Top 10 Worst Cars of the 2013 SEMA Show

Top 10 Worst Cars of the 2013 SEMA Show

5. 2015 Concept Camaro Roadster

To address the question before it has a chance to be raised: no, this isn’t a concept car from Chevrolet. Instead, it’s a build by “The Custom Shop” in Flanagan, Ill. It has two seats, a long list of insane modifications and airbrushed graphics that border between flames and lightning but end up looking more like varicose veins. Gross.

This is the only car on this year’s list that sat in the Meguiar’s Car Crazy booth. Our friends there asked us to kindly visit anywhere but their display after last year’s “Worst Of” list and we tried. This one was impossible to ignore. Sorry.

  • Aidan

    Funny you talked about Justin Beiber’s Fisker in the post about his Audi R8. That is his car LOL

    Only post i disagree with is the beetle. The tagging i didnt like but the car itself i really like. It is very representative of the euro scene of today and isnt going overboard

  • Drew

    I believe the Sirocco is part of a charitable endeavor it tours many VW related car shows where participants get a chance to sign it, some people do write silly things but it is all for a good cause.

  • Navia

    I puked after seeing these photos.

  • Richard Cerqueira

    I disagree, while I do not like the color of the Vette, the body work fianlly completes its prowess by bringing its width inline with the competition from Europe. Corvettes, even the ZR-1 have all been too narrow. When beside say a Ferrari or other exotic it looks like a needle…..and thats not a compliment.

  • Dale Farmer

    Yup the Rocco was signed for Charity, way to do your homework whoever wrote this is an ass bag.

  • Custom car guy

    let’s see what the staff at Auto Guide drives

  • goondock

    I would take that vett in a second.. color and all! I disagree with this one

  • Aaron

    Every single signature on there represents donations for a cancer charity and have been accumulated over the year at various VW/Audi events, so you are a douchebag for assuming that it was just done for attention.

  • Andy Smallbone

    all i can say is Luke you have no idea about the “scene” some of these cars represent and should maybe go back to your pipe and slippers…

  • Stephen

    This is Justin Biebers r8, lol

  • Fuckthisgarbage

    Who ever wrote this is a fucking douchebag

  • Autoguidewho

    The beetle is rotiform’s , least its original.
    The person who wrote this can suck dick

  • Miller

    Stock corvette = needle dick.

  • David Charles DuBois

    SO where’s this list?

  • owned

    These cars are horrible, these cars should be at the DUB Show and not at SEMA.

  • Fuck Jerry Brown

    Nailed it. The beetle is the least, worst of this group but they are all disgusting. Poor craftsmanship, poor taste. And you wonder why most of them were parked outside with the other garbage.

    if you like these cars, you have what the norm would call “Shitty taste”

  • Fuck Jerry Brown

    What scene? Remind me never to hire you as an adviser for anything, you are really disconnected. I have been doing this a hell of a lot longer then the kiddies posting on this thread & will just say that if these were industry shakers they would be inside in a booth, they are trash and get put in the area with the rest of the wannabes.

  • Fuck Jerry Brown

    Mp4-12c on HRE’s. Owning the majority of the auto forums has its perks.

  • Richard W.

    10 and 5 are freaking awesome…what is wrong with the idiots that made this list?

  • Brett M

    Maybe if the author new the backstory on this particular car he wouldn’t come off as such an idiot.

  • Charleston Silverman

    What a crapshow, it’s sad that there is actually a market of people that are tasteless enough to pay to have that done to their cars. #5 ad #3 are easily the worst, the R8 is horrible because it’s actually a decent car that they ruined….

  • Cort

    #6 Car Fast forward to 8:00 to understand why the signatures were on there.

  • Andy Smallbone

    The massive massive Euro scene. if your a yank then typically you wont get it because unless it has a massive gas guzzling engine and shit handling its not a car…

  • Grumpy Cat


  • mookie

    this car was part of a fundraiser for cancer. it was five to twenty bucks to sign the car. I met the guy that entered this cat. nice guy, big heart! it was vinyl wrapped prior to the signatures so it could be redone later after the fundraiser was complete. author of this article is a douche!

  • Shawn85206

    The crazy part is that for each of these vehicles, someone somewhere stood 20 or 30 feet away, looked at it and though this was the absolute coolest vehicle they had ever seen hands down! I was having flashbacks to old episodes of Pimp My Ride on several of these.

  • Uknownothing

    One things for sure no #5, whoever wrote this didn’t look at anything besides the sharpie marks. First off, the car is the only Scirocco in the states. It was wrapped in white vinyl but it didn’t turn out well, so they used it as a promotional stunt at Souther Worthersee to raise awareness for cancer by letting people write on it. Now, not only is this car the only in the States, it originally was a 2.0t FWD vehicle, but is now twin turbo 3.6L VR6 and AWD, around 640hp, valued at around $150k. Do some looking next time kids.

  • eldoryder

    You just GOTTA Love a “Barbie Lamborghini”!!!! C’mon guys! LOL!

  • Richard Joash Tan


  • Brett M

    Mr **#^ Brown…Regarding #5, it was the Best of Show for European Cars a couple of years ago at SEMA. The car was placed outside specifically to let non ticket holders see the car and appreciate it for what it is. Given that you have no idea the back story on the Scirocco, nor the significance of the signatures on it, you’ve no place to judge, regardless of how long you’ve been “doing” this.

  • Smoking Man

    green Rolls looks like it would belong to the green giant

  • peter

    People took shots like this at a friend of mine years ago – he grew up to be George Barris. C’mon are you that out of touch with the role the SEMA Show plays in the industry? The SEMA Show by design is a stage for extreme designs. You mock the very foundation that the show is all about. These guys should be celebrated – you are missing the point of the entire event!

  • oknahs

    The wide body vette is a statement car. I like what Forgiato accomplished here and the people spoke loud and clear. SEMA has so many cars and if one stands out it has to be the vette. In addition no better wheel then the Forgiato.

  • oknahs

    Taking ink and graffiti to the next level. I can see from some of the choices the editor must be a old fart ready for retirement. The pink represents breast cancer awareness. The ink represents the youth of today. Great job on both cars.

  • Teckler

    The Corvette is sicker than Toronto’s mayor. This author must be a gremlin

  • Bob Highflower

    Leopard print Audi=G-audi!

  • Anthony Fitzgerald

    Corvette is hot !

  • Taha Majid

    This isn’t right! It doen’t matter how a car looks! Most of the cars here were beasts!!

  • eghaw

    I thought this article would include Toy-alike-yoda Corojja, Cramry, etc.


    That c7 is so badass. I would have voted it to win.