) organization is and like many others who are blessed with much, it seems to me that Paul Walker was GIVING back to others. What the haters fail to realize is that all the good things folks like him are doing would not be done if those with much did not exist. Yes poor judgement, even irresponsibility, has its consequences but to wish death on those who use poor judgement is down-right hateful, low, and mean. Wish more would do what Thumper stated in Bambi, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” It seems, by some, that death is wished upon all occupants of a car if the driver is speeding. Even if those who drive speed, wishing death upon them is evil-thought and hateful. I am sure these people ALWAYS stay within the speed limit and all of their family members and friends do as well, else they are wishing death on themselves, parents, wife, their own children who drive and might have sped, etc. Oh and I am sure none of them, their families included, have ever done anything using poor judgement else they would not have so quickly condemn to death others who have done so.

  • Michele Woody

    I have two sisters whom I love deeply but upon their 1st visit (after I was married) to my husband’s and my (small simple mobile) home they used such foul language I was in shock. Just because I was SO shocked at the language they used in front of not only me but my husband that I was somewhat frozen and speechless did not mean that I condoned such poor behavior and poor judgement on their part to speak in such a way. However your assessment would be that I condoned and even boosted their poor judgement to use more foul words, encouraging this poor behavior. And this ‘assumption’ would have been made because I could not open my mouth to discourage it or to put an end to it. I was 18 and the youngest of all my 8 siblings so I was at a loss in my shock. Luckily my husband, 7 years my senior and still my loving husband after 34 years, excused both of us momentarily as we left for our bedroom so we could discuss the matter, unbeknownst to them. He, even then, knew me so well and I was so glad for his intervention in the matter. This never happened again with them. Assume defined is “to suppose to be the case, without proof.” You know what they say about the word “assume,” it makes and ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ / ass-u-me. In actuality it only produces ONE ‘ass.’ How can you be so “sure he was boosting the other ones ego and not encouraging him to slow down”??? There is only One Omniscient and God you are not.


    we always drive within the speed limit and we almonst crashed once because stupid idiots jumped in front of the car. anything can happen on the road. anytime, anywhere. its not to say that either of them was irrisponsible. may you rest in peace, you will be missed

  • Brian C

    Disregarding all the disrespect and nonsense in these comments.
    RIP Paul Walker. The automotive world has lost a great icon. Love or hate his movies, Paul was a great man, a father, and a true car enthusiast. Have fun racing with the car gods.

  • Joel

    The person that wrote this Keepintreal, it could have not been word it any better, anyone that would put some thing bad about them,remember none of us is perfect and people has accidents everyday, no one knows what Paul was doing and I thank this person for telling what you did, it is the way I feel. One thing is for sure they are going to stand before an almighty God, the both have souls, I hate this happen to them. I pray for there family and friends.

  • Dee C

    Rest In Peace Paul and Roger. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, may their find comfort in one another.

  • Meggie Ramjal

    Rest In Peace Paul and Roger.May both of you soul R.I.P.

  • Kojo

    I actually understand what you think you are saying but like the others replying to what you stated there has and always will be movies involving stunts and dangerous events. Thats why they are movies so we can see these miraculous crazy events without having to do them. What happened to Paul and the driver was tragic even if it was their fault and it doesn’t deserve callous infantile jokes. Sure there will always be jokes but have something more useful to do than to insult and offend on a blog the day after while others are being respectful.

  • Felix Bouffard

    Kinda hard having a relationship with someone who doesn’t respond back. But whatever you like, you like. I’m not going to judge because you believe in a invisable being that’s floats? Or flies up in the sky and see and hear everyone’s prayers at once. Doesn’t sound crazy at all. Good luck with your relationship, hope it works out.

  • Felix Bouffard

    I have no answers, just lots of questions… And I need tangible proof by the being himself.. If there is one, that “it” exsist.

  • Felix Bouffard

    Fruit cake.

  • Felix Bouffard

    Jason sure is funny tho. Thanks to him I’ve never laughed so hard. He warms my heart and makes me smile.

  • ava

    Rest In Peace Paul and Roger I hope your pain was with speed and you suffered nothing at all, you will always be loved and remembered by millions. A true star has left the earth but we will always remember you every-time we look up at the sky

  • Felix Bouffard

    A wooden coffin with 4 wheels and motor would be a safer drive then that Carrera.

