Top 10 Car Designs by J Mays

Top 10 Car Designs by J Mays

Ford 427 Concept

The Fusion is one of Ford’s most popular vehicles in North America. Dealers deliver hundreds of thousands of these midsize sedans each year. When the first version of this car went on sale for the 2006 model year it was a way for the company to hit the reset button. They’d lost their position in the market after selling the outdated Taurus for far too many years.

The new Fusion featured an attractively bold body dominated by a shiny three-bar grille. This design cue and many others were introduced on the Ford 427 concept, a vehicle Mr. Mays played a hand in. Beyond its front end the Fusion’s squared-off, circle-shaped headlamps (squircle in design terms) also took a bow on the 427.

Aside from a long, menacing body this concept also featured a 7.0-liter V10. It delivered a claimed 590 horsepower and sent all of that goodness to the rear wheels.

  • vlaz

    The only designs of his that I like are the Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept and the GT.