100 Self-Driving Volvos Will Hit Swedish Streets in 2017

100 Self-Driving Volvos Will Hit Swedish Streets in 2017

Volvo has always been known for safety innovations and is on the forefront of autonomous technology, and the brand has announced a project that will see 100 customers driving fully autonomous vehicles on public roads in 2017. 

Project “Drive Me” begins this year with evaluation and development of test vehicles, which will hit the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017. The 100 chosen customers will only be allowed to use the autonomous driving features on specific roads in and around the city.

The upcoming 2015 Volvo XC90 will introduce the latest in Volvo’s self-driving technology with its “autonomous steering.” This new technology consists of pedestrian detection, road edge and barrier detection, and adaptive cruise control with steering assistance.

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All of this is a push to achieve the automaker’s goal of making sure that no one dies or is seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020.

“Hardly anyone thinks twice about being in an airplane that flies on autopilot, but being in a car that drives by itself while the driver reads a book is still quite a revolutionary thought for many people,” said Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Car Group. “Volvo Cars’ long-standing human-centric approach and commitment to safety gives us a different starting point from other car manufacturers when we address the field of autonomous driving.”

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  • http://dbcooper.livejournal.com P.F. Bruns

    Jokes about 100 self-driving Volvos hitting each other in 5…4…3…

  • smartacus

    “Hardly anyone thinks twice about being in an airplane that flies on autopilot”

    yeah that sounds as intellectual as “If the black box is indestructible, how come they don’t make the whole plane out of that stuff?”

    The picture’s “hear me roar” chiseled jaw feminist facial expression, narrow-shouldered tough guy leather jacket with the flipped up collar, large-print Senior Citizen copy of Readers’ Digest all scream modern and pioneering.

    Will someone please administer them Morphine Sulfate already? or change Volvo♂ to Vulva♀


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