Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition Sounds the FJ’s Death Knell

Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition Sounds the FJ’s Death Knell

The time has come for the FJ Cruiser to meet its maker, but before production ends, Toyota is set to build 2,500 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Editions as a final hurrah. 

Revealed at the 2013 SEMA Show, the FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition is the most capable FJ ever according to Toyota. To help tackle the trails, the Ultimate Edition is fitted with TRD off-road suspension, Bilstein shocks and 66mm TRD race coil springs in the front that give the Ultimate Edition a flat stance. Out back, 50mm rear shocks are equipped with remote reservoirs to diminish damping fade.

2013 SEMA Show Coverage

A front skid plate with TRD embossed right into it is fitted to make the Ultimate Edition look tough and to improve the approach angle.

The wheels, which also come from TRD, are 16-inch BF Goodrich beadlock tires, while rock rails and a roof rack complete the exterior. Custom “Heritage Blue” paint also helps to differentiate this special edition, along with a white grille surround.

Interior appointments stay nearly the same as the standard FJ, offering a leather-trimmed steering wheel, a 115v power outlet and floating-ball multi-information display, though the Ultimate Edition gets a stainless steel dash plaque.

Power comes from the same 260-hp 4.0-liter V6 that powers every FJ Cruiser.

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    Why would you leave the front grill white????

  • J Brandt

    @buckleyphotocom:disqus It’s a throwback to the original FJ40.

  • Mike

    Does it still vibrate when driven over 60 mph like the 2013 and earlier trail team models?

  • HoiPolloiBoy

    I wonder if the inner fender crumple zones will crack like my 2007, which Toyota claims to nothing about even though they re-engineered them in 2008?

  • PD

    So is 2013 the end or are the 2014 models the end?

  • Mossback

    Looks like ground clearance has suffered. What are they pricing the 2014?

  • Dc

    Is it going to rust thru in multiple places like my 2007 did (while located in the desert)?

  • Jeff

    I have a 2012 trail team and have driven it at 90 on the highway with no vibration.

  • cageordie

    Not bad. Seven years after they originally said it was going to end. I wonder if they will build anything to compete with Jeep. The visibility out of the thing was always too bad for me to consider owning one.

    Right now the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee are streets ahead in technology. I had a hard time squeezing 20mpg out of a 4Runner and I got 24.5 out of my 2014 Grand Cherokee… now moving on to the diesel with torque and economy Toyota don’t come close to matching.

  • cageordie

    But with poor visibility and less reliable transmission. The colors were about all that harked back to the FJ40. I have a 1973 FJ40 that has been submerged in a river to the roof and still started after a kindly farmer dragged it. All we had to do was take the plugs out, turn it over till the water stopped spraying out then change the oil. A spray of WD40 over the ignition and it fired right up. Still working 20 years after we did that to it. It’s a shame they couldn’t make a modern take on the FJ40.

  • PD

    FJ > Unreliable Jeep Products

  • cageordie

    Reliable certainly. Uneconomical, old tech infotainment, old A750F transmission with well known issues (I’d have got the manual because I have never worn out a clutch). An engine that’s been bored out to the point where there’s scarcely enough metal to hold it together and any damage means a new block. And after all that the questionable handling and the terrible visibility. The FJ is a styling exercise with an unexpectedly long life. So now what are they going to do? The 4Runner is OK but still has all the issues of the FJ less the visibility problems and the manual option. If they stuck a decent diesel in the 4Runner with KDSS, HIDs and Garmin based nav then I’d probably buy it. But with a late 90s auto with a suggest your opinion version of a manual mode? No thanks.

  • TFTMom

    I have a 2010 Trail Team, No vibration, until the tires went bad… now that I have NEW tires of a different make it rides like a dream…. the 16″ Tires SUCK big time though… Very Small # of tires to pick from for replacements. Toyota makes the exact Rim in a 17″(but in Gold, not Black) which offers a huge selection of tire models to pick from.. the 16″ rims have less than half dozen tires to pick from. Love the style of the rims… HATE the 16″… Idiots at Toyota should NEVER have put LITTLE 16″ tires on an OFF ROAD vehicle!!!
    AND it’s time TOYOTA brought their Diesel products to the U.S. They’ve had them in Japan for over 20 years… while stationed in Okinawa I owned a Diesel Landcruiser Prado… LOVED IT!

  • TFTMom

    I can see your point… but on the other hand… the Original ‘Landcruiser’ such as My 1969 Had White Grills on them… but they also had a White Roof to ‘match’…. the White grill does Look nice with this shade of Blue, but IS out of place with nothing else on the vehicle being white. The black fenders should have also been painted Blue like the Original FJ40’s if they were going to do the white grill.