Top 10 Most Reliable American Cars and Trucks

Top 10 Most Reliable American Cars and Trucks

Sporty Cars: Ford Mustang (V8)

In the battle of the most reliable American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang comes out on top, trumping the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Though Mustang enthusiasts are awaiting the official debut of the 2015 Ford Mustang, it could be a prime time to buy the outgoing model as Ford starts to offer discounts to clear its stock. It’s worth noting that the more reliable model is the Ford Mustang GT that is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 420 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. The Mustang GT starts from $31,695 though those on a budget can opt for the V6 model for $22,995.

  • bendover

    Either you guys are in the tank for GM or their quality has increased 10 fold in the last 5 years. If that is the best we can do for quality for US auto manufacturers, no wonder the majority of cars on the street are foreign marques….


    American cars? more research dont hurt,but for me the Camry is more American than the Sonic or Spark any day,a Buick create by China S.A.I.C.?

  • James Hoffman

    No doubt about it, they are in General Motors pocket, which in my opinion, is very opinionistic. Now I know for a fact, no opinion about it, is owned and operated by General Motors.

  • American Pride

    Its people like you that really annoy me! Where and what was toyota doing during WWII when great american companies like GM Dodge and Ford were building trucks, tanks, airplane engines etc. for the war effort. To me these companies are American heroes. You can keep your Camry.(I dont care where its now being built, its more about the company than the car) Id rather drive a 30 year old Chevy than a Toyota! Youre having a pipe dream if you think GM quality is not on par with anything else out there. those of us directly involved with the auto industry seem to have a better grasp on this than the average person.

  • Jack Rohde

    They mean designed in America and the headquarters in America, and no way a Chevy truck from the older years 1950 to 2000 will outlast a Ford truck treated equally, before roller cams pre 1986, Chevy motors had a tough time going 80,000 miles with out flat cams and rounded lifters because of the smaller lifter diameter’s, all the Fords or Mopar’s me and my friends had went to 200,000 miles with out any major engine work

  • Calvin Coolidge

    its not and hasn’t been for years