Top 10 Cars of the 2013 SEMA Show

Top 10 Cars of the 2013 SEMA Show

10. Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect

Yet another SEMA Show gone by, yet another million plus square feet of sheer custom car insanity.

In a town where weird is normal, the masses of modified cars seem at home. Turbochargers the size of volleyballs are often wedged into Honda Civic engine bays and nobody bats an eye at airbrushed artwork of wolves and near-nude women. Despite the propensity for depravity that comes with a no-last-call town, SEMA is never anything short of a legendary gathering. With that in mind, here are the top 10 cars of this year’s show, hotly debated by the staff.

Blue, orange and covered in Hot Wheels graphics, the custom Ford Transit Connect was one of two vehicles unveiled by the brand in Las Vegas this week. It featured a gutted interior with two 18-inch tablets and a 55-inch TV screen. There are two Recaro sport seats in the front and a set of twin fins mounted above the rear doors.

Last year, Chevrolet unveiled a production version of its Hot Wheels Camaro, citing positive feedback from the previously shown concept. Don’t hold your breath on Ford following suit.

  • Honest Abe

    A Camry should be on NO Top 10 list ever.

  • Shiratori1

    Says only you……ASS*OLE!

  • anthonyvop

    That Camry was “Rally Style”

    Total joke as a rally car. Overweight and illegal in any rally series.

  • James Kalweit

    You have to be kidding no Carbon Pagani that was at the Go pro both? What about Factory Five 818 that won best domestic? Did you only have a few hours at the show?

  • carzrwe

    Other than cars your Mom has gone down on in, maybe not in some circles.

  • ColumWood

    We honestly missed the Factory Five 818, as for the Pagani, yes it’s totally awesome, but it was also totally stock. We really wanted to showcase the absurd modified cars.

  • James Kalweit

    The Factory Five 818 is an 1800lbs component (kit car) made by a company in Massachusetts. They are known for the cobra replica as well as their 33 Hot Rod and the flagship GTM. The 818 uses the 02-06 WRX as the donor car but the frame and body are made by Factory Five. Car and Driver magazine measured 1.7G’s in the twisties and a 0-60 in 3.8sec. The best part, this street or track car can be completed for 15K. I would say that qualifies as an “Absurdly Modified” car. BTW I am not affiliated with Factory Five other then as a new 818 customer.

  • Jeremiah

    That thing was INTENSE! The color alone was incredible. I guess it’s just not my cup of tea, but that Camry shouldn’t be up there, and this 818 should be.

    Also what gave the pink RWB the edge over the Catalina RWB?

  • TobyMash

    oh ,so a screwed up a 458 with fenders that look like they were glued on 10 munites before sema makes your number 1 but a baby blue corvette with seemless lines an makes it to your worst cars at sema list? you guys have good taste in cars

  • Not Chingy

    ^This mouth breather shouldn’t be allowed near automobiles ever. An aggressive as fcuk Liberty Walk 458 with a Kreissieg exhaust (among many other custom parts) is above and beyond some West Coast Customs looking, tacky donk on gigantic Forgiattos. That Corvette looks like Chingy’s wet dream–circa 2003.

  • Brett M

    So a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Camry makes 10 best, yet a one-off all wheel drive VW VR6 Twin Turbo Scirocco which took Best European Car at SEMA a couple of years ago (albeit minus the Cancer Society Fundraising wrap) gets 10 worst because it’s parked outside for ALL to see, instead of inside where only ticket holders can appreciate it? You’ve serious credibility issues with me.

  • TobyMash

    clearly you still got a lot to learn about the custom car industry.but then again you’re so comfortable in your little box that you fail to consider what’s outside ,the bottom line ,different strokes for different folks.have a great day chingy (i know it’s you)

  • You caught me. It’s Chingy

    “clearly you still got a lot to learn about the custom car industry.but then again you’re so comfortable in your little box–”

    The Vette has basic molded fenders that could be copied from any car shaped like the Vette. Find a car that has similar flares to a 458. They were custom made, and show the riveting whereas the Vetter has some bondo.

    “you fail to consider what’s outside ,the bottom line”

    It’s an overdone fad from nearly a decade ago. I’d hardly call that “outside ,the bottom line”. It’s been done, overdone and is still only done by the few tasteless owners left. Only thing it’s missing is a huge ‘OREO’ decal on the side like those donks down south.

    Liberty Walk and almost anything designed by Wataru Kato is incredible. They have the balls to cut through body work on half million dollar cars. They just came out with a new GTR widebody kit that rivals the Bensopra kit which was thought of as being the best looking widebody on the R35 platform.

    Clearly, you’re in the bubble and need to explore outside one dead fad.

  • TobyMash

    whatever makes you happy sir.their GTR i agree ,that’s one mean looking car ,as for the 458? but like i said before we all got different tastes so i respect your opinion.

  • Ryan Koroll

    It seems to me like the top ten best vehicles chosen all followed the same off-set wheel, low profile, layed out, old impost race inspired pattern. It’s sad that a once against the grain hot-rod rooted trade show has turned into another cookie cutter wrap it with stickers and call it a day be the same as everyone else crap stack. Lets get back to the origin of car customizing and think of something nobody else has done, try it, and see what the crowd thinks. I have been to this show, and the amount of ingenuity is astounding. if you want to do a top ten, at least try and showcase something other than what you and the public see as “groundbreaking”.

  • Ryan Koroll

    Almost immediately after my first post did I realize that past show follow similar trends of different car genres. My only problem with the current style is that it focuses more on technology than it does traditional auto body modifications than are honed after year of experience in the craft. Current styles seem to be geared more towards instant gratification and also styles that I personally don’t deem “cool”. I apologize for the amount of alcohol that I consumed this evening, but also invite any feedback that my comments generate on the subjects I touched on.