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 |  Nov 22 2013, 10:50 PM

9. Nissan IDx Freestyle


Could Nissan be trying to emulate the enticing and popular Scion FR-S? The new IDx Freestyle concept seems to indicate they’re working on something. This retro-looking two-door reminds us of a 240SX from years past. Like the youth-oriented Scion it’s designed to appeal to young-ins born after the year 1990. The car is expected to feature an engine ranging in size from 1.2- to 1.5-liters. Like the aforementioned Subaru it too features a CVT.

  • John McHan

    The “bear claw…..” comment under the GT-R Nismo heading must certainly be one on the most ignorant things ever printed in moto-journalism. It is beyond me to believe that the writer could not come up with a better educated analogy than that.

  • Alfie

    LOL. I thought it was helarious.

  • T.J.

    Why are you angry? It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, the editor threw in a perfect reference. I now understand that the grip is insane, while getting a little chuckle in the prosess. Lighten up car fans can be so testy some times.