  • Rob Gibson

    Really? He was there against his own will? Not to mention NO ONE is making a fuss about the other guy who died.. All because he was famous it’s ” all the more tragic”. People’s priorities on human value are so screwed up it’s sickening.. “You’re famous, therefore if it happens to you it’s a huge tragedy,” Meanwhile I lose friends to accidents and life doesn’t come to a screeching halt. His life had no more value than yours or mine because he was famous and it’s sick to watch people act like it did.

  • Rob Gibson

    Never once did I say he was driving…

  • Rob Gibson

    Unless there was a gun to his head and he was being held against his own will he is not a victim.. He was there on his own volition and therefore was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I never once said he was behind the wheel.

  • ???

    Did you see that mangled mess?

  • jim

    have you ever been A PASSANGER in a car you IDIOT? Then you should know you have no control over the driver. you can sit there and tell him or her to slow down, to stop or what ever and there is nothing you can say or do to make them do what you want them to do

  • D

    Your full of shit you sound like jerk yourself keep the thoughts to yourself

  • So again, what is your ultimate standard by which you make any truth claim? Are you the ultimate standard? How do you know your senses and reasoning are valid?

  • gerry

    They were being idiots. My uncle died basically in the same manor when he was 17. He was being an idiot as well. Its ok to feel sad for him and all the negative post while disrespectful are the truth of it. It was tragic and very stupid.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Driving 100 in a 45 mph zone certainly fits the description “undesirable”. I reiterate, these guys are scumbags. He owned the car hence it was within his control. In fact it makes him seem even more sleezy since the guy driving the car likely had little experience driving such a dangerous vehicle. As for his charitable work, when rich people give a little of their earnings back, it is laudable, though in no way does it compare to an average person, who can ill afford to give. And there is always the possibility he merely was giving for publicity sake. To leave a charitable event whose purpose is to help people and then to endanger others lives through this incredible act of irresponsibility leaves me with no sympathy whatsoever for either of these clowns. I feel sorry for his daughter but perhaps she is better off to be free from someone who cared so little for her welfare as to leave her an orphan.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Lacey, how would you feel if these assholes were driving 100 through your neighborhood? We have to deal with idiots like this in mine regularly. I have to watch my 4 year old like a hawk because of these creeps.

  • Jerry Briardy

    These idiots were driving a $450k car with 600+ horsepower. This type of vehicle should be illegal on the street. The street was covered with figure eights and cookies. Do you think my mother drives like this? These guys have been out of high school more than 20 years and act like this? I’d prefer to see them in prison but they paid the price for their stupidity. Why do you think they have speed limits? Bank robbers endanger people’s lives. Are you sorry when they get killed? Hey dynamite is fun to play with. If I went around throwing dynamite for fun and accidentally got killed, would you cry or call me a fool? WTF do you think we have laws?

  • Jerry Briardy

    Gee D, so you think criminal behavior is a good idea? You sound to me like a shit filled jerk.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Actually Walker and his buddy proved that stupid sometimes fixes itself.

  • Jerry Briardy

    If my demise comes about through something as dumb as this I will gladly accept all the rude comments in the world. Ask yourself this, if Walker is – say in heaven and conscious of having left his child an orphan – what do you think HE is saying to HIMSELF about this? I guarantee you, any rude comment I make would not come close to what he is telling himself.

  • Jerry Briardy

    ” I am just assuming you have nobody that would mourn your life and that’s why you feel the need to hide behind your computer screen and post awful comments about someone a million times better a person than you could ever hope to be.” Did you really write that? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Briardy

    I’m sorry about your uncle. I did a lot of stupid shit when I was a kid and am lucky I didn’t get killed. I was involved as a passenger in an accident in which 2 people were killed in a horrible manner and so I know full well what it is like. I saw people killed when I was in the Navy and know how it affects not only the family, but the people who have to deal with the dead. This is why I have so little sympathy for these dopes. They hurt a lot of people for very selfish reasons.

  • Jerry Briardy

    This was a $450,000, 600 horsepower car. The streets were covered in figure 8’s and cookies. Yes, accidents happen, but this was hardly an accident. Had they fallen to their deaths climbing a mountain it would be a tragedy, but these idiots were risking other people’s lives just for their own fun. These dope Walker could easily afford to do this sort of thing at a racetrack. What excuse is there to be doing it on a public street?

