US Dealership Turns to $1 Cars on Black Friday

US Dealership Turns to $1 Cars on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s typically spent with family eating turkey and stuffing, but for many Americans, it’s all about the Black Friday deals.

Typically, the term “dollar car” refers to vehicles automakers hand out to builders for custom projects, hoping to show off the potential of the vehicle in the aftermarket. Many of those are often seen at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, but for this Texas-based dealership, it’s entirely different.

Since 2008, Sterling McCall Toyota in Houston, Texas marks down three used cars on their lot to just $1.00 for Black Friday, hoping to draw customers in to the dealership. For a day that’s typically marked on the calendar to stand in line at a local Walmart or Best Buy for the best deals on holiday gifts, this Toyota dealership garners annual attention by literally selling a used car for a buck.

Now of course with just three used cars being offered for $1.00, shoppers could be in for a disappointing visit to Sterling McCall Toyota on Black Friday. But the dealership also marks down anywhere from 180 to 200 used cars with special prices, giving buyers another chance at a good deal. But to make it fair, shoppers are allowed to climb inside vehicles and wait until the dealership does their markdown rounds at 9:00 AM. Whoever is in the driver seat when the vehicle’s price is marked down has the first opportunity to either purchase the car or pass it to the person is in the passenger seat.

This year, the dealership will be offering 10 vehicles under $1,000 and 50 below $10,000 in addition to the three $1 cars. The buyer lucky enough to be in the driver’s seat of the car that’s marked down to $1 will certainly have the best Black Friday deal imaginable.

[Source: Automotive News]

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