Tesla Thinking of Making Huge ‘Green’ Battery Factory

Tesla Thinking of Making Huge ‘Green’ Battery Factory

Tesla is steadily increasing the number of vehicles it can build each month, but the company is also looking for ways to improve its battery production.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, mentioned that he’s thinking of building a battery factory in North America; it would likely be the largest in the world.

“This will be a giant facility,” he said during a conference call discussing the company’s third-quarter earnings. “We are talking about something that is comparable to all of the lithium-ion battery production in the world — in one factory.”

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Musk envisions a plant that is environmentally responsible through the use of solar power and recycling. Old batteries could be converted to new ones for example.

This is an interesting development, since Tesla recently signed a deal with Panasonic to build 2 billion batteries over the next four years. Despite this agreement with the Japanese electronics company, Tesla’s biggest setback is batteries, and the company is hoping to rectify that for the future.