  • Jerry Briardy

    He owned the car. He was close friends with, as well as the boss of the driver. You really think he lacked control?

  • Jerry Briardy

    I’ve never seen it. How many cars got destroyed in it?

  • Chantel Woerner

    Your post says it all. Yes, there was some very poor judgement here, but it was a tragedy nonetheless and we should all grieve for that and just be eternally grateful that no one else was injured. I don’t know any of the details of the accident, but just from looking at the car and the condition it was in I would deduct that high rate of speed was a factor. I hope that their deaths are not in vain, that perhaps others can see what has happened and make a better judgement call…I offer my sympathy to their friends, family and fans and pray for them to have the strength to get through this.

  • Lady MLD

    Sadly two people lost their lives, leaving behind grieving family & friends. Think about it folks… how would you feel if it was someone you loved. My thoughts and prayers are with the family & friends of the two victims killed in that horrific car crash.

  • Edohiguma

    They’re no victims. If they had hit anyone, that would be their victim.

  • Edohiguma

    Yes, cause not agreeing with the whining about the deaths of two men who recklessly endangered everybody else in the street is hating.

    Suggestion for you: go out on a shift with police, fire brigade or EMTs, see first hand what carnage bastards like those two dunces cause among innocent bystanders, then talk.

  • Edohiguma

    45 mile per hour speed limit. Porsche completely disintegrates and catches fire upon impact, killing everyone on board. Yeah, they weren’t going anywhere near those 45 mph. Try 90+ instead.

    They recklessly endangered everybody else on the street.

    Yes, they. The passenger also shares responsibility, because he could say “hey, you’re going too fast”, “slow down”, etc. But usually in such cases the passengers egg on the driver to see how fast that baby of his can go. And then they lose control and die. Happens all the time.

    Luckily they only managed to kill themselves. Luckily they didn’t tear into oncoming traffic. Luckily they didn’t hit any pedestrians. Luckily they only snuffed themselves.

    No sympathies here. If you speed like that, lose control and wrap yourself around a tree then the only thing I say is: Good riddance. Another lethal threat removed from everyday traffic.

  • jeepinggamer

    Car was only traveling at 45 mph you guys need to be more respectful

  • John Smith

    Did you see the pictures of the car? 45mph impact? No way.

  • Blackzilla

    100+ really? lemme guess you’ve never sped before in your life. stop making stupid assumptions and show a little respect

  • Blackzilla

    did you actually see Figure 8s in the street or are you just guessing

  • Blackzilla

    you idiots saying he was going 100+ where are you getting this “fact” from

  • nick

    well please remove you worthless fuckin self from the internet and life itself, find a rope and hang from it


    just SHUT UP!




    you’re going straight to hell, I hope you know that.


    leave the judging to GOD Jerry Briardy. He will surely judge you, don’t you worry.




    YOU’RE the scumbag Jerry, I feel sorry for you. Hope you find the faith to become a better human for everyone else’s sake that has the misfortune of sharing your life. I will pray for you.

  • guest

    you’ve never watched it? good, please don’t. Paul Walker will always have his adoring loving LOYAL fans anyway 🙂


    Er, you mean Paul. Roger also passed away but he was NOT in fast and furious.

  • Michele Woody

    I worked in a hospital so I fully know what carnage ‘people’ can cause, to themselves and to innocent others. My points:

    1. Wishing someone dead because of actions that even one own’s family members–remember we all have large families with nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc–might do themselves is not a SOLUTION to driving recklessly. It is an expression of hate. I worked at a hospital and wished no one dead, regardless of what I saw. About 30 years ago I saw a man reeking of alcohol purchase a six-pack of beer at the gas station/convenient store where my young sons’ school bus was about to drop them off. I did not wish him dead either but most certainly put down my purchases and went out to the parking lot to be certain that he was not going to possibly harm them if the bus arrived b/4 he drove off. (I did say a quick prayer that he not hurt anyone) No cell phones back then and no coin phone to call the police, bus was within mere minutes of arrival so no time to make cashier call authorities… main worry was my sons and the other children on the bus. Yes it was mentioned to the store owner later; man in “MY” opinion should NOT have been sold beer! This is also the reason why we chose not to purchase the store when offered the opportunity. The location to own was great–1/4 mile just up the road from us. I told my husband I would not, for conscience sake, sell alcohol if someone lay it on the counter; there were no guarantees they would not open it in the vehicle and drink and drive–did not want that on my conscience. He understood, he knew me well even way back then.

