Rolls-Royce Captures the Stars With Celestial Edition Phantom

Rolls-Royce Captures the Stars With Celestial Edition Phantom

Rolls-Royce is showcasing a few cars at this years Dubai Motor Show, including a one-of-a-kind Celestial Edition Phantom, which captures a special Rolls-Royce moment forever.

This special edition Phantom features a few changes from the usual crop of Rolls-Royces. For starters, the car features 446 diamonds, found on the door-cappings, centre console lid and rear-privacy divider.

The exterior paint job features glass particles embedded in the paint, in order to achieve a sense of depth and light. However, the true highlight of the car is on the interior, which captures the day Rolls-Royce delivered its first Phantom to a customer.

January 1st 2003 is captured in the headliner thought the use of thousands of fiber-optics lights, providing an exact arrangement of the starts and constellations of that very night. The starscape was even verified by South Downs Planetarium to ensure authenticity, and passengers can look to the hand-stitched to the headliner,which subtly maps out the constellations.

Rolls-Royce chose the Dubai Motor Show to bring out this special Phantom, citing the Middle East Market as the largest market for Bespoke luxury in the world. See the gallery below for a closer look of the special starlight headliner.

GALLERY: Rolls Royce Phantom Celestial Edition