Top 10 New Cars of Gran Turismo 6

Top 10 New Cars of Gran Turismo 6

7. 1970 Mazda RX500

Ever heard of the 1970 Mazda RX500 experimental sports car? That’s alright, most people haven’t either. Looking like the love child between a Chapparal 2J and a Lamborghini, the RX500 was a mid-engine sports car powered by Mazda’s twin rotary engine. Weighing just 1,323 lbs. while producing 247 hp, this car should feature period-correct sketchy 1970’s handling characteristics.

  • Walter28

    I haven’t gotten the game yet, but I hope they have an expansion pack for the Jag F-Type. That’s the baddest car on the road right now. And the R Coupe would be perfect for the GT series. 550 bhp, 502 lb-ft torque. Sounds like a snarling beast, and looks like it was designed by the Lord thy God Almighty. They’re supposedly working on a “hyper car” version of it that will get upwards of 700 bhp. And that thing will be batshit insane.

  • Rickers

    The Jag is badass… but it’s still no 911.