    2. No one knows what was said or not said. Some ‘assume’ since speed could have been a factor that Paul did not tell the driver to slow down, but who really knows? One cannot simply open a vehicle door and exit when it is in motion so “if” he told the driver to slow down what was he to do if that request was ignored? One also cannot grab the wheel of the vehicle w/out risking a wreck nor can one push down on the break while sitting in the passenger seat, again not w/out causing a wreck.

    3. What is the purpose of wishing death upon those who drive recklessly? I would prefer they be caught and dealt with thru the legal system rather then for their actions to kill them. If I wish death on speeders then I am probably wishing death to some of my family whom I love, for I am certain some of them speed. It is easy to spew out words of anger/hate but do people who do this really want ‘their’ loved ones to come to the same end? Do they want their family members or dear friends who speed to die in a vehicle wreck? Do these people really think about what they are saying b/4 they speak? I believe not. Rather than wishing someone dead I would prefer to pray that those who are reckless, not only in driving but in all aspects of their life, be touched by someone or some experience that would motivate them to make positive changes in their life.

    4. Last point, even those people who live recklessly and could, by this recklessness, harm others can ALSO be guilty of doing good. I am guilty of throwing away things when I see something I do not like, example: if I like an actress or actor and see them in a movie in which they show themselves nude, or partly nude or use foul language two things happen–I change the channel and I no longer revere them as I once did. I cannot help it, just don’t like them as much after seeing/hearing this; however I do not wish someone dead because of irresponsible choices, even where speeding is involved. Back to the point that those who drive recklessly can ALSO be guilty of doing good. It is a fact that some good was being done by Paul and with him gone any good he could have done in the future is gone as well. If a person who did good for others also drove recklessly and killed a family, not party to his/her recklessness, it would be a loss of innocence and a loss of a person who in his/her life was doing good for others.

    In conclusion, wishing death is simply hate speaking out, it accomplishes no positive thing. Where there is hatred there is the absence of love and where love does not exist prayers for those to change their ways is not present. Instead of hate I’d rather pray, at least prayer can get positive things accomplished; all hate does is eat the soul alive and destroy that person. Hate cannot enter heaven so those the hater is condemning to physical death due to speeding will see them in hell, considering that person condemned to a fiery vehicle wreck also ends up in hell. Funny twist, maybe the person dying in a fiery wreck receives the mercy of God while the hater ends up in hell, due to his/her hate. An ironic twist haters often do not consider.

    God laments over our choice to not serve Him; I guess in your opinion God is a whiner. Lamenting shows love and concern so those you are calling whiners are lamenting over loss of life. Yes, it was actions that day that put these two men in that position but it is still a loss. I was unfamiliar with who Paul was because, as you can tell by this comment, there are many kinds of movies I choose NOT to view. His would fall in that category but I still count his death a loss and do not glorify hate through being happy two men lost their lives. I do not agree with movies that show nudity, have foul language, promote violence, show and/or promote breaking the laws of the land or God’s laws but I never wish for any of these actors, actresses, directors, script writers, etc to die. I can disagree with things in a holy manner w/out inciting hate due to my disagreement. I often pray that those who live outside of God’s law make themselves right so they do not suffer spiritual death. I don’t the act of rape, killing, etc but I do not wish death upon those who do these things. I continually pray for those who do these hideous things to change and become a positive influence to others–some people change while most do not. Point: one can disagree but keep the seeds of hate out of their heart.

  • Michele Woody

    Me? I am working on not going there; I continually take an inward inventory of myself lest I become complacent.

  • Michele Woody

    Yes I would be sad for you if you blew up yourself by playing with dynamite and I would be sad for your family and friends. Just because you are a stupid person does not dictate I hate you. God loves all of us, even while we were yet sinners Jesus died for us. Love has nothing to do with the intelligence or stupidity of people.

