Pickup Truck Tailgate Theft On the Rise

Pickup Truck Tailgate Theft On the Rise

Since 2009, pickup truck tailgate theft has steadily been on the rise, with more than 500 thefts reported in 2012 compared to just three in 2008. 

Tailgates are easy to steal, and many of the thefts go unreported according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. That makes truck tailgates easy targets for would-be thieves, as you don’t even need tools to nab a tailgate.

Thanks also to new internet-based sales sites like Craigslist, tailgate thieves have an entirely new way to sell their stolen goods quickly. And seeing as the tailgate is almost always the first part of a truck to get dinged up, there is always a buyer for a cheap, clean tailgate. The addition of backup cameras to many tailgates is also one of the possible issues, as the price of these staple truck parts keeps moving up.

Currently, the big three all offer tailgate locks, though Ram is the only company that has its lock synced up with the truck’s key fob. That way, when the doors are locked with the fob, the tailgate locks too. Both Ford and GM feature manual tailgate locks.

  • Al. B.

    Install a radiator clamp around the fitting on the side that lifts out of the socket. Kind of hard to install and hard to remove. Makes it not so easy to grab a tailgate.