Volkswagen Worldwide Recall Impacts 2.64M Vehicles

Volkswagen Worldwide Recall Impacts 2.64M Vehicles

Numerous issues across the Volkswagen Group’s portfolio is causing a worldwide recall that will impact 2.64-million vehicles.

First off, approximately 800,000 Tiguans from the 2008-2011 model years are being recalled to replace a fuse that is causing a failure in one of the two vehicle light circuits. The issue was first reported about a week ago, when the Tiguan was under a government safety probe in the U.S. Those affected vehicles will have the fuse replaced with one containing a tougher surface coating and will only take a matter of minutes to fix.

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The next recall affects the Amarok pickup truck with 239,000 units being recalled for fuel leaks. But the largest recall from the Volkswagen Group affects approximately 1.6-million vehicles equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. According to the German automaker, “electric malfunctions could occur in the gearbox power supply if synthetic gearbox oil is used.”

The fix for that massive recall is to use mineral oil. The voluntary recall is asking all Volkswagen owners with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox filled with synthetic oil to visit a local dealership for an oil exchange.

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  • Honest Abe

    Funny, you don’t often hear of VW recalls. Normally I guess people just assume their cars will suck.

  • 8655792436

    It’s not often vag have recalls
    But good to hear that finally the Americans have realised driving big block v6 and v8 is not only harmfull to pocket but environment as well and are actually buying diesel economic vehicles.

  • 8655792436

    The vw’s don’t mind going around bends in round either as they handle good
    Better than a 2.5 tonne v8 tank with leaf spring suspension.

  • Juan Carlos Contreras

    All automotive manufacturer have recalls, you mention one that has not! The perceived golden car manufacturers – Honda and Toyota have them as well. My brother had Toyota buy back his Camry because of issues. So I don’t care what you own, all cars have issues.

  • numbers_guy101

    This is a rather unique recall. Not your typical “tail light wire can fray causing a small fire” recall.

    First-owners usually ignore lots of recalls. But here is one where the EPA can get…uhhh…”creative” on the $$$ fine. Perhaps a fine to VW based on the number of cars that have not been fixed, which puts VW in the bind of trying to figure out some incentive for owners to show up at the shop and blow a few hours over bad coffee. All while owners think the car may be less “peppy” after being “fixed” (veterinarian pun intended).

    This way the EPA looks good – and not biased against international corporations, with a small up-front fine, since VW is “cooperating” and really trying to get these cars “fixed”. BUT-lets say $10,000 a car for the one’s that have not been taken in by owners after 1 year.

    Trade-in value (pre-scandal) PLUS $7,500 cash for the owner to hand the car over before a fine kicks in? Beats paying the $10,000 per car.

    Then owners and lawyers. The car will have a bad wrap, losing value. Lawyers, form a line to the right, keep it single file…

    The car’s no longer have the “cache” of being both “peppy” and “Eco-friendly” after all.

    Oh, and separate lawsuit on “consumer” issues about “false advertising”, apart from the “loss of value” lawsuit.

    Then the states where owners MUST fix the car to pass emissions tests -these model numbers will be red-flagged as having to certify the fix was done (as otherwise they’d actually pass). So much for an owner saying they just won’t take in the car. Separate lawsuit (besides the “loss of value” and the “false advertising” one’s), this time on “reimbursement for loss of gas mileage benefit, etc” -for anyone after the fix.

    I probably missed a few possible paths for the EPA fines to take, and some angles on lawsuits. Ahh…sucks to get busted.