  • Michele Woody

    We live in the country right on a highway; 55 mph but some drive 80+ and our driveway is in a dip. Very dangerous but I don’t wish those dead that drive dangerously who could kill me if I pull out , seeing nothing, and all of a sudden a vehicle is on my car’s butt–which HAS happened. Turning into my drive is also very dangerous. In a dip as it is, those driving at such high rates of speed do not see me stopped and waiting for on-coming traffic to clear b/4 I can proceed to pull into my drive. While in this position and knowing how reckless others are while driving I keep a close watch in my rear-view mirror and am prepared to drive my car (which I LOVE, Pontiac Solstice, sweet yellow) into the ditch to my immediate right. Came very close to having to do this once… …..once was enough for me, never what to be that close to doing that again.

    When my sons were very young I took a tomato and placed it behind my car’s wheel. I then had them sit on the porch as I put my car in neutral and allow it to roll backwards and over the tomato. This was to show them a visual of why I did not want them even near the road; I told them that I’d have to scrape them off the road and bury them like we did our dog that died and that mommy would never see them again and she’d cry all the time because of that. Yes we must all be vigilant and find ways of protecting ourselves and family due to the stupidity of others but what I cannot understand is how hate makes anyone change their actions. This world is moving, and has been for many many years, toward self-gratification. Until we all figure out that our actions, our words, our lives affect all others AND more importantly that we CARE that our actions/words/etc. do, nothing will change. I don’t see that happening any time soon; no, it is moving quickly in the opposite direction.

    Understanding full well how some take no thought about how their actions can harm/kill others, Jerry, I shall include your 4 year old and your family in my long list of those for whom I pray,and I do not say that lightly.

  • Yedhav

    May ur soul R.I.P……f&f is ntn wth out u Paul….!!

  • Michele Woody

    I leave the judgement of condemnation for God, for whom we all shall stand in judgment. I am so thankful to God that He does not hold my poor choices against me once I repent & that He is full of love and compassion for even us sinners. EVERY vehicle is a dangerous vehicle no matter if it can go 100 mph, 90 mph or cannot exceed 80 mph. Even traveling the speed limits, all vehicles can kill if someone is driving recklessly. Jesus forgave those who were killing Him WHILE THEY WERE KILLING HIM; I’d rather follow His example of love than examples of those who hate. It is your prerogative to hate and to say hateful things, we all have free will. Some will chose to let hate rule their lives and be slaves to it while others choose love and to be free from the bonds of hatred. It will be the judgment of God that counts, not the judgment of man. I am not God, nor profess to understand all His ways but am thankful that He will judge me rather than man.

  • Sue Thomas

    so sad. I have tears in my eyes. What a horrible way to die!!!

  • Sue Thomas

    What a terrible thing to say!!!

  • Sue Thomas

    This was such a tragic loss of lives. My love goes out to their families. No need for vile,cruel remarks!! Show respect.

  • concerned citizen

    Amen Edohiguma, thank god they didn’t kill any innocents. There deaths are most welcome. Ignore these starry eyed groveling a holes who grovel and worship anything Hollywood. Maybe these F–ing sheep should have a cozy candelight vigil for this POS.

  • Josh

    I like how judging Edohiguma is. Needless to say, they were definitely going over 45, but if you hit a tree dead on at 65 it would wrap around, and it could catch on fire. Who are you to say what the passenger was doing or saying right before he died? He very well could have been telling him to slow down. I agree that it is a good thing they didn’t harm anyone else, but its still sad for anyone to die in a car crash, especially at the young age of 40. You don’t have to have sympathy for them , but at least be a decent person and have some respect. You commented like you were standing there watching the whole thing. The only people that know what Paul Walker was saying before he died, and how fast they were going when they wrecked the car was the two in the car and God (which is most definitely not you). How would you feel if your son,daughter, brother, sister or even a good friend was the passenger in a fatal car accident, and you read or heard someone make a comment like the one you just did. This makes me sick to see that someone can be so crude and disrespectful. Im not even a Paul Walker fan, but I still have empathy and sympathy for the family and friends that lost one of their own, regardless of what the cause was. If it was one of your family members or friends in the accident, I seriously doubt thats the kind of thing you would say to your family or theirs, and if you would then I really feel terrible for anyone that thinks of you as a friend.

