Toyota Previews Future Mobility With Tokyo Motor Show Concepts

Toyota Previews Future Mobility With Tokyo Motor Show Concepts

Toyota will be showing off the future of mobility with a collection of concept vehicles at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Heading to this year’s Tokyo Motor Show will be the Japanese automaker’s Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept, the Fun Vehicle 2 (FV2), a JPN Taxi concept, the Voxy and Noah concepts, the Aqua G Sports concept, the iRoad and the FT-86 Open Concept.

2013 Tokyo Motor Show Preview

The FCV concept will have its world premiere at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and is a practical concept of the fuel cell vehicle Toyota plans on launching in 2015. The vehicle has a driving range of at least 311 miles with refueling times as low as three minutes.

The FV2 will also have its world premiere, though it’s not exactly a conventional vehicle. Rather than using a steering wheel, the FV2 is operated by the driver shifting his or her body in order to intuitively move the vehicle forward, backwards, to the left and to the right. The vehicle will also use voice and image recognition to help determine the driver’s mood, accumulated driving history to suggest destinations and driving skill information to assist the driver.

Another world premiere is the JPN Taxi concept, which is a next-generation taxi concept car created with Japanese hospitality in mind. Both the Voxy and Noah concepts will also have their world premieres in Tokyo, while the Aqua G Sports and iRoad are both concepts we’ve seen before. Lastly, there’s the FT-86 Open Concept which we first saw at the Geneva Motor Show this year. It will be having its premiere in Japan.

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