Top 10 Car Designs by J Mays

Top 10 Car Designs by J Mays

Ford Thunderbird

But Mays’ penchant for retro styling didn’t end with his career at Volkswagen; the Ford Thunderbird unabashedly borrows design cues from past models. After a five-year hiatus the car was re-launched in 2002 and hung around until 2005 when executives decided to re-euthanize it… again.

This drop-top features round headlamps, a smiling grille and tapering body that drops from front to back. Drivers could opt for a retractable soft top or a removable hard roof with portholes windows, just like the original T-Bird. This car was part of a larger trend in the industry that saw retro-inspired vehicles such as the Plymouth Prowler and Mini Cooper land on the market.

  • vlaz

    The only designs of his that I like are the Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept and the GT.


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