  • Jerry Briardy

    It was in the news reports.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Look at the photo Sherlock.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Do you enjoy people driving through your neighborhood like that “GUEST”? Have you ever seen someone killed in this manner? It is horrible. I had nightmares for years after coming upon an accident a couple were killed in. It was a horrible sight. The man’s face was torn off and he vomited up a lungful of blood before he died. His wife’s eye was hanging out of the side of her head and she was muttering gibberish due to shock. She probably would have survived but the car was on fire and we had no way of getting her out and had to watch her burn to death. I imagine this is how Walker and his friend died. So let “God” “judge” me for telling the truth about these assholes. I wasn’t the one driving the car and leaving my daughter a orphan. I have a 3 year old son. I don’t need irresponsible jerks like this in my neighborhood. I’m not happy they are dead but sometimes bad things happen when people act stupid.

  • Jerry Briardy

    Are you an adult?

  • Jerry Briardy

    Why does the truth bother you so much?

  • Jerry Briardy

    How would YOU feel if these dopes killed someone YOU loved?

  • Jerry Briardy

    GUEST, you apparently live in some fantasy fairy land where minor movie stars are some sort of demi-gods that can do no wrong. Had these been, say pyromaniacs burning down buildings for fun and they died in the fire, would you try to justify their actions? These were criminals endangering the public just so they could get a thrill. Obviously I am making an assumption by looking at the photos of the wreck, but this is what this guy did for fun. People don’t buy 600 horsepower cars when a Toyota will get them where they are going for $400,000 less money. Are you retarded? I sure get that feeling reading your posts.

  • notfookingtaken

    why should i be sad and lonely just because i think he promotes dangerous and reckless driving? note most people agreed with me.
    What makes me sad is going out on my bicycle and having to worry about getting ran over and killed by idiots like him. So he is one less dangerous arsewipe on the road for me to worry about. HE was racking and speeding and his movies encourage that and worse.Whether i am sad and lonely or whether anyone will morn my life is irrelevant to my point and only a cheap ass-wipe uses those invalid arguments. There may be other ass wipes who will morn yours and his lives but that does not make him a good person.
    I am not here to be popular, just to right.
    And I am not hiding, my argument is out there for all to see, you are the one who is hiding, you are hiding your argument behind cheap personal attacks because you don’t have a valid counter argument, just a love of people as moronic as yourself, self love.

  • notfookingtaken

    He was glorifying reckless driving and indeed it was participating in
    reckless driving for fun at the time, all the evidence points to that.
    who make such films do have a responsibility, he is glorifying mindless
    criminality in films which are targeted at children.
    It’s not so
    much violence films but films which promote and glorify reckless
    behavior, he never intended to kill anyone but the stupidity he promotes
    leads to people copying his stupidity and killing people accidentally.
    It’s not so much drag racing that is the problem, as it is by and large
    not innocent people who get killed in drag races, it is street racing.
    The death toll in young drivers is massive because of the promotion of
    such behavior, and often the driver survives killing his innocent
    passengers. I have not seen GTA why would I want to?

  • notfookingtaken

    Well you can debate the extent to which films encourage such behavior but I don’t think there is much doubt he was in a car driving recklessly on a public highway, fortunately nobody was killed other than those who deserved to die on this occasion, however often it is innocent people who get killed and the reckless driver comes out unscathed. So his last act was a good one, he removed two dangerous idiots from the road, the most charitable thing he ever did in his life. I ride a bicycle and it will probably and idiot like him who kills me, I certainly have had a number of near misses from idiots such as himself. Driving is dangerous enough without deliberately acting like an idiot and as i said he was in car driving at dangerous speeds,

  • notfookingtaken

    People like him do not respect my life when I am out cycling on my bicycle, so if he wants my respect he had better earn it.
    Bit late for that now obviously. I agree to a certain extent people are responsible for their own actions, he is responsible for his own death.
    Speaking for myself I would never dream of being involved in such a movie, a movie that tries to make driving like a retard look cool.
    You can say I am insulting but insults never killed anyone, the sort of reckless driving he is involved with does.
    It all looks all lot of fun until someone get killed, and what about his wife and family? What about all the pain he caused them?
    My insults are nothing compared to that.
    And if such behavior was condemned in the past
    What do you think his wife and daughter think about him now?
    I will tell you, they will think he was a fucking idiot and they will be dead right. I expect you insult sensible drivers? Correct?

