Range Rover Autobiography Black Features Finer Cabin

Range Rover Autobiography Black Features Finer Cabin

The newest way to spend six figures on a high-end SUV travel will arrive by express shipping just before next week’s L.A. Auto Show.

It’s called the Range Rover Autobiography Black, but you can also tack “extended wheelbase” onto the name if it and the vehicle and its title aren’t lengthy enough. In either case, the company will debut the new and more expensive model next week. Copies with copious second-row legroom will be offered exclusively to customers in the U.S. and Land Rover says only the “finest leathers” are being used  to upholster each cabin. Production will be limited and the marque speculates that it will sell about 100, but isn’t willing to commit to any specific figure just yet.


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Unlike the “Black” editions of other high-end luxury brands, there aren’t any mechanical or aerodynamic changes on tap for these models. Instead, Land Rover is emphasizing interior comfort and rightly so considering the life of ferrying privileged fannies these trucks are bound for.

For the duration of that duty, the company plans to outfit its grandest with a bespoke seat cover design. All four buckets offer availalbe feature positional memory settings and climate control as well as a massage function and 18-way adjustment.

Range-Rover-Long-Wheelbase-Autobiography-Black-02.jpgLand Rover was primarily focused on improving rear seat comfort with this edition. The rear center console is new and people positioned to play with it also both get individual 10.2-inch screens to stare at. There’s a setting to silence the ever-annoying “are we there yet” question, too by showing where the car is in relation to its destination. Those seats also include calf rests.

And play with that center console, you will. It offers deployable tables covered in black leather with integrated cup holders.

Much of the vehicle is wrapped in leather including the A, B, C and D-pillars as well as parts of the cargo area. Initially, the Autobiography Black versions will only be offered in “Valloire White” pearl paint.

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