Top 10 Recently Extinct Car Brands Millennials Probably Won’t Remember

Top 10 Recently Extinct Car Brands Millennials Probably Won’t Remember

7. Saab, 2010 (sort of)

GM is kind of like the kiss of death. If you’re an independent automaker avoid shacking up with this smooth-talking Yankee at all cost because you WILL regret it.

Saab was known for innovative turbocharged engines and other features that can only be described as quirky. At its peak this was a premium, aspirational brand that was clearly differentiated from German or American offerings. But then GM got involved and everything went to hell. After about two decades of ownership the General largely drove this respected company into the ground. Products like the 9-2X, a rebadged Subaru and the 9-7X, a gussied up Chevy Trailblazer did Saab no favors.

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Adding insult to injury was their ludicrous “Born from Jets” slogan. Yeah, your 9-3 is related to an airplane… and Pam Anderson is the same thing as Louis Anderson.

Just like Hummer, the Chinese wanted to get their sweet-and-sour fingers on this snowy-white Swedish brand but GM opposed that move because they were reluctant to transfer technology (their technology) to the Chinese. And let’s be honest, the Chinese generally aren’t the most respectful of intellectual property rights so this was probably a wise move.

Today the automotive part of Saab is dead but not quite deceased. They’re dabbling in electric vehicles, if only barely.

  • Ryan McDowell

    I’m confused by the insinuation that an individual won’t remember brands that died while they were alive. Isn’t it more likely that this is a list of brands that “post-millenials might never hear about?”

  • Alfie

    Good point, but who hasn’t already forgotten about Daewoo. (did I even remember how to spell it?).


    Check again,Daewoo is making money and alive under Chevrolet brand,read carefull were is build and you will be surprise,thanks to China S.A.I.K. And not Opel

  • Rick W.

    I’ve got 246K on my Lanos and it just won’t die. Not bad cars at all.
    I object to calling the Pontiacs of late sporty. People that owned them called them that but that didn’t make it true. Truthfully, they started making better cars at the end, but they kept styling them to look exactly like the cars that nobody was buying. Getting rid of the Pontiac grille and drastically altering the look might have saved the, kind of like Cadillac did with their styling. By all accounts the G8 was a great car, but when it looked like a bulked up Pontiac Wave, who wanted it?

  • Honest Abe

    I think Hummer won’t be forgotten any time soon.


    I won’t and got a dashboard coming on Monday,useless article,where are the DKW,Trabant,NSU,Watburg,Hino (the cars not the trucks),wanderer,Sterling,Inocentti,Moretti (small wonderfull design italian mini Maserati at least the 750),Horch (expensive like Maibach and the father of Audi),Alvis,Talbot,Invicta,Bucciali (majestic and big front drive,like Bugatti),Minerva,Adler (like the original Bettle),Tatra (cars not truck),Sumbeam and the list goes on……at least if they are gong to write something good,search a little more or I can send you some of my old car magazines one of them ah ave a British 4 door sport sedan build from the creator of the Aston Martin V8,the name was Monica and the magazine is like brand new and is free if you like and some Road and Track making fun of Japanese cars,calling them garbage and now?

  • Honest Abe

    Thanks for letting everyone know how much you know about cars. We’re all a lot better off for your insightful post.

  • Russ

    actually it is a very interesting post for people who are interested in cars and not stand-up comedy


    Thanks and here been looking,working and reading about cars all my life,even scale models at 6


    We? You mean only you?,sorry if I hurt you wasn’t my idea just a point,a lot of real cars are missing here


    Not a good one at all,Hummer,Saturn? Really,they just kill them in 2009

  • Transpower

    Actually, Saturn and Mercury had nicer styling than their counterparts….

  • AlexPDL

    Whoops… you have SAAB on there. They restarted production a few weeks ago and will be building in Sweden again. They have re-hired staff and will be making the re-freshed 9-3 shortly.

  • doug900

    I’m lovin that!! My 1999 Saab 9-3 has 267,000 on it and you wouldn’t know it when you pull the cylinder head off. The factory cross-hatch is still very visible! Granted, there’s a bit of antifreeze residue on the piston, thanks to the head gasket, but I was amazed at the lack of wear! This picture is at about 264,000mi.


    One of my favorite brands ruin by GM,they stole the technology and dump them and old chasis from the European Cavalier to do magic,and the new 900 was born already dated,14 years and the larger 9-5 wasn’t good idea either,but they got the turbo and ecotec and used in all Opels,here in USA we got the Beretta GTz,Oldsmobile Quad 4 and nothing for Saab?

  • Honest Abe

    LOL. sure they will….

  • Somnambulator

    Pontiac and Olds have some of the most storied history in the world history of automobiles. Ending Pontiac was a mistake. There are, and were, a lot of people that didn’t so much care for GM in general but loved the red-headed step-child. Pontiac made some odd cars over the last 10 years, but the Grand Am and Grand Prix were solid staples for almost 20 years. Also, the GTO, while considered a sales/market flop, gave way to the awesome V8-powered G8 GT and GXP.

    The Solstice GXP was (and still is) a phenomenal car. Debuting in 2007, the engine, even completely stock, had the highest HP per liter GM had ever created, at 260hp/tq requiring just 2.0L and a nice turbo. It was one of the first production engines with VVT and direct injection and with the choice of a twin-scroll turbo produced barely-noticable boost lag. THe engine was a marvel for its day. Hell, you could even purchase a GM-supplied tune from the dealer to boost specs to 290hp/340tq while maintaining factory warranty. Just some minor mods boosts performance to mid-300s bhp. And this on a car that weighed a rated 2850lbs and rides a few inches off the ground.

    The G6 GT/GTP/GXP were also pretty cool and sold pretty well. Ending Pontiac was a MISTAKE!


    Wasn’t a mistake,was a plan a good plan from china S.A.I.C. Which just in 2008 sign a deal with GM and thanks to them too for build Opel cars with Buick grill,make more sense to build cars in the just re-build Daewoo factory with the partner in crime S.A.I.C.

  • RG

    How about a little research before you write… “Born from jets” is Saab’s slogan because the company builds jets — specifically very high tech air force fighters such as the Viggen 47 classice plus current models:

  • Russ

    speaking of redundant, it was said “play Jesus” and be resurrected again? back to journalism school.


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