  • Jerry Briardy

    You are angry at Edohiguma because he is not in favor of dangerous criminal activity and you wish him dead, because your hero died committing crimes. So you think it is okay for your movie star to endanger others lives but horrible when he dies doing so and when it is pointed out this is wrong you wish death on the person pointing it out. Nick you are priceless.

  • justsayin

    Maybe kids who like to copy the stupidity the movies promote , will now see some reality to the dangers of it. Maybe save some lives in the future.

  • mopar or no car

    Rest in peace paul! & if you don’t like street racing then stop voting to close our racetracks & banning us from opening new ones! I’ve sighned 3 petitions to get racetracks opened & they were all banned because you haters wined about the noise. People love to race! & fast cars are awesome!

  • Don Dressel

    Sad! Good looking man with a great life and gone just like that! It makes us all appreciate what we have and who we have in our life!

  • Anonymous

    State police reported that the road was COVERED in Figure 8’s, Donuts and burnout marks. Walker said he was an adrenaline junkie, who loved the rush of speed. Put 2 and 2 together and you have a DRIFT racer driving to impress Walker and Paul in the passenger seat egging him on….

  • Anonymous

    State police reported that the road was COVERED in Figure 8’s, Donuts and burnout marks. Walker said he was an adrenaline junkie, who loved the rush of speed. Put 2 and 2 together and you have a DRIFT racer driving to impress Walker and Paul in the passenger seat egging him on….

  • raghu romeo

    Its good to see that mother fucker died drunk and proved that all the stunt in his movies was just a shit !!! still people give a damn to his death and glorify it !!! fuck u walker !!!

  • Cairy Hunt

    Oh you ignorant moron…..he didn’t do stunts, He’s was an actor not a stunt driver…..

  • raghu romeo

    Hairy Cunt eat my shit !!! I dont give a damn to this faggot !!!

  • Shelley Taylor

    who ever you are, you need to have RESPECT for them, paul walker was not only a ggod actor and father, but he did a lot to help out in in what he was doing, I am darm well sure if any of your famiy was in a car wreck like that you wouldn’t be running your mouth like you are. pauls family doesn’t need to read this crap. stop being so crual

  • Andrew Johnson

    Then don’t, nobody asked you shit, shut the fuck up and and mind your own business, if you don’t give a damn, than why in the hell are you here for ?! Fucking creep… Get your shit together man.

  • Cassandra Campbell

    Raghu romeo, Why are you commenting on this if you don’t give a damn? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe just maybe his 15 yr old daughter is reading this stuff and you are doing nothing but being completely rude and well pretty much your being a D about this whole thing, oh and btw D means dick for the slow assholes like you… My condolences got out to Paul’s daughter n wife and the rest of his friends and family…

  • Cassandra Campbell

    You are a fu*king jerk…. I hate people like you

  • Cassandra Campbell

    Okay there is a key word you sed “They USUALLY” egg the driver on, So that must mean you know for a fact that Paul egged on this driver to go faster right? No u dont so why assume things? and how can you sit here and say you have no sympathy for these guys or well for Paul at least, It’s not like he told this dude to go fast or run it and see what it has. The way I think NO ONE DESERVES to die really, and NO ONE knows what really happened other then the 2 that were tragically killed in this crash, R.I.P Guys…

  • You need to repent of your wickedness and your foul and profane tongue raghu. The content you post shows the rotten condition of your own heart. Repent and look to Christ who gave up his life for sinners like you and I.

  • mister3ds1 .

    You brainless idiotic mother fucker he was talking to the guy (Edohiguma) who didnt have smpathy for paul and was saying that it was his fault that he was speeding and josh was saying how retarded he was for saying that AND HE WAS SAYING HOW IT WASEN’T PAULS FAULT. Learn who your fucking replying to before you reply to someone dumbass

  • mister3ds1 .

    Why’d you write almost the exact same comment again lol

  • mister3ds1 .

    What did this lou person say I cant find his comment anywhere

  • mister3ds1 .

    I think he meant young kids as in like teenagers who saw this incident so they dont do the same thing

  • Sad Fan

    It was a stupid so called “Joke” that doesn’t deserve to be repeated on here. I do not consider death a joke no matter who it is that died. Glad someone had the smarts to delete his comment.

  • Rob Gibson

    Actually a report just came out that said they were doing 90 mph..