2014 Acura RLX Recalled for Loose Suspension Bolts

2014 Acura RLX Recalled for Loose Suspension Bolts

Properly tightened bolts seem to be an issue at Acura. First the MDX was recalled for improperly tightened bolts on the drive shaft, and now the RLX is being recalled for loose rear-suspension bolts. 

According to Honda, there are eight bolts that attach several rear-suspension components which are at risk of working themselves loose over time, and eventually falling out. If that happens, the rear suspension of the vehicle can move out of proper alignment which will affect the steering of the vehicle and can ultimately lead to a crash.

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About 7,751 cars are affected in total here in North America. Honda will contact owners starting in January and replace or fix the bolts, free of charge.

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  • Total Car Care Center

    Acura will voluntarily recall 7,387 RLX vehicles from the 2014
    model-year in the U.S. to replace rear suspension bolts that may not
    have been tightened properly. During assembly, it is possible that one
    or more of the eight bolts that attach several rear suspension
    components were not tightened properly.