Top 10 New Cars of Gran Turismo 6

Top 10 New Cars of Gran Turismo 6

9. 2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

Despite the fact that the faster, all electric Tesla Model S will be included in GT6, it’s the Fisker Karma we are more excited about driving. Even though this vehicle is a mere two years old, most of us will probably never get to drive one thanks to the company’s severe financial woes. Plus, ripping around with three powerplants in the supersized, super heavy Karma should scare a few of those EG Civics off the road.

  • Walter28

    I haven’t gotten the game yet, but I hope they have an expansion pack for the Jag F-Type. That’s the baddest car on the road right now. And the R Coupe would be perfect for the GT series. 550 bhp, 502 lb-ft torque. Sounds like a snarling beast, and looks like it was designed by the Lord thy God Almighty. They’re supposedly working on a “hyper car” version of it that will get upwards of 700 bhp. And that thing will be batshit insane.

  • Rickers

    The Jag is badass… but it’